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A platformer without jumping nor running. Made for GMTK game jam 2018
Submitted by Strife — 17 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Yep! Definitely a game I can come back to later to explore the possibilities. It has a foot in platformer and another in bullet hell territory, of sorts :)


This is cool, the game really becomes about trying to find safe spots amid the chaos and then timing teleports into the less safe areas. I would not have thought that this mechanic had much potential but it's definitely got me thinking!


Thanks for the feedback!

I noticed how the TP took place where the mouse was at arrival and not at launch. I could have resolved it by adding an invisible active where you clicked, and destroying it after the TP has been processed. But I misunderstood the deadline (thought it was 10am instead of 10pm) and was really tired at this point, so I thought "well, I'll just say this is a feature, it rewards the player skill at keeping his mouse on point" :p

A short sound effect when the TP animation ends would have been wise indeed, I overlooked this aspect of UX / Sound Design.

The delay on the levitation comes from that huge 1280*1024 .gif used as a background, Fusion has a problem keeping the game fluid when you use big animated objects like that. Plus the projectiles from enemies having a tendency to stack up after some time, not helping with performance (they are physical objects, so the physics engine has to manage all of them). I lowered the quality of the background to keep the game playable, in hi-res it created too much lag.

Thanks again from your feedback, I'm glad you liked the concept! :D


This was a really cool concept. My biggest concern was that the controls weren't as responsive as they could have been. I had a tough time engaging with the game because of things like: clicking then moving the mouse results in teleporting to where the mouse moves instead of where I clicked; Right click was sometimes unresponsive right when I needed it most! Improving these functions would have helped me feel more responsible for the outcomes which would have been more satisfying.

One frustrating part was that I didn't know when I teleported. As in, my character would be 25% phased out, then an obstacle would hit me and I'd lose. This might be one area where sound and animation can emphasize when exactly the location change occurs.

I'm being critical, but this is probably better than anything I've ever done in 48 hours. Congrats!