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I played this and enjoyed it, and was able to "beat" it once I figured out the timing. The art is lovely, the sound is nice, and everything works as I'm assuming it's meant to. The only real issue I have with it is that it doesn't really follow the game jam rules. It's not a game "inspired by" SU. It's IS an SU game and breaks the copyright rules. Sadly that detracts a lot away from this for me. :( 

Thanks Sparrowhawk666! I like your logo. :) 

Hey Steve,

I could help you design a new game title (logo) and other odds and bits. I did all the design work seen here-

And my general art page is here-

Drop me an email at to discuss rates and details on what you need. 

I think that was sarcasm lol

No problem. :) I was surprised to see something so in depth for this jam as well, so props on that! I can tell you put a lot into the upgrades for everything. 

Aaaah, that makes more sense then. I didn't realize that.  lol

Nice! I love the art for this. I think when I threw more than one clone in the pit at once, it didn't count them, but when I did them one at a time, each one was scored correctly. 

Very confusing to start, and then once I grasped the idea I felt even more dumb for losing over and over again. ^^; I like the simple interface and the idea behind it though! 

Wish there were more levels! The music is quite lovely btw. 

Not bad! It's a little grindy, but that might just be me.

You nailed the art style.