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I realized now that I submitted my score, but not my comment! Sorry for the delay. 

Loved the feeling of having dual-wielding automatic weapons. The general guns-blazing feel was a good choice as well. Some small additions boost that style would be cool to see (power-ups, health on alien kill, etc...). Didn't notice that there was climbing like you mentioned in another post. 

Good job on the submission!

I think we've all been there. Even Toy Story 2 was deleted entirely, but luckily the Tech Director had a saved copy on her home computer. It might be useful to look into some type of version control. Something like Git, Unity Teams, or even backing up on a spare external hard drive can be a life saver!

If you're anything like me you see the shiny piece of tech/art and then only focus on that for like 6 hours straight. Good job all around, keep it up and I'm excited for what you all make next =)

"long story" = Game Dev in a nutshell. We'd love to see progress on itch or in either the Valem or VrwithAndrew Discords whenever you do decide to do that! =D

I thought this one was fun to play and the simplicity was nice. I liked the two-handed shotgun mechanics, and thought the visuals were good. I often had to hunt the spiders, so maybe increasing their speed when they're far away, or having them burrow nearby once they disappear would be nice.  You have a lot of options you can develop if you wanted to expand this one.

This is very impressive! I fortunately DO know much about music, so it was fun to play around with. Playing with the different instruments was a good time. 

This experience was very well done and well dressed. The length was good and reminded me of an old Disney ride. I do struggle with motion sickness, so the turns got to me over time, so I wonder if breaks to stop and use the baseball bat might help with that! Overall great job!

You know I recently played BugSnax, so I can't help but feel reminded of that one here. Cute visuals on these burgers. And who doesn't love being a stinky troll.

I would agree with Andrew on finding the the floor burgers hard to constantly grab. The growing mechanic could be a fun style of level progression similar to Katamari Damacy. Starting with floor burgers, growing to eat counter burgers and then eventually smashing into a new restaurant. Good job!

I had a good time with this one once I got it. The movement mechanics were interesting, but a tutorial stage might have helped a bit. I enjoyed the simplicity too. Cute visuals, and the audio was nice. The zencore became pretty non-zen once you got to a certain stage though! Good job everyone!

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The islands were detailed, especially given the time frame. The astro cam was a nice touch and I thought the jetpack was neat, though it did get me in trouble a couple times. 
I agree that a checkpoint at each level would be much more enjoyable in this  setting. I also thought the teleport was a bit unnecessary, but overall I loved the concept and if you worked on it I would be excited to check it out more. Great job!

I just tried to be a friendly troll, but ended up killing the first human I saw.  I wonder if there were mechanics I missed to be nice to the villagers?  It was fun causing some mayhem in the village.

This is a good base to build from. The mechanics are working as intended, but I'd love to see some tweaks to enemy variety, audio and effects. Clearly defining level progression with new enemies, different light intensity, and more incorporation of theme mechanics would make the game feel more cohesive. 

I'll second that I can see the work that was put into this one. Having the menus and tutorials was helpful. 

I'll also second the camera changes being rough, but that's good news since you have such a clear direction on what to improve for any future builds.  Good job overall and it'd be fun to see more.

Nice looking game, some fun details like the telescope and the mini jackhammer was fun. The resource management was a little tight for me, but overall a good time!

I enjoyed the concept of this one quite a bit. Finishing planets on time was pretty difficult, and I could never finish more than one at a time, but that's a minor balancing issue. It was also neat seeing the effects of the customizations on the planets.

Great job on the locomotion! The destruction was satisfying and the effects were nice. I'd love to see the car explosions affect nearby buildings, and little additions like that. Looked and felt great, good job!

That's always a tough but important call to make. I can see that you had big ideas and plans going into this one, but finished is always a top priority in a situation like this.

Good job getting  it to this point and if you want to come back to it, I hope you're able to flesh out the experience you initially wanted to create.

I enjoyed the locomotion in this one. Getting through the space in time to save the planets was a little tough for me at times, but it was nice hanging out in space.

Neat concept, and the climbing was quite nice. Does anybody else feel like somebody is watching them?

The big/small transition was done very nicely. The bridge pieces didn't seem to want to socket to where the silhouettes showed they would go, like the others have been talking about. The idea was done pretty well given the time constraints.

Great visuals here and I'm pretty sure the only use of the microphone, which I'm sure left my neighbors confused why they were hearing someone yelling "AHHHHHHH" next door.(My family knows better than to question it.)

A little extra feedback on that system would be nice. There's a lot of directions this could go if you decided to push it further. A puzzle element, a VS mode, different stages. Lots of potential here gang, good job. 

Yeah I loved the twist on the theme, it's the kind of stuff we love to see. Cute visuals and a satisfying game loop.

Learning and setting up VR can be quite the pain, but it was nice seeing our Solar System up close like this. I hope you've learned enough to get a head start next time!

I also loved the box resizing idea. Simple but effective. Boosting up the visuals and developing the mechanics could leave you with a v cool finished project.

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The zombies eventually hunted me down as I explored the ocean. Good job on your first completed project, the first of many I hope!

Hahahaha The joys of a game jam. Hopefully you've gotten some rest and can finish things up how you'd like to.

Good job on your first game! This is a great learning experience for the future so keep it up!

I had the same thing happen as the others here.

The Big Friendly Giant got a new job it seems! Cute take on the god game.

I must have learned from Andrew since that's also one of the first things I check!

The rain/flooding system was pretty cool to see. Adding in a couple of more systems for us to balance might make this a pretty hectic god game.

(Nice inclusion of the water pour tutorial!)

Great job for you first time! The satellite gravity system worked well for me and no major issues. I'd call that a win!

You wouldn't believe the parking job this person did on these planets. It's me. I'm the person.

Fun concept! The controls were pretty finicky, and I often overshot because the strength went from all or nothing. That being said I had a good time pretending to be a Solar System Trucker

That red button sure was tempting. I'm still pressing the green one though. 

(Nice addition of the moving liquid shader in the coffee cup!)

I liked the ideas you had going into this one. I'll agree that getting around the planet is a bit difficult at times, especially since I'm not that coordinated. But I think you did a good job.

I'm with Andrew on this one. Put some extra time into this one. I found it cathartic, especially these days. It's easy to live in your own world and forget that you might mean the world to somebody else.  Keep it up.

There's a lot to like about this project! Nice balance between movement ability, combat ability and health. I would love to see some extra time dedicated to packaging the experience with menus and tutorials to explain some things.

Same. Couldn't play either.

I also didn't have a paintball gun, but I probably would have hurt myself with it anyway.

Good job taking the plunge! Hopefully this is the first of many games from you!  The atmosphere you built was quite nice.