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Having struggled for about 20 minutes to successfully herd the three cows to pasture on the final level, I have a new-found respect for the problem-solving abilities of herding dogs trying to work out how to get 2000 cattle into a pen ;)

cool game!

That was fun — hope you continue experimenting with Puzzlescript!

Plus it's always nice to see a puzzler built around Jean-Claude Van Damme's unique abilities ;)

I hope you're going to keep releasing Minesweeper variants until the form is perfected. Microsoft has neglected Minesweeper too long! ;)

I regret to inform you that on the final level, I accidentally crushed my colleague under a barrel before reaching the exit. They definitely couldn't swim after that :/

fyi You can soft-lock the game if you go into the 'throw a card into the fire' option with no cards in your deck. As far as I can see, there's no way to get out of the menu

Love it! Even I'm being confounded a bit ahead of schedule :)

This is really cool! There are lots of cool ideas and some really satisfying puzzles/aha moments. I think games of this length run into the problem of just how linear puzzlescript can be, but the level select at least removes some of the friction there. But that's only because there are enough ideas and interactions here to sustain a larger, less linear game.

Anyway, I've now solved everything except Monorail (which feels like it might be beyond me!) and Glass Cases (which I can see how to solve, just not how to execute the solution for now)

Excited to see how it develops from here :)

The last three levels were tough! Weirdly something clicked when trying to complete the last level and the previous two were much more obvious after that point. But I'm not sure I completely understand the insight beyond a vague intuition about filled squares  and lines interacting!

It fixes the error for me (Chrome OSX)

Level 16 made me laugh out loud — glad I didn't try to map that one out!

14 was tough to unravel! I had to user a piece of paper to keep track of blind-solving the level as well :)

As the number of levels increases, I wonder if there's any way to jump to the first blind level, whether through a level select or some skip level function?

This is interesting!

I feel intuitively that the levels should contain no information that cannot be gleaned from sound-based interaction, even if it makes them uglier. For instance, the only way to infer a stopper is to fail to push a crate on to a space where it is possible to walk. But there are stoppers in the revealed level 8 that cannot be verified this way because their purpose is aesthetic and there's no way to get a crate near them.

I'd also like to see levels that are designed to play with the practicalities of unsighted solving. Whether that's mechanics that involve some type of predictable disorientation (teleports, switches that open doors, holes into which you can push crates, etc) or just elements of level design that are hard to grok unsighted — something as simple as crates arranged in a plus shape, which requires some movement-based deduction.

Theory: that's the player character, a powerful wizard who's doing the magic to the orbs from the orb observation room.

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There's a nasty bug in the second world where spike tiles can be rendered as ice tiles. I think this counted for a few inexplicable deaths in that world, including the opening room! The screenshot below hopefully illustrates an ice tile appearing in a layout where there's supposed to be a spike tile. Certainly, if you step on that ice you take damage.

It only took 127 attempts and some liberal bonesawing, but I finally beat the last boss. It's a really fantastic game :)

If it's helpful, there's a few minor gripes I experienced but please set this against the massive amount of enjoyment already in the game:

* In the first world and third world particularly, it's annoying when you walk into a room and immediately take damage from a ball-and-chain or pop-out spike, especially if you're quickly back-tracking through rooms you've already cleared. I wonder if you could do some code-magic in certain circumstances so that it's impossible to enter a room and hit one. I guess I should've been more careful though, so it's not exactly unfair :)

* If it doesn't affect balance too much, could the game lean into the player's playstyle a little more? If I'm primarily using a melee weapon, it's a bit of a bummer to continually get ammo boxes out of crates. It's not that they should never appear, just that the weighting could be dialled up and down depending on whether they're going to be used.

* Shops with one to two items in them are a bummer, especially early on.

* Sometimes the bolt-sink (the postery thing that says 'Done T' in shops?) doesn't give you anything, even if you fill it to completion. I think this happens on later floors when you've already got some items from one on an earlier floor.

* I wish the Duck buff triggered immediately on entering the boss room. There have been a few times where I've died before getting any health back.

* If you attempt to pick up an item that overlaps the Sell box in a shop, it gets sold instead — I think. It's only happened once but it stopped me duplicating all my passives :(

* The jump pads in the third world feel hard to use consistently. I seem to often take damage from adjacent lava, and doing diagonal jumps in enclosed spaces is also tricky.

Really enjoying this so far, but does the currency pop-up in the bottom left corner have to pop-up on to the screen? It's super annoying not being able to see the corner of the room, especially if there are wall spikes or something like that get obscured by the giant info box. Perhaps I've not got far enough into the game for that UI real-estate to earn its keep, but couldn't your currency be tracked somewhere else that doesn't require it to intrude into the playing area?

I'm at the same point as the person below and I think I'm throwing in the towel. The bouncing on enemies mechanic is incredibly frustrating to use and feels wildly inconsistent. It's especially annoying when you end up taking damage from the next enemy you're supposed to hop off because they're spaced so close together.

Imaginary game: a metroidvania where progression is gated by real-life skills the player must learn.

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Sometimes enemies with dash manage to pass through traps.. In the instance below, the enemy dashed through the trap in the picture and ended up on a space where another enemy had just been caught in a different trap after I swapped spaces with them.

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This is a fun idea! A few things that I'd like to see:

- If I fail, give me the option to close the game-ended menu so I can see where I went wrong

- Part of the slow-feeling of the game comes from how many additional clicks it takes to do regular minesweeper things. Ideally, I'd like to be able to place flags (and cycle them on to question mark and off) by right clicking a square and I'd like to be able to move quickly to a square by, say, double-clicking it. The left click menu is necessary for accessing the tools, but it shouldn't have to become the primary mode of interaction for the game.

- Numbers can be almost impossible to read if they land over certain types of vegetation

There's an annoying issue with the pico webplayer on OSX where the z key brings up the accent menu:

Playing on a trackpad with a two-finger right click is not very fun unfortunately..

If you could add a keyboard option in place of mouse clicks it would be a little more accessible :)

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This is a lot of fun. Currently attempting to beat the zero-hit-challenge with the help of a zero cooldown bo build. I do have a few little gripes though:

- Full screen on the web version (macbook, OSX, Chrome) ends up being horizontally larger than the screen. This cuts off the coins and stats, which forces you to exit full screen mode every time you enter a shop if you want to know how much you have to spend.

- You can move left and right using the arrow keys on OSX, but up and down don't work for wait and turn.

- Segmenting the bosses's health bars would be helpful to work out if a final attack will take them down. The different health pools of the bosses make it hard to grok visually how much damage your attack will actually do.

- I'm playing on a laptop with a trackpad — please give me the option to disable the mouse controls. It's really irritating when a trackpad movement gets interpreted as a mouse-wheel action!

Wow! I can't quite believe it's puzzlescript especially with such delightful *spoilers*

Figuring out the penultimate level was the a-ha-iest moment I've had out of all the jam games I've played so far :)

The first half of the message turned out fine, but the second half was unfortunately mangled by my errant handkerchief flourishes. This doubtless caused my faithful magician character to revise any plans to move on to sawing assistants in half.

First off: this is one of the most gorgeous-looking puzzlescript games I've played and v fun so far!

More boringly: I'm not sure if it's a design choice, but when you press down here, it loads the previous screen.  Even though you can't see your character, it turns out you can still move and throw your hat.. but it feels very wrong!

This is terrific and really polished, though I'm only a quarter of the way through so far. I was hoping to have played more of it by now but I cannot express how much more complicated I made Level 4 than it needed to be!

I liked this one a lot! I was, however, disappointed that wizarding technology has not succeeded in extending hat teleportation distance much beyond what David Copperfield was managing in the 80s.

Level 10 elicited a genuine lol before its torture commenced :)


Nice to see magic finally moving into 20th century headwear. Please can you let the makers of RPGs know that my mage can now wear a magic headband under something more head-protect-y like a helmet?

This is brilliant — so many clever, well structured levels and an avalanche of new mechanics. The ending is very cute as well :)

I treated it as a in-universe punishment for magicking a poor, defenceless spoiler! I also chose to believe that the magician was wearing a hi-viz jacket while going about all that perilous hole-filling.

Loved this! The puzzles are all logical, but the logic is increasingly, delightfully eccentric :)

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I used the wand to accost a certain spoiler and after hitting it, everything broke and the wand's magic beams became frozen in the air. Eventually I couldn't move the wizard either, though restart still worked.

images below the fold:

MRW I completed the penultimate level and walked off into the sunset

After the trials and tribulations of the previous run of levels, it certainly felt like an unintended solution!

That was lovely :)

Was the final level supposed to be a bit more straight-forward? It seems to have a comparatively easy solution compared to the previous 17 levels!

This is a really cool concept! I do have a few little gripes:

- The vertical speed feels much faster than the horizontal speed, I assume because the snake is traversing a grid made up of ASCII characters that are at least twice as tall as they are wide. Is there any way to equalize this so that it feels like you're always moving at the same speed?

- Restarting from your last item collection is fine, but in the demo it often means you have to track back through a long section to return to the hub area, with any death forcing you to restart from the same distant checkpoint. I'd consider letting players reactivate old checkpoints to remove some of that friction. Alternatively, you could Dark-souls-ify the level designs so that following a seemingly divergent path will most often lead you immediately back to a hub area once it's been completed. I think that might be the best option, as backtracking isn't fun if the areas have been fully explored.

In the game of chess, there's a particular interaction between the king and another piece that causes them to switch positions

U kept pushing me to finish pushing u, even when it felt like I was going to be pushing a whole lot of u forever. Now that it's over, I'm done with pushing u <3