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Fall damage / perma-death

A topic by maladroit created 73 days ago Views: 89 Replies: 2
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I totally respect your monetisation strategy on this, but it's making the 'demo' pretty unfun. It's so easy to die from fall-damage, either from missing a jump or just attempting to explore downwards or just misinterpreting a type of block that looks like you can climb it, and when you do die the permadeath feature ends up forcing the game to generate a new world. For new players this translates into playing the game for a minute or two, dying and then waiting 15 seconds or so, while the game generates a new world, to attempt another run. I suspect that the one-two punch of long-ish wait and total progress loss will cause people to bounce off what looks like a pretty cool game. Couldn't you just wipe progress and get me straight back into the world you already generated?


When you enter a seed, the world is regenerated in exactly the same way. I could reuse the maps when you die, but this has to be coded separately from the clear world function then...


I tinkered a bit with shortening the time to get back into a new game...