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Thanks :)

No, but you can surf to the following url and add that to the homescreen of your Android or ios device and then it will work offline too. (as a PWA)

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For the moment about 10 to 15 minutes. But that is when i speedrun the game myself. You can wander around in it much longer.

I really like the staircase. Simple but it works!

Thanks :)

I uploaded a complete walkthrough for players that got lost.

Interesting. Do you mean a custom grid size or a custom grid shape?

Thanx! It looks very basic, but hey it was made for Ludum Dare. I mainly focused on the programming...

Maybe i should also note that the click area is a little larger then the circles themselves, you can check it with your mouse on desktop by slowly going near the circle ;)

thanx for the positive feedback. I’m planning on creating a longer version that could be released on some mobile appstore someday.

Thank you!

I like it! At first i thought that the gravity was a little bit off balance, but after all we are on other planets where there is different gravity, so it kinda makes sense. Feature request: save progress with localStorage ;) Keep making games!


Thanks for all the nice feedback.

I am a little hesitant to bring in the map feature, because in certain rooms it could indeed spoil the challenge.

Normally when you exit the game and come back the crab should be where he entered the last room for the last time. However you can reset that from the menu by hitting the n-key (new prototype). Maybe you accidentally did that?

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Thank you for playing my game.

Unfortunately you did not reach the end of the game. The end of the game is when you've reached solid ground, which looks noticeably different from the rest of the game. If you jump on the 'Lange Nelle' there will literally appear a message 'Mission complete'!

There are actually 2 clues which should help you further. One is a text that says something about a 'higher ceiling', the other one is a visual clue, which should't be to difficult to find because everything is smooth and flat