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Really cool! Definitely a e s t h e t i c with all those pretty neon lights colours!

Beautiful art and well polished.

I love this. Super simple controls, great look and feel. Unfortunately buggy - level 2 didn't work for me, either after restarting, first the dice didn't spawn then the enemies didn't either. Also had a big crash after level 1. Such a shame because what little I played was really really good!

Interesting game. Similar in concept to the board game Stratego.

Really cool! Glad I got to come back and experience it!

Saw this on stream! Great game, very well polished!

Great game! Love seeing some JS games in these jams! Definitely agree with the previous comments that the Star Duo is a huge step up in difficulty, but such balance problems are expected in 48 hour game jams. A unique take on the jam theme too!

Great unique take on the theme. I liked this. 

Incredibly confusing at first but once it clicks it's actually really quite good. Love the whole theme of it, just needs a tutorial :D

Ahahahaha the ending about dehydration is hilarious! This is great! Nice work!

I love the mechanics of this! Very creative interpretation of the theme and I love the idea of making your own randomised levels! Platforming is pretty difficult though. Great game name too!.

Fun game with satisfying stomps.

Great little game! Absolutely lovely! Enjoyed every second! There's a lot of depth here under the surface it would be cool to see this developed further.

This is really, really, really cool. I just wish it was a little bit more developed. The controls are a bit needlessly confusing, and at one point my cane fell off the screen and was inaccessible. And there doesn't seem to be any negative to patrons losing a roll, they just reroll until they win, a bit silly. Nonetheless, this is an absolute gem of this jam and with a tinsy bit more development this could become a great job simulator game.

Interesting and confusing. It seemed very odd that this was a game where you played a chicken wandering around a room where it would be better served with a simple interface where you could more easily watch the earth.

Funny idea. It was I who removed dislikes, sorry everyone :L

Great execution of a simple concept! Love it!

Ahahaha, after all these dice themed games this jam, this one is carthartic :D

Beautiful artwork, I especially loved the smoke. It isn't the most exciting game, but it doesn't drag. I think with some story behind it, it could become a really engrossing and complete experience.

Very highly polished for a jam game! Beautiful art, visuals, and sound! Love the screen transitions!

This is awesome! Four games in one! Difficulty curve is all over the place, but I love everything about this!

Great little twist and story on the classic stock buying game.  It seems so obvious now to include news items but I never see stock trading games that have the news in them. It's a great addition. Beatiful art too! Cats are cute.

Game doesn't load but the screenshots look really compelling. I'll have to come back later and check this out :)

The idea is really interesting but I think the game is a little underdeveloped.

Beautiful art. Game is a little confusing.

Very unfortunate the game isn't working. I'll have to come back and check it out later :(

Interesting twist on the classic stock trading game. Way more stressed and engaging than the normal one of those games, with the constantly rising upkeep costs and the chance that your monster stocks can disappear. And very cute art style!

Visecrally enjoyable clicker game.

Great idea but execution leaves a lot to be desired. I think more player feedback is needed to actually understand whats going on in each round.  Its still quite fun for me to mess around with even if its impossible for me to know what to do.

Does the dice just randomly increase or decrease your health? Seems like that run of dice in the third level is just complete luck? Great art and music.

Fun little platformer, I enjoyed it.

Really great stuff! Surprisingly deep strategy game!

Very unique take on the theme. I'm not convinced that the game wouldn't be better if there wasn't a dice mechanic, however. It seems to me that its better for the player to decide what approach they should take, rather than leaving it to chance - let the player deduce what is best in this detective game. Though you can already do that if you select the dice to be all one option so maybe not. Beautiful art and music.

A cool concept for sure. I watched you on stream make this game, right up until the eleventh hour. If only you had an extra few hours!

Really great stuff! 15/15. The control getting switched up is a really creative implementation of the theme!

Very confusing. Can't seem to get the cockroaches to do anything and the game's stuck asking me to roll the dice. A tutorial would be helpful. At least the art is pretty.

Pretty cool! A lot of strategy involved, especially when the horde gets large!

Great mechanic and well polished! I just wish there was an undo button so you can more easily trial and error and get under par!

Really beautiful art and polish!