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Nathan Glover

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It makes all your dreams come true

Super cool! I love the gameplay heaps

This is awesome! I'd love to see how you did the sorta Katamari thing. Is the code online anywhere? Either way I love it

WOW This is such a cool mechanic, It's sooooo challenging :) excellent work

I love the powerup system, the game has heaps of potential, I played it for a while so you held my attention. I think a little bit of sound would have been cool as well :)

The visuals were really really good, the control felt a little strange, I think it would help to have the player be able to move freely and not force them to face the mouse cursor.

Overall It's a great concept and I'd like to see more

The game overclocked my PC, everything ran so fast! ahahah. I love the music and the idea

This PICO-8 thing is awesome. excellent game, got hectic really quick

Really fun, really weird, really interesting

Such a neat idea, and executed in a very pretty and fun way!

The controls for the plunger are great, just difficult enough that I want to master them, but not so difficult that I give up easily.

Really cool jam game

Really cool game and interesting puzzle game. I loveeeeeee the music and art style, the only thing that was a little frustrating was that it moves really slowly and there isnt really any way to avoid the poltergoast (throw the holy water at it before it gets you).

Still really well designer and I found is pleasantly challenging

This is a really great platformer! Shooting is really satisfying, but I reckon you could really amp it up with some minor screenshake :) I also really like how you're forced to pick up the boots before you can jump, really good tutorial concept

What a cool concept, the controls are a little bit frustrating but are satisfying when you master them. Visuals are good and the music is nice but could do with a little variety. I love the main character, reminds me a little bit of WALLE

I love incremental games so this one was great to play. The music was nice and didn't get annoying and it looked like you put a lot of work into making all the various upgrade and bonus systems.

My only gripe was that the text for all the upgrades is quite hard to read, I was running it on the WebGL version and the text was a bit tiny. It might be worth simplifying the text fields and giving them some coloured outline to make them POP!

Overall I really enjoyed it and think you did a great job for a jam!

This game rocks!

Hey, cheers for the feedback :) Yeah I plan to implement something similar, working on it currently but I appreciate the ideas!

Cool little game, played on android. So far i'm really enjoying it; has excellent controls and there's a good variety of levels and challenge.