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definitely a bug, fixed it now. level 28 has now been revealed after 5 years

when all the lore bubbles in the normal world have been shown, they never return unless you clear something in the local storage of your browser.


The ancient map scroll is a small image which is generated when the world is generated. If i remember correctly from implementing it at he time: the colors of the ancient map scroll also tell something about how the powers ups are distributed through the world.

You need to do a hard reload of the page, so the js files are updated in the browser cache. Or in Chrome click right and choose inspect from the context menu to open dev tools, in the Network tab, enable the checkbox for "Disable cache" and then refresh the page.

Should be fixed

Maybe this can help

thanks, will look into that

Wow, thanks, that is very good feedback. I can definitely get to work with this. Thank you for taking the time to write this all out...

I'll have to look into this

When you collected and traded all the map coins...

Nope, did i win prizes?

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Graphics are nice and gameplay is fun. But... there is only one thing more annoying than dying in a game and that is dying randomly. I agree with the other commenters that the player should see the snake move towards you. Or just remove the snake and make the apples flee from the player...

It has 3 qualities that make it the perfect jam game for me:

  1. It doesn't need a single word of explanation to start playing it.
  2. You don't have to start over because you died.
  3. You can actually finish it in a reasonable time.

I liked the audio! But i was missing a twist on the concept of snake...

So cool that the screenshots also rotate, that will catch a lot of eyeballs on the itch catalog.

Fun game! I like the idea of the level starting with the elevator...

Very good for a first platformer. Nice art style and music. I would make the moving platforms only collide from above. So you can jump from under them and land on top of them.

Never thought about it as a product...

Malpertuus is the name of an underground fortress from a medieval novel. It is also the name of one of my favourite paintings.

See also

It is not directly about alcoholism, but rather about people who have to search rubbish bins for empty bottles and exchange them for deposit money at supermarkets in order to make some money. An empty bottle is 0,10 cents in my country... So collecting 500 of them a day would make 50 euro. 50 x 30 is the minimum wage 1500. I have to note that nothing special happens on day 30 of the game. There is no real end in the game...

It is intentional...

There has been a small fix. You will still have lost progress after refreshing the page, but the world can still be the same, even with an empty seed. To avoid having the world being regenerated each time you die, i would recommend using a seed. 

Ok, thanks for reporting

There is also the ancient maze scroll... It is like tiny map containing all the routes the algorithms took to place the upgrades in the world. You have to search for it at the outer rings of the world.

Yes, and the Set card game was inspired by the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (psychology)

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You probably found the most important ones. Although the rope gun is so powerful, if you found that one you can get by without some others.

Anyway here is a list:

Spoiler alert!

Starting out in your inventory: homeblock

Every room has a map coin (39 to 44 total)

Every room also has a vending machine

Bubble spirits don't actually matter. 14 quotes in the world, 7 story pieces on Mount Hop

Other story items:

ancient maze scroll

Power ups which affect movement:

double jump suspenders
rope gun
scuba tank
wall jump socks
climbing belt
slide grip gloves

I tinkered a bit with shortening the time to get back into a new game...

Should be fixed:

Yes, progress is stored when you close the browser and come back later, unless you opened the page in an incognito tab... even if you didn't donate. Donations only allow you to disable perma-death.

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You will need to find the climbing belt coin... it is green

Once traded with the vending machine, you can use up or down cursor to start climbing... left and right cursor then climb sideways or combining them with up or down you can even climb diagonally 

Didn't test that browser... maybe some new js syntax isn't supported. Will look into it...

When you enter a seed, the world is regenerated in exactly the same way. I could reuse the maps when you die, but this has to be coded separately from the clear world function then...

Hmm, i have been thinking about adding a beat in a future update... Thanks for the feedback :)

Happy to announce the Hopworld has opened its doors and secrets to the public!

Hopworld is a metroidvania with procedural generated maps, scenario and music with a focus on skilful platforming and exploration.

I wanted to make a game i can play myself and still be surprised about what the world looks like. Discovering something  the machine made for me. This is a game for myself, but you can also look into the Hopworld, although we probably will never see it in the same way.

Thanks for the reply, but doesn't work.

I develop mainly browser games with just javascript. Most games run fine, but sometimes i have some smaller bugs, which don't appear in Chrome. Sometimes things are just a little different in the itch app.

Two examples:

- focus/blur events of the window, used showing a pause screen

- no javascript window.prompt

It would be nice if i could debug these with a javascript console. Is there such an option in the app? Or do i have to try it in the version of the app which is on github?

Nice game! Does it work on tablets too?

Hopworld community · Created a new topic Bug reports

Please file bug reports here.

Also if you are using a seed, include the seed in the bug report.

yeah, maybe time to make another tool :)