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Works for me on Windows 10

I really like the slow build up of the mechanics. You give each new thing a lot of space to breathe and get used to.

The original version of your game has clean and crisp graphics but here the graphics are very eerie, off-putting, and almost sinister. I wonder if its worth embracing that aesthetic some more.

Really good puzzles, very polished. Nice one.

Quite a good puzzle game. I enjoyed it!

Really, really cool. The visual style is very nice. I love how the game starts off slow but quickly becomes chaotic and challenging. The movement of the hooks is really natural and nice. Great job!

Really interesting idea. It's very Stanley Parable esque. Pretty fun - wish it was longer and with more branches to explore.

Very minimalist presentation right now but the mechanics here are absolutely awesome. If you managed to work on this further and match the vibe of Papers Please, this could be an amazing game.

Really great and addictive. I love the art and music. Great job!

Really interesting concept but way, way too difficult and confusing right now. I'm guessing this is supposed to be a mobile game, with the rotation controlled by rotating one's phone?

Really nice. I love the retro TV effect - very appropriate for this kind of arcade game.

Really nice, cute, and charming! Nice one.

Really cool concept and I love the art and story! Can't wait for the more polished version!

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Really interesting concept. I like that we both went with being a sports judge but went in completely different directions. I love that you tied it in to the Papers Please universe.

I'm a bit confused by what's the strategy here though, it seems like the results of the dives are always the same (or at least three times in a row when I played) - Liberia scores low, US scores high, and Zabovia slips and falls and presumably scores zero. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do in this situation to win the game.

Really great stuff, very inventive mechanic and great implementation. I am somewhat worried that you've already reached the limit of what you can do with this one-button-mechanic when creating new levels so I'm interested in seeing more if you can expand it out into a full fledged puzzle game.

Really good stuff! My one critique is that it's a little boring after placing your towers and you're just sitting there watching for a good while. Other than that's it's a great game that feels great to play.

The concept is really interesting. I think the game needs a bit more refinement though.


Interesting concept. I think it could do with a little bit of extra polish - sound effects, a faster time button, and a better UI. I like how its not just a simple reversal of a tower defence - it being on an open field and you being able to place troops pretty much wherever on the body leads to some interesting strategical decisions on placement. Nice one.

Interesting concept. I think it could do with a little bit of extra polish - sound effects and a better UI. I like how its not just a simple reversal of a tower defence - it being on an open field and you being able to place troops pretty much wherever on the body leads to some interesting strategical decisions on placement. Nice one.

Holy hell, new chess game just dropped! This is great and very satisfying, nice job.

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I really like this! Very fun in a sort of Papers Please sort of way. Art music and sound was all very nice and satisfying. Great stuff!

The concept and idea behind this is awesome. I agree with the feedback here in other comments that it's a little bit too complex on first playthrough and that it would be nice to direct the player more. Really great achievement for what you've managed to do in only 48 hours, nice one.

Really cool concept and game. It's a great reversal of the typical difficulty curve, I like it.

Really interesting aesthetic and gameplay. Great concept.

Really great stuff. The art and music are fantastic.

It took me a while but I finally got what I was supposed to do - I missed that I only needed to best one of the boss stats, not all. Pretty good once I understood that and I could strategise appropriately. Very nice.

This is awesome. One of the best games in this jam. I absolutely love this. Beautiful, beautiful art and music, great gameplay, and amazing use of the theme. I love it.

It's refreshing to see a take on this concept where the goal is to be eaten. I think that could be interesting but there needs to be more complex levels and more interesting obstacles for you to guide the snake around. Also it definitely needs hold to move. Good stuff, very creative.

Really cool stuff. Amazing feeling when first play and you're tricked in the first level! I think the controls could be a little less awkward though, having to constantly scroll left or right is a bit grating, not sure if there's an elegant solution. Great puzzles and great art too.

Good game, good stress relief toy!

For 12 hours work this is insanely nice, great job!

Great job. A little bit more variation on the trunk's gap location and the bird's flight path would make it a little bit more challenging and fun. Nice one.

Really cool concept, I like it. This definitely could be a great little game with some more battles!

I really like this. I like the idea of subtly controlling the player's actions by only showing them what you want them to, it's very clever. It would be good if it was a little bit more clearer what the player was thinking at every time - it seems like most levels have a predefined path that is hard coded? Would be interesting if you could make it more camera-directed, like giving the player a bias towards heading for the exit if possible, or heading to the centre of the camera if otherwise? Just spitballing. Great job on the game.

Really cool idea. Reminds me somewhat of Portal 2's multiplayer, and maybe this game would be better served if it was intended for two people sharing the same keyboard - it would help alleviate the awkward controls. Good game and puzzles.

Really quite fun for such a simple but creative concept. I loved the ridiculous voice acting. It was a little bit difficult to play precisely and a few times I had to very carefully place the buildings which killed my momentum, but the game is close to perfect overall.

Interesting concept. I didn't really get what to do, was just running around randomly, for the first round, but once I got the idea it was quite enjoyable to explore, stun the enemy, and find the chests.

Really cool idea and good fun. I think it would have benefited from some more feedback since it seems the humans attack back but its not super clear whats going on within the horde. Also, fantastic music.

I like this. I  really like the natural difficulty curve where you slow down as you rescue more mice and the snake gets harder as he eats more. Really good game, nice one.