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Need Page title for game - Artists?

A topic by Steve created 88 days ago Views: 176 Replies: 20
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My game has a steam page up and running (game is still in development), but I need a better title screen for it, if you follow the link below for it on Steam you can see it is pretty bad title screen - I drew it and I'm a programmer!  Anybody offer any help?

Game on itch (WIP):



Anybody?  I'm willing to pay.  Thanks

Hi Steve

Happy to help, you can look at my page. I can draw an sprite.

Just message back

what do you have in mind? what screen size.

Trade art for some future help with Unity3d project.

Would be happy to team up on a jam too if up for it.



Hey Steve,

I could help you design a new game title (logo) and other odds and bits. I did all the design work seen here-

And my general art page is here-

Drop me an email at to discuss rates and details on what you need. 

Quick logo for you mate, use or not use up to you. I can do more if you like or not, no drama.

Hey Falyne, like you stuff.

That's not bad ;-)  Maybe I could use and willing to help in future if you need any coding help.

Check my game out:

Also playable demo/wip here:

(1 edit)

All yours if you want it mate, ping me a PM and I'll email the vector and the image to you(just noticed the HOLE text needs nudging to the right to line it up, slanted text threw me off)

I would ask Falyne to do a concept, might be better than mine. If you gonna have something you might as well see all the options.

Don't need help with code currently as i'm jammmmmming but if you ever want to do a jam and i do the art that would be cool.


Cool my friend, all sounds good.

Can email me at:

Thanks Sparrowhawk666! I like your logo. :) 

hey sparrowhawk im looking for some artists to do some work on a card game. please send an email to or dm me on discord Magefire#9668


Modified my page - got the logo on.  Also new demo on there :-)

Looks good. Game is cool, love the bubbles they look great, are they a shader or just a sprite

Just a sprite, keep it simple :-)

Thanks, how did you get unity to behave on the moving of the sprites? it all looks tight, i seam to get a tear or blur when moving sprites.

Which sprites?

all sprites

You need to know how to move sprites?


No, i can do most things in unity. I just hate the camera tear on sprites. I'm try GODOT lately and having more fun than i ever did with unity.

I think working with unity is a love hate thing, don't worry mate I'll continue with godot.

Hey thanks for this.  I have now got Falyne Vargar working on title screen, but again, many thanks!