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PROCEMON: You Must Catch Them is a procedurally-generated monster collecting game. Every monster, sprite, move, sound, and text is random. It looks & feels like someone punched a hole through your Gameboy.

In the documentation for zipped portable builds there is a note re: OS X.

Would pushing a .zip created in OS X prevent the application from being quarantined upon unzipping?

Per itch's documentation, "damaged" macOS .app's will work in the app. I looked through the source code and as far as I can tell, there aren't any fancy  tricks. How does it work? Does a .app get quarantined only when unzipped via Finder?

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PDF orbital transfer window timetables for all seven planets of the TRAPPIST-1 star system. Perfect for commuters!

Includes instructions for how to read the pamphlet, ads from each planet, and of course Hohmann transfer windows

The TRAPPIST-1 star system is real and these timetables are scientifically accurate. 

I'm sorry you're having problems running Neocolonialism. I definitely won't have a fix within a month, so I've removed the OS X version from the store. You can reach out to itch for a refund on their support page

What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for the review.

It is the year 19xx.The working class of The Empire and is brutally oppressed. Out of necessity, there is resistance,  protest, and, eventually, Revolution. Due to circumstance and anti-Semitism, the Jewish workers remain isolated. You and your comrades are a secret Jewish rebel unit. Together, you will fight for a better future.

I think I fixed this with the latest update. Let me know! :)

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Thanks for the report. I can't reproduce this bug because I don't have a mac... could you send me the text of the player log? It should be located at: ~/Library/Logs/Subaltern Games/mechamor_showdown/Player.log ~ is your home directory

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Mech@mor showdown is an ASCII roguelike about your relationships with your mech and with your opponents. Build trust between you and your mecha. Fight your foes. Flirt with your lovers. Taunt your rivals. Swap out cool parts for cooler parts. Save Planet Yendor for the regime of the Kyriarch.

I love this game! Found what feels like a bug; you can access any tier before they are unlocked by pressing 2 or 3 on the keyboard

Are you using Linux? If so, what distro/version?

Does the game not work at all on Catalina? 

In general, I can't fix MacOS problems because I don't have a Mac anymore (and won't be able to borrow one until....... the pandemic is over)

It's a Galls-Peter projection

This is a known problem with Retina displays... unfortunately I don't think I can fix it. The game still works just fine on Windows and Linux. Sorry about that!

Started a discord server

Dang, this is incredibly slick in general, and for 7 days in particular?? I want to be friends with every doggone.

This is incredible.

Weird! I found the problem too, but I can't explain why. I re-compiled from the original Twine file and it should work now.

Dear Team NoIdea,

Physical abuse of children is vile. I'm appalled that you've decided to play it to comedic effect (and to a certain extent that you included it in the game at all). Next time you make a game that normalizes atrocities, please think through why, and to what end.


The creators of No Pineapple Left Behind