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Hell Hole

A topic by Steve created Jan 21, 2018 Views: 180 Replies: 8
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Here is my game I started two weeks ago, I've released a demo that's in early stages.

Features so far:

  • Fully procedural generated massive maps
  • Full 60 fps
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Dynamic platform removal

Will have goodies to collect, puzzles to solve and many more aliens with varying AI.

What do you think of it so far? I really need your guys opinions if this is worth carrying on with?

Game link that runs in browser (game runs on Android, iOS, PC, Mac):


Neat; playing it reminded me a of Downwell :).

The walls and enemies don't currently affect the player, there terminal velocity & gravity are a bit too high and the difficulty should increase as you progress. Also the default jump sound could be a bit less jarring.
Though I'm sure this will get ironed out in the future.

Nice work :D!


Many thanks,

Yes, enemies just make the screen shake when player collides, players health will go down.  Walls atm I allow you to enter as this allows you to go back up the screen as you could have missed something out you need to collect, may change this though.  Yeah, the jump sound is very jarring and definitely needs to change.  Many thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

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Latest video of Hell Hole.  Game runs on PC, Android, iOS, Linux and Mac.  Fully 2D procedural generated hole!  

Lots more to add, hope the taster video interests people.

Demo updated also.  Still lots to do, but main bulk of code done, now the fun parts of adding in enemies etc :-)


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The lighting effect when you shoot looks so good.  P:

Hey, many thanks, I appreciate that.

I've added some more lighting stuff today :-)

Added gun turrets - small video showing these in action.

I like the gameplay mechanics :)

Thanks!  I appreciate that :-)