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Oh! How very interesting! I will give this a shot tonight...

I only know the Arcade-version of Bagman, which I really loved - but could only play once until they took away the machine ... Later I played it on MAME again. So this port is highly welcome! Great work again!

I completely understand! Also, I was refering to the Atari 800 XL-version (which is the one I have been playing for ages).

Btw: Hero Is Back 2 is fantastic!!!

Wow. Just Wow. Very dynamic and cool!

I have walked, I have feared, I have wished, I have fevered, I had my wins - and lost another one - I have walked, I run, I weeped, I sweared ... is there anybody in here?

Fantastic! Very nice ideas!

If ARCHON is Alpha, this is it`s OMEGA and CHESS is the middle ;)

Good work!

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How f****** gorgeous of you! This is some lovely work. Thanx galore. It made my day! /.-) - And there are NEW labyrinthic levels!! 

Small critics: The bomb appears a tad too quickly when one moves the gamepad downwards. The original was intentively delayed a bit. On the sounddesign-things of life I'd rather pitch the rotor-sound a tad down and make it less loud - but the explosion much higher in volume. You can basically swith their loudness-values ... 

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Cheers! I'm curious about this little game but unfortunately the download is not starting even with payment ... There is nothing to chose in the installer-section. One can pay, but ldownload-inks are not starting. Any idea what to do?
I am located in Cologne, Germany but never had issues like this.

EDIT: I used the download-link that came with the PayPal-bill and that one worked!
Game runs smoothly even on my Thinkpad X230t with a mediocre graphix-card. The only bug I could find is that the foot-sounds started looping while I still had not moved ... It stopped sound erratic after a minute or so ...


Supercool! /.-)

... finally an answer to all my questions... But one question remains: Did we create the Subnet after it created us? (I am not spoiling!)

Hopworld community · Created a new topic The music...

Thanx for this promising little pearl of procederal endlessness.. BUT: May you please reconsider the music? It´s just to "dosy" for a platformer... Or does it get different later on? It´s a kind of gamestopper (sic!) for me.

No game ever has made me laugh out that hard just by letting me out of the start screen... <3!!!

Thank you for doing this! Its really, really good... It should be in everyone's remedy box! /.-)

Cool! I could totally identify, I have the exact same haircut! /.-) 

Really cool! I love the smooth controls... Keep up the great worl! I'm surely coming back...

Fantastic! /.-) Thanx for developing this little masterpiece!