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Keep motivated and follow your dreams. 

You need to know how to move sprites?

Which sprites?

Just a sprite, keep it simple :-)

Hey thanks for this.  I have now got Falyne Vargar working on title screen, but again, many thanks!

Modified my page - got the logo on.  Also new demo on there :-)

Can email me at:

Cool my friend, all sounds good.

That's not bad ;-)  Maybe I could use and willing to help in future if you need any coding help.

Check my game out:

Also playable demo/wip here:

Nobody up for this? Can pay.


Anybody in here interested in doing a game title page for my game 'Hell Hole'?

Game has its page up on Steam and also on here:

Game on itch (WIP):

Anybody?  I'm willing to pay.  Thanks

Please find screen shots below and links to Steam page and playable demo.

Currently working on menu system and game over.  Game is around 70% complete, mainly aimed for Android and iOS but also runs on PC, MacOS and Linux. Game written using Unity and all code in C# by myself.


My game has a steam page up and running (game is still in development), but I need a better title screen for it, if you follow the link below for it on Steam you can see it is pretty bad title screen - I drew it and I'm a programmer!  Anybody offer any help?

Game on itch (WIP):



Added background music, gas stations and vortex's.  Enjoy the short video.


My game Vast Space isn't showing up on the site even though it says it has been published?  Doing a search doesn't find it and cannot see it in the devlogs either?  It's been about 24 hours since it was uploaded?

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Please check out my WIP 'The Vast Space', all details can be found in here


Hell Hole

Added some aliens that move in a strange formation and fire if you come close, also added some 'snake' type aliens who when you get close will shoot out a tongue and pull you in!

Hope you enjoy the video - sorry it is a short one!

Hoping game to be finished by April 2018 and fingers crossed Steam direct that month, direct download, App Store and Google Play.

Thanks!  I appreciate that :-)

Added gun turrets today, these can be customised so they shoot standard bullets or homing missiles, all adds to the fun of the game.

Looking promising, keep it up :-)

Added gun turrets - small video showing these in action.


Updated devog today and some of the game.  Please see Hell Hole dev log on here.  Game runs on PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and WebGL.

Hell Hole is a procedurally generated falling down game (down scroller) in similar context to Down Well although the maps I generate are very, very large.  Hope you like it.

Game demo here (WebGL):

Small development video here:

Hey, many thanks, I appreciate that.

I've added some more lighting stuff today :-)

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Latest video of Hell Hole.  Game runs on PC, Android, iOS, Linux and Mac.  Fully 2D procedural generated hole!  

Lots more to add, hope the taster video interests people.

Demo updated also.  Still lots to do, but main bulk of code done, now the fun parts of adding in enemies etc :-)


Many thanks,

Yes, enemies just make the screen shake when player collides, players health will go down.  Walls atm I allow you to enter as this allows you to go back up the screen as you could have missed something out you need to collect, may change this though.  Yeah, the jump sound is very jarring and definitely needs to change.  Many thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

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Here is my game I started two weeks ago, I've released a demo that's in early stages.

Features so far:

  • Fully procedural generated massive maps
  • Full 60 fps
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Dynamic platform removal

Will have goodies to collect, puzzles to solve and many more aliens with varying AI.

What do you think of it so far? I really need your guys opinions if this is worth carrying on with?

Game link that runs in browser (game runs on Android, iOS, PC, Mac):


Anybody? :-)

This looks good :-)

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A game I've been working on for two weeks, please check it out and comment if I should carry on with it or just bin it! It is in very early stages..

Game Link: (runs in browser)

Game play on Android: