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What else would you like to see in it? The executable is enough to run the game.

Ah you're right! Here he is:

Hi again! CraftStudio was a project I built in 2011-2013 focused on blocky/pixely games. Superpowers was a follow-up with a small team built in 2015-2016, with better 2D capabilities.

Neither of them are actively maintained at this point, so I can't recommend that you use them for anything serious, but to the extent they still work, they can be fun to use and do provide a pretty unique experience with the real-time collaboration.

Hi! Royal Flush was made using C# and SDL2, see for the source code.

Indeed the original dev team is no longer actively maintaining Superpowers, although there is a somewhat active fork from GitHub user Togimaro you might want to check out.

This is now fixed. Sorry about the issue.

This was a bug with newly created accounts due to a recent server upgrade. It is now fixed. My apologies.

Turns out this was a bug with newly created accounts due to a recent server upgrade. It is now fixed. Sorry about that.

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No, the server works for most people, it's something with some people's setup but I don't know what.

The tool can be used offline, but only after successfully connecting once, because what you install is only the launcher, it still needs to download the client, server and runtime once.

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EDIT (2021-11-22): Turns out there was a bug with newly created accounts. It is now fixed.

It's working for most people,  not sure what's going on. Are you using Spectrum as an ISP by any chance? I've heard people have issues with them.

Hi! Thanks, glad you're excited about CraftStudio. It's a 10 years-old piece of software that I no longer actively maintain, so I wouldn't recommend investing too much in it... but it's still a lot of fun!

libbulletc is the native physics library, it might not be compatible with whatever architecture you're running? Like, could be some issue between 32 or 64-bit versions, or ARM vs x86?  Or it might depend of some other library that your modern system is no longer shipping with... Linux builds were always a bit of a compatibility nightmare.

CraftStudio still works well on Windows as far as I can tell so that's a safer bet indeed...

I'm currently working on a new site and platform called JKLM.LAND which shares some inspiration with CraftStudio. It will allow making multiplayer-by-default games. If you're curious, you can follow the progress on my Twitter (I post in French atm but there's an auto-translate button) or our Discord.


- Elisée

Looks like the UI for editing behavior properties is created here:
And it doesn't support building custom dropdown boxes from the type information.

Hi! Looks like the links to the various file format documentation pages were broken, I just fixed them:

Some file formats are not documented because nobody ever asked, if you need details about any one in particular, hit me up on the Sparklin Labs Discord and I'll be happy to answer your questions (link is on

Oh, apparently I can! There you go:

Hi! I just uploaded the wiki back over at

Bonjour ! A ce stade Superpowers n'étant plus activement développé, je ne recommande effectivement pas de trop s'y investir (bien qu'il reste fonctionnel pour une bonne game jam !) sauf si vous comptez forker le projet et le maintenir.

Maybe you created a new account and your server still expects the old username? Open "My Server" and check if your current username is set as one of the admins in the settings. Have fun!

Spoiler ahead: the money can be found in the lower half of the map.

Nope, the quests can be finished for all NPCs on the map (we had to cut a bunch but we're hoping to add the remaining ones now!)

Use the mouse wheel or 1, 2, 3. Will add to the controls 😅

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Thanks for playing! The game can be completed, I'm guessing you missed something.

Thanks for the nice comment, we're glad you like the game!! :)

Thank you!! Glad you liked it!

Do you have the "game" system installed? If not, you can install it from the server settings tab in the main app.

Just tested, works on my end.

Yes! CraftStudio has gone free for all a while ago.

You can just create a new account, accounts don't hold any data anymore.

It says "Server stopped." in the bottom left corner. Check the Settings button next to it, see if there's any errors listed there.

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Your projects are hosted locally on your own computer and you can run completely offline if you turn off authentication in your local server's settings.

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> But I bet you didn't make a whole new game maker just to redirect your customers to Superpowers, eh?
> It's good for business, this whole free software thing.

CraftStudio is 3 or 4 years *older* than Superpowers. I've just made my legacy program free and all you can find is cynical ways to interpret it, it seems.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. CraftStudio was not designed as an open source platform, it has centralised dependencies. Open sourcing it would be a good bit of work that I'm not willing to put in at this time. Maybe someday.

Check out Superpowers, CraftStudio's open source HTML5 successor:

When running with LÖVE, the files will be exported raw, so you don't have to worry about the numbers after the folders. Those are only in your source project, not in the exported version.

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You can import assets in the various editors. Not much to it, just import the PNGs into the sprite editor, the .bin / .gltf into the model editor, etc. See for various getting started tutorials :)

You should put stuff in %APPDATA%\Superpowers. For instance:

  • C:\Users\Frostbitee\AppData\Roaming\Superpowers\core
    • package.json
    • client
    • public
    • server
    • etc.
  • C:\Users\Frostbitee\AppData\Roaming\Superpowers\systems\game
    • package.json
    • SupEngine
    • SupRuntime
    • etc.
That should be enough to get it to work.
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A pull request would be much appreciated, so we can test it out, discuss & merge if it fits!

We (as in, the core dev team) don't have immediate plans for a full-blown keyboard shortcut customization UI but maybe someday, if someone comes up with a good design :)


(EDIT: That was Elisée, posting with the wrong account whoops)

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Hey! We have released Superpowers v1.0 with many new features and improvements —


The game isn't finished sadly, you've reached the end of what was done.

Ok, a couple things to check
  • Did you change the port in the settings tab? Make sure it says 4237 for the main port, and 4238 for build port.
  • Make sure the server starts? Did you uncheck auto-start? Any error listed at the bottom of the window?

You should leave the default server address:

The main launcher is being redesigned and the new version will be simpler to use.

Can you believe it? Today's the day!

Holy moly. It's happening in less than 10 hours!

Superpowers goes open source at noon PST / 3pm EST

We'll be live at to press the big red button, demo it all, launch our Patreon, talk about contributing and future plans. We'll be speaking in French but we'll have slides in English and we've got some people on call to translate it all for you in the chat.

See you then! Can't. wait. ♥