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OMG! I didn't think about going from the right side to pick up the purple. Thank you so so much! XD

Beautiful art and music, the controls feel nice! I enjoyed it and also look forward to playing new versions of it in the future!

Thank you so much! Getting Over It is a great game, I am glad my game reminds you of it!

This is my favorite! The game has so much potential. It has to be included in chemistry textbooks. I discovered all 42, and many molecules with no names too. Why there is no C2?

How to pick up the purple without picking up the orange or red?

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The game is beautiful and polished! But also quite stressful. Cannons are never enough. It would be nice if each cannon can cover a larger field. Also, it's hard to tell where the meteors are without rotating the camera often.

I LOVE this game. Merging the shapes and colors is such an amazing idea! Please, can someone upload a solution to level 19 because I really wanna know.

The robots are sooo cute! I love how the game looks. The controls, the visual effects, and the sound effects feel nice! But I got stuck, I don't know how to save the laser robot from that little island in the beginning. Throwing cubes won't reach the button... 

Thank you so much! I am glad to know you like it.

Thank you for playing it! 

Thank you!

Awwww these two kittens so cute!

Joining realities, what a cool idea! It is amazing you handled a sci-fi concept with a cute cat. It feels difficult to design these levels, but as a player, I enjoyed my time as a reality-merging cat a lot. The separatable soundtracks are very cool!

Thank you! The "recommended shapes" is a good idea, I will add it.

This game brings me those aha moments along with headaches. The motion line is beautiful. Watching it reach the goal is satisfying. Love it. 

Thank you so much!

It's a very cute game! I like the streetlight level a lot. I got stuck in the picture level though because Mark stands in my way lol... A question: are the players supposed to rotate the blocks? Because I figured out they can be rotated by the in-game physics, so I can sort of control the rotation too.

The game art is cool! I enjoyed picking up enemy parts but did not do much with them - the shop only worked once but after I bought health regen I got negative health and died immediately after an enemy hit me. But all in all, it has been satisfying playing this game!

It's my favorite game so far! The rules are so intuitive. The long arms look funny yet I feel touched when they join together through all the obstacles. I love it.

The levels are too hard for me but I like the concept and the art! And as the others said, it would be nice to have a quick retry button.

I got addicted to this game. The puzzles are brilliant. I like the art style too.

It is a very fun game. The puzzles are great! The Theseus story and the game mechanics work well with the jam theme. Although the music is simple, it adds to the labyrinth atmosphere. The two characters somehow remind me of Hades lol. Overall, I like it a lot!

I like the concept of acting as a phone and moving by vibrating! And the text messages are fun! The camera moves can be polished more because sometimes it cuts into objects, and sometimes it stops following. But I shouldn't ask too much for a 3D game developed under 48 hours XD. All in all, nice work!

Nice game, very spooky! I shouted several times when the zombie appeared next to me with sound effects. The contrast between your light and the dark surroundings adds to the spookiness. And the levels train your spatial memories, I like that. 

It's very cool that the string will act as a "timer" when the two balls get disconnected! I also like the art and physics on the string, looks nice! One little thing I noticed is that my string can be pulled very long when I hit a triangle wall in the purple level.

Sorry, it is only on PC... I haven't added mobile controls yet.

Oooh right, that might happen, I will fix it. Thank you for pointing it out!

Exactly! The Getting Over It vibes is what I am aiming for, so thank you for sensing it! And the "join button" is a  brilliant idea, I will do it XD

Yes, the sense of "mastering" is important! The jumps are entirely handled by the physics system for now, and the factors that decide the jump heights are not clear. I need to make some changes to the controls.  And also, I want the shapes to have more influence on how the player moves too, so I will work on that. Thank you for the suggestions!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it XD

I am with you that the jumps should be controlled better (and I jumped very high sometimes too, maybe Unity's physics system got confused lol). I will work on it to reach a balance between the physics and player's control.

Thank you! I agree with you, the controls completely depend on the Unity physics system. I should make it more forgiving, but I haven't figured out a way though lol...

Thank you! I can add some easier levels.

Thank you!

"Use your money, not your brain" - Seems like I use my brain too much XD. A really fun game that I keep failing and trying! Very satisfying art and sound FX!

Thank you!!! :D  - I enjoy playing with physics elements a lot.

sandwiches falling down