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Thanks for playing!

I toyed with the idea of adding a "chill" mode but ultimately didn't have time for it. Maybe I'll go back and flush it out later and add stuff like that. Thanks for playing!

I'm not really sure how the tanks choose to fire, nor how much health the enemy tanks had, nor how to really play. But, the randomly generated levels are nice and I liked the style.

I think I won, I got to the purple circle but nothing happened except the player's gravity flipped?

Ran into a couple of bugs while playing, I think. 

  • When falling out of the room you don't die or restart the room. (possibly intentional?)
  • If you try and use an arrow when you can't your player just stops, making it sorta possible to abuse as a movement mechanic
  • Sometimes if you are charging an arrow when the arrow control is removed the bow glitches out and stays behind.
  • Instructions say Up/Down or W/S will pan but they don't

I actually had a lot of fun with this one. Overall polish isn't there and it's rough around the edges but I honestly think this is a diamond in the rough. The puzzle aspects were really satisfying to solve once I got the hang of it- that last room I think I cheesed a bit, and there are places where you can get by without what I saw as the "intended" solution, but foundation is there. I hope you continue to polish this one up once the jam ends.

That ending tho, looks like that crash intentional?? If so that's an awesome almost-inside-joke. 10/10 ending. Gamemaker ftw.

Ran into a couple bugs due to how the player character's origin isn't centered, where I got stuck in blocks. I liked the music and what you were able to come up with for the story.

So I know the theme is "Out of Control," but I actually can't figure out what I'm supposed to do in the game. A and D seemed to kinda move the box and space might have moved me a little? Can you post some instructions? Also the menu is super glitched out. I can see the game rendered to the left and some of the text is broken.

I really enjoyed this game! I think I got to 56 control at the win screen, not sure if there was more I missed? I wish there were more puzzles, maybe some more mechanics later on. Please continue to work on it after the jam is over. The game made me feel nostalgic for some reason, in a good way.

Had some small issues with the freezing; it was sometimes frustrating because there isn't really a solid indicator of which tile you'll freeze on. Maybe draw a light grid around the player to indicate which square the freeze will land on.

I liked the music and sprites! The core gameplay was there but it felt lacking- just sorting bombs based on color kinda got old quick. Had a couple glitches where bombs either spawned outside the spawn area or right on top of it, then immediately walked into the wrong color square.

Was a little short but overall a good submission. Like every other unity game I've played so far (from this jam) I had issues with widescreen support. Had to change resolutions to make it work. Movement was a bit wonky; kept getting stuck on walls and such. Music was good and I liked the slow-down effect when your health(?) bar got low.

Thank you! My sister spent a long time on the music. The art was all creative commons 0 or 4.0, credits for the artists are... in the credits, if you want to check them out!

There isn't really a queue "system", per say, it just randomly spawns pieces. I wasn't really sure what else to call it but queue probably wasn't the best choice. I did want to come up with a way to make the pieces easier to grab but ran out of time. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the kind words!

There's  a platform by the lava that you have to grab to protect the character- I held on to the platform when the character died and, when it respawned and walked into the gravity reversing arrows, he started floating weird and continued to fly up forever. Not sure if it was because I had the platform or not, also couldn't repeat it!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to complete all the levels as I found them quite challenging! Overall the game was playable and I didn't encounter any bugs. Audio was pretty loud as some other commenters have mentioned, and the music loop was a little short.

It was a little frustrating only being able to see just a little past the rocket when the rocket takes forever to turn, but it did help that the paths were the same for the fuel and rocket. Maybe I'm just impatient though.

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Unfortunately I couldn't get very far in the game due to it crashing. It could also use more of a tutorial besides the included "help" description, to maybe teach the user a simple move command or something.

"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'

what(): std::bad_alloc"

From what little I am able to play, the concept is super cool. The command-line interface is unique and the puzzle of figuring out what commands work is challenging. Although one could easily cheat by opening up certain included files in a text editor, maybe this is intentional?

Thanks for playing! I wanted to give the old Origamo game a faster-paced spin with some new mechanics to make up for the limited level selection. Not sure if you've played the original DOS game, but it is very slow.

Thank you, I spent a solid 5-7 hours alone on the tutorial! I was worried it was too wordy but didn't end up having enough time to work on it more.

Thanks! I was a little torn on whether to have the user click the pedestals instead of the puzzles, but I figured sometimes the puzzles can overlap so it'd be a safe bet to make the pedestals the clickable object. I may go back in the future and change it.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'm unfortunately not skilled enough to make the pixel art backgrounds (check credits for users and links) but the music was made by my sister during the game jam.

From the command line, on Windows? Would you mind elaborating? I've tested it on four separate machines and none of them had that issue so I'm curious as to if there are permissions issues or something.

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Are you still having issues downloading? What was the problem that you had exactly?

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Funny sound effects, well-animated character. Gameplay in general is a little rough due to the way the game's view is locked onto the character and doesn't seem to take into account if you're holding something, although the foundation is there and the idea is good.

Had issues with the resolution support. I'm on a widescreen monitor and the game wasn't designed to accommodate that (fullscreen mode forces the game to crop stuff out, didn't see an option for windowed mode), so I had to set my resolution to 1080p to play the game. Found a couple bugs that can happen when you're holding something and the character dies. 

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I enjoyed the funny physics and the derpy car controls. Music was good, car engine effect revving up and down with speed was a nice touch. I was surprised to see how much the backgrounds were modeled with trees and whatnot, but a basic skybox or fog effect could have helped where buildings abruptly stopped. Not sure how many levels or how long the game is as I got stuck on the 3rd(?) one where I couldn't find any tires, so I don't know if there is a way to "win," per say. The game could have used some more instruction, for example "reach the tires to stop safely". There also isn't a key to quit the game as far as I can tell.

Fun little puzzle game! That robot is cute AF. Music was great (not sure what other commenters are talking about, it looped nicely and was good in the background), sound effects were on point. Game mechanics were solid, however it felt I like solved some of the puzzles more through "brute force" than actual puzzle solving. Might be due to sleep deprivation or time constraints on level design, idk.

I wish I could pick up and drag already placed objects. Levels/solutions could have used more variety.

I wasn't entirely sure what the point of the game was, even after reading the description page. There isn't a win condition as far as I can tell, and you can just never lose by not shooting anybody; your score goes up regardless of how many followers you have.

I was able to clip through walls in one place.

The shaders(?) and/or effects were neat. Music was good.

Interesting concept! I played only as a single player. The challenge of remembering which keys did what was unique, however once you get one "player" to have more than one movement control key the gimmick loses its charm, since you can just ignore the 2nd player. Quite a novel idea. I had some issues seeing what was where, since the room basically only zooms out once only one player is active and the controls hovering above each player are quite dark.

I had no issues with lag or performance. Tutorial level would have been nice, and more of a scoring system or progression of some kind would improve replayability.

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Approximately over 9000 but if I had to put a number on it I'd say four.

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This is the pinnacle of doggo gaming. I may have only collected two whole bones but the dog sure had fun. Sausage doggo ftw