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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated !

Yep, "escape bar", forgot about that. Even with a good grasp of English language I always make localization errors with keyboard inputs :p

That's also why I used arrow keys instead of WASD, that way you don't have to change from qwerty to azerty when launching the game ;)

Introducing the skills one by one is a great way to distillate tutorials into the first levels, I completely agree !

Thanks again to have taken the time to play my game and provide such good feedback !

Thanks to you the Sisters of Strife spread the teachings of the Thunderous Tremor of the Underworld, celebrating long life and prosperity every Summer Solstice  with rituals of debauchery <3

11/10 would create a religion again :D

Bbrilliant god simulation, I like it! Very original!

I like the multiple paths adding replayability. Game's cute. Congrats! :3

Awesome work! Hurts the eyes a lil' bit but the concept is great! :)

Hey thanks for the resources, always good to learn from the talented <3

What took me the most time was actually the animations. You can usually save time with selection and transformation tools to modify the moving parts between frames. With pixel art, you have to redraw those, pixel by pixel. And I used flat color, I gave up doing pretty pixel art with shadowing and tones XD

Wow, those are all lovely in terms of art as well as design! Kudos! <3

@Rismosh That's some catchy music, love it ! :)

@LordMysterio Gotta love those black & white shapes, you managed to give them character :)

For this project I made everything myself. Tiles, sprites & animations with Clip Studio Paint (note: pixel art for a jam game = never again D:   ) , music and sound effects were me humming in my mic in Windows Recorder.

You can test my entry here and have a laugh:  ;)

Thanks! Yep I rushed the level design a bit, I will try to add more levels after the jam end to explore the possibilities offered by the concept. As for the music, I just improvised a tune in my mic with windows recorder and it was so ridiculous I felt it had to be kept; same with the sound effects ;p

Yeah phasing is a bit OP but I like the idea of beating the level in one move. You can do it with blink too :)

Nice ones! I hesitated to make a one-bullet puzzle game myself but decided to save time making a platformer with no bullets at all :p

You can check it here:

Also nice twist on chess rules :)

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Oh nice one! :D

Pushing the God of War concept to the extreme with some bouncy features, noice! :D


Yeah, I tend to lose time having fun with pixel art then I rush the level design in the final hours. I will try to take some time after the jam to add new levels to experiment a bit more with the concept :)

If you find it too easy, try finishing the game using only two skills... or even ONE !

I like how you have to do a mental map and try to match it with the actual terrain to guess where you are. Nice concept!

Yep! Definitely a game I can come back to later to explore the possibilities. It has a foot in platformer and another in bullet hell territory, of sorts :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I noticed how the TP took place where the mouse was at arrival and not at launch. I could have resolved it by adding an invisible active where you clicked, and destroying it after the TP has been processed. But I misunderstood the deadline (thought it was 10am instead of 10pm) and was really tired at this point, so I thought "well, I'll just say this is a feature, it rewards the player skill at keeping his mouse on point" :p

A short sound effect when the TP animation ends would have been wise indeed, I overlooked this aspect of UX / Sound Design.

The delay on the levitation comes from that huge 1280*1024 .gif used as a background, Fusion has a problem keeping the game fluid when you use big animated objects like that. Plus the projectiles from enemies having a tendency to stack up after some time, not helping with performance (they are physical objects, so the physics engine has to manage all of them). I lowered the quality of the background to keep the game playable, in hi-res it created too much lag.

Thanks again from your feedback, I'm glad you liked the concept! :D