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how many power ups in there

A topic by wavyy created 72 days ago Views: 44 Replies: 3
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hello dev.

I enjoyed this game a lot. the art of pixel, music, and  metroidvania concept was perfect. I spent almost 3days to finish this game.(maybe 10hours or more?) yeah it was not easy to DONT DIE even I had many power ups.

anyway I beat it and I found 8-9 of power-ups(exclude postcard,map,homeblock) from colored coins. but numbers are not sure because my world(inventory) was cleared after ending and I lost my screenshot :(

Now I want to know. Did I got all of power ups? how many power ups in game? 

if you say more power-ups are left, I'll replay the game to find all.

I just signed up a few minutes ago to post a topic. thanks to you made this great game.

Developer (1 edit)

You probably found the most important ones. Although the rope gun is so powerful, if you found that one you can get by without some others.

Anyway here is a list:

Spoiler alert!

Starting out in your inventory: homeblock

Every room has a map coin (39 to 44 total)

Every room also has a vending machine

Bubble spirits don't actually matter. 14 quotes in the world, 7 story pieces on Mount Hop

Other story items:

ancient maze scroll

Power ups which affect movement:

double jump suspenders
rope gun
scuba tank
wall jump socks
climbing belt
slide grip gloves

thanks for the list! now I know I've already found them all. that makes me feel at ease.

wait I missed ancient maze scroll noo