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BIG true. I'm still salty of the mismanagement, the dropping of the ball on development, the indifference to big opportunities, the unwillingness to... I'm sure they blame the community too instead of themselves. I'm sure they hate people like me even though I supported them, bought many licenses over the years, and shilled Mark's tools again and again. But NEVER AGAIN. I'm using Defold now and am super happy. But I'm still salty that these projects nosedived and were more or less abandoned.

Not in this build, it didn't get past "2.5D tech demo" but I might develop it into a full game if there is interest.

What I mean is this should be able to be solved on the engine side too since the super speed on some things is caused by features the engine relies on not working right, but I am glad it is fixed for you now! Have fun!

It's an engine issue which will hopefully be fixed eventually - out of our hands but at least we know about it and some possible solutions.

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Does checking vsync in the options help at all? Usually when this happens it is because of drivers. A proper fix will happen eventually.

I looked at recent orders and it looks like you set the buy price lower than the required 9.99 by a little bit to be able to download the Windows version. I'm not sure if itch allows you to pay the difference, but we can get you a refund on the previous order if you want to pay the full price. It's on sale on Steam right now too which may be a good option to get the Windows version that stays up to date.

Updated all builds to!

Does the FaerieSolitaireHarvestInstaller.exe installer not work for you?

We just updated it to latest with some fixes! 

I suspect you have Steam open? New build is up with Steamworks completely omitted so should help!

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Is there a reason to not shoot? May I suggest making shooting become automatic once you first move?

Try adding accelerometer support for rotation and upload an apk? :)

This game was made with Unity. Why did you submit it to a Defold gamejam?

I changed to web version, everyone should be able to try it now without needing to download.

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Looking into this! Will post when I have an update.

What's your macOS version?

Still very WIP. I will be publishing updates over time.


By buying directly from the dev such as in this case, you give Valve 0% of the money and the developer 100% of the money with presumably itch getting a small cut too. So buy here if you want to support the dev and itch but not Valve.

You can comment now. Woo!

Good job!

Congratulations on releasing!