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Thanks for the reply, but doesn't work.

I develop mainly browser games with just javascript. Most games run fine, but sometimes i have some smaller bugs, which don't appear in Chrome. Sometimes things are just a little different in the itch app.

Two examples:

- focus/blur events of the window, used showing a pause screen

- no javascript window.prompt

It would be nice if i could debug these with a javascript console. Is there such an option in the app? Or do i have to try it in the version of the app which is on github?

Nice game! Does it work on tablets too?

yeah, maybe time to make another tool :)

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I used a custom physics engine based on verlet integration. I learned it long ago from this book:

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Well done! Cool idea to make a turn-based tactics game! Could work really well on a tablet if you dropped the zoom function...

Awesome short game!

Your game is indeed very similar to mine, but i liked the design of your scissors more :) Good job!

Fixed it!

Allright! Have to check that out 👀 

rps comments · Replied to jco in rps comments

Didn't cross my mind. I'll see what i can do after work tonight...

No problem.  I can recommend

You didn't get this from me...

Fun game!

Well done! 👍 

I would just add some text feedback when you found and clicked the dot...

Great artwork and mood!

Yes i did :) but i had to think about for a while

Cool small riddle game! Well done!

Thanks :) It was fun to make. Good idea for a jam btw

You are welcome :)

you are correct

I don't open source all of my games, but here is a similar one i did recently that you can brain pick on

Nice to hear you discovered some of the hidden startegies :)

Nice aesthetic! For a small game it felt really complete! I like the footsteps they always brought me back to my gun after i dropped it to pick up a person...

The bumping head was really cool animated and it is a fun game, but same feedback as the other commenters. It would be nice to shoot up and down and the black holes are unfair. There should be an indication where they wil appear. Also some particle effects or screen shakes or sound when you kill an enemy would be nice.

I like the idea, but the controls need some tweaking. The guy is very slippery. Also the r and e buttons are not needed. Just detect when he is off the screen with something like if (player.y > screen.height) restart(); and for the door you can do some hit test. But the mechanic has potential...

Cool puzzle game! It was fun trying to check which weird poses would work :)

Thnak you!

Good idea, i wasn't thinking about ruins...

Yes! it is working now :)

Fun and relaxing game... Would be cool to make it into a vr game. The music also fitted very well...

I am having trouble opening the mac build. I think something went wrong while zipping it up... Also tried the itch desktop app. Isn't working there also. Looking forward to try it out :)


Nice! 👍 

Thank you!

It seems to work on my machine. Maybe Paint can't handle these types of png's, but i don't have Paint. Can you view it in a browser or in Windows File Explorer?

No, i am neither italian or spanish. And i am twice as old :) But maybe you were asking that to PixelGirly


That is strange... Did you disable local storage in those browsers by any change?

le même ;)