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I can NOT play your game.  I keep getting told that I need MSVCR120.dll.  Other people do not seem to have this problem.  What should I do?

I got passed level 8!  PLEASE, can you tell us when the game will be completed!?  Thank you.

When I use the controller, this is a problem.  However, when I use the controller, after I beat a boss, I just overlap one of the powerups and press the "T" key on the keyboard.  Then I am able to advance.  I hope this helps anyone else who has been having this problem, also.

Do you have any plans to make the bottoms separate from the shoes?  I am hoping for this feature.  I hope that there would be options to mix and match different bottoms with different shoes, or create a character without shoes.  Thanks.

Thanks, however, I am baffled as to why you password protected your game.  You have made your game available to everyone, but by password protecting it, no one can play it without the password.  I wonder, what was the point of password protecting your game?

After beating the first boss, the upgrades appear.  But, when I go over an upgrade, and press the fire button, nothing happens.  No matter which button I press nothing happens.  What should I do?  Also do you know when you will finish this game?  Thank you.

Thank you!  What I had in mind was your character creator having top, bottoms, and a slot for foot ware.  Something like that.  Do you have any plans for this in the future?  Thank you.

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Is it a possibility that you might add the ability to choose the kind of foot ware, if any, the characters are wearing and make this independent of the bottoms the characters are wearing?  Also, could you include an option for a character to be wearing nothing on the chest or feet?  For example, I might want to make a character who is Conan style warrior or a character who is a jungle native.  Thank you.

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I have released Flight of the Blazing Sparrow Hawk on this site.    It is an action game with 30 stages.  In each stage, you much break all of the crystal in order to rescue the fairy.  Here is some screen shots:

Here is the link:

Flight of the Blazing Sparrow Hawk by steelshield (

VadimBallzGame, I REALLY would like to play your game Super Vadimka.  But, I can't because its zipfile is password protected!  How can I play the game if the zip file is password protected?  Your game's page does not even enable anyone to leave commits.  Could you please unload a version of the zip file that is NOT password protected, or gave us the password for your game's zip file?  I do not know why the zip file would be password protected in the first place....    THANKS.

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DOH!  I have to remember that the edit page can only be accessed if I am logged in.  However,  I DID include all of the details about my jam.  But for some reason it is not being displayed.  Again, it it because it has not started yet?  Would you like a screenshot of the game jam with all of the details.  Thank you.

My game jam does have a full description.  But, for some reason, it does not display.  It this because it has not started yet?  Here is all the details, you can see it here:

Also, I think I did mark it as visible.  Does this help?  Thank you.

No Time To Play - THANK  YOU VERY MUCH!  My jam is about two months.  And...thank you for letting me know that a long duration can keep a jam from showing up on the calendar.  I will keep that in mind.  Again, thank you.  

To be honest, my game jam is STILL NOT showing up.  I hope someone displays it soon.  The issue has NOT been solved.  I do not think I can solved this issue unless one of the moderators displays my game jam.  Thank you for reaching out to me, Nonfictions and K-Ellie.

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I have a game jam that is staring in 33 days.  I created it a few months ago.  Could someone please put in on the game jam page so that it will show up?  Thank you.

I am so sorry to about this!  Do you have any plans to restart the project?  How far along are you in a fully finished product?  Do you know where I can get to any instruction manual?  What can we do to support you better?  Again, thank you very much!  We wish you all the very best in all that you do!  This is one of the best RPG engines I have ever seen!

I wished the automap worked while on the library.  I also noticed that the designs of many of the enemies were just variations of each others.  For example, the rats had three or so variations.  The robots also had such variations.  I would like to have seen each enemy kind being unique.  Other than that, this is all I can think of.

Thanks!  I really did like the game.  The reason I wondered if there are more than one ending if that some questions were asked that do not really get answered.  Yet, thank you for clearing up my previous questions.

So I beat the last boss and get a lot of text.  Was there suppose to be more?  Also, there is a door on the first floor I still can not get through.  Is there any way past that door?  Is there another ending?

It is be REALLY nice if I knew where I could get the first key.  I can not even pass the FIRST area.....

I am sorry that I did not very fit to give this game better ratings.  It is a good effort for a beginner.  I like the fact that you can change back and forth from a girl to a spider.  I also like that fact what you can jump on depends on rather you are a girl or a spider.  Here are the issues that can be improved.

There is no story at all and there is no goal to reach in order to win.  It is always nice to be able to reach a goal in order to achieve victory.

The gameplay is not bad, it is pretty simple and maybe more to do would have been nice.  Like maybe different stages and if some stages could have not be endless runners but involve different gameplay.

I do like that fact that the main character can change between a girl and a spider.  I just wish the girl was a lot bigger and better animated.

The animation is very limited, I don't think I remember seeing much of that at all.

There is no music.

The sound effects are pretty basic.

Still, not bad at all for a first try.  Keep it up!

I really like this game overall.   What is good about the gameplay is the variety.  I also like the interaction between the main character and the loin.  During the first stage, I like that fact the you can walk or even run.  But,  when the main character is knocked down, she will just stay down for quite some time, which is bothersome.  During the second stage, swinging on the vines is a great change from the first stage.  I would have liked to have seen being able to climb up or down the vines, and even avoid dangers that could be on the vines.  Again, this is overall a very good effort.

Would anybody wish to add any of there own thoughts?  THANK YOU.

Well.... it is over.  Now I wish to give my take on the two entries.

1. Yuma the Jungle Girl

 I consider this game to be a very well done game.  The music fits the mood and setting perfectly, even though it is the same music throughout    the whole game.  I really like the main character, the detail on her is very good, and she is well animated.  The flower that she wears in her head is a nice touch.  The game consists of moving through the jungle, swinging on vines, talking to a loin, and lastly, dropping coconuts on that hunter's head.  These are quite a few different kinds of gameplay.  I like how you can choose to help the lion or not.  If you choose to help him, you get different scenes of treating his wound.  In this game, you talk to a golem and two animals.  The backgrounds and scenery are quite well done.  To the maker of this game, GREAT JOB!  You did VERY WELL.

2. Barefoot Arachnid Run

This is an endless runner game.  I like the fact that you can change back and forth from a girl to a spider.  I also like the fact that what you can jump on depends on what form you are in.  I wish that the girl or spider was better animated.  I also wish that the girl was larger and had more detail to her.  To the maker of game, pretty good.  Not bad at all for someone who is a beginner of game making.

FIRST PLACE:    Yuma the Jungle Girl

SECOND PLACE: Barefoot Arachnid Run

Thanks.  Learning a new game engine always takes quite a bit of time.

This was pretty decent.   I like the fact that you can turn into a spider, and when you are a spider, you can land of the grey platforms.   I have just a suggestion, maybe you could make the girl a bit bigger with a bit more detail?  Just a thought.  The fact that you, an absolute beginner started and finished something is GREAT!  Keep it up, and the best of luck to you!

Thank you for submitting your game!  I have played it and got the ending that involves saving the loin.  I plan to see if there are any other endings.  Now, hopefully there will be other entries.  We just have to wait and see!  Once all entries have been submitted and the jam has ended, I will be playing each and every game.

Thanks, I am downloading right now!

This is what I get after I start the game and see the logos.  Do you know what I should do?

When I try to start the game, I get the black screen and then the logos.  However, I this.  Here is the screen shot that is attached to this message.  What should I do?

This look GREAT!  I wish you and everyone else the very best luck in this game jam!

Thanks, I will do this.

When I try to start the game I get this message:

FATAL ERROR in vertex shader compilation

shader name: shader_palette

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_the_controller_draw 77

I beat it!  I played through the whole game, including all of the new game.  VERY GOOD game!

I am on mission 37.  The passing score is 10000!  Does anyone have any idea of the best way to best this.  The time limit is so short!  THANKS.

I have 1.0.22

Does anyone know the best way though message 15?  I have seen a videos of someone playing this game.  When they were on mission 15, they needed a score of 30000 to pass it.  When I play it, I need a score of 50000.  I do not know why.  Does anyone have any ideas?

I put in the the APPLICATIONS sections.  It seems to be working.

I have brought the game, I downloaded the Mac version of the game.  However, when I try to play it, I get this message: CAN'T FIND GAME.  This happens when I click on the icon.  I don't know what is going on here?