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The music...

A topic by mrsbaird created 78 days ago Views: 94 Replies: 5
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Thanx for this promising little pearl of procederal endlessness.. BUT: May you please reconsider the music? It´s just to "dosy" for a platformer... Or does it get different later on? It´s a kind of gamestopper (sic!) for me.


Hmm, i have been thinking about adding a beat in a future update... Thanks for the feedback :)

is there a way to climb ladders?

Developer (2 edits)

You will need to find the climbing belt coin... it is green

Once traded with the vending machine, you can use up or down cursor to start climbing... left and right cursor then climb sideways or combining them with up or down you can even climb diagonally 

ok then thanks!!! and if i close the browser and open it again will my progress be saved if i have played it with an account?


Yes, progress is stored when you close the browser and come back later, unless you opened the page in an incognito tab... even if you didn't donate. Donations only allow you to disable perma-death.