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Glad you liked it! We'll look into the movements - that certainly wasn't the intention with the sideways movements but we'll try to replicate the bug.

nice! Will try 

Thanks for this! Yeah, we had some padlock sprites but they didn't really fit and we didn't have time for another solution. We hope it doesn't put too many people off!

Lovely stuff, as always! That's turned out so well, even for you Flavedo.

Thanks for this brilliant feedback! Loads for us to work on once the jam is done, though. I really like medusoform with the machine gun, that's my fave...

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You are welcome! Hope you enjoyed the jam as much as we did - really enjoyed Goat in a Coat actually, although as I say I got stuck behind some wood lol.

Thanks so much for playing it! We were all screaming for you to try a different host as well as a different parasite because they all feel so different, but we loved watching you beat the boss with the tanky host and drill weapon combo. Great stuff, developing that very careful method of singling out an enemy, backing into the food and so on! Brilliant stuff.

oh, thanks man! Great to hear. Make sure you leave a rating if you haven't, and I'll get to playing yours when I get home.

No problem! Be sure to play and rate ours too 

Thanks so much! Great feedback! Yeah, it'll take you a bit of getting used to, but each host has its own strength. I've completed the game with each, now, but you have to make your choices carefully!

Thanks mate - hope you rated it on its page as well as responding here...!

I really enjoyed this! Nice to blend puzzle games with merge dynamics. Nice simple levels, cute faces. Yeah! Good stuff.

Definitely! So many good games out there, just a case of finding them.

Let me know if you played it through a review and we'll play yours too.

Thanks a lot! Have a play of ours too, if you like!

Really want some valid feedback on this one. Have a play around with the different hosts and parasites once you unlock them, they all feel a little different to play. And if you beat the boss, let us know which combo you used!

Let me know if you played it through a review and we'll play yours too.

A little confused how it all works, but good work making the little guy fly about...

This got super hard towards the end! But I enjoyed it. I'd have loved some more variety, but overall a fun experience.

Thanks dude! Would love for you to check out ours too.

Fun use of the theme! Got to admit, i gave a big groan when I thought I'd escaped the level and then it just...grew! But yeah, enjoyed it. I wish there was a little more control on the jump but otherwise good stuff.

I can see what you were going for there! Good idea with the economy system, and the movement felt neat. 

Fun game! Ours is called Symbiote too, but we took it in a totally different direction...

Fun game design, but massively punishing to just die if you touch water. Nevertheless  I loved travelling around, slowly growing, yearning for the hammer! We made a top down microbes-game too, interestingly!

Well that escalated quickly...I really liked the responsiveness of the small boi, but as soon as he died and it was all big boy's job, I began to struggle. Nice work for a solo game!

Thanks! Yeah, we went for a different use of WASD with each host, but that does complicate things in a way.

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Really want some valid feedback on this one. Have a play around with the different hosts and parasites once you unlock them, they all feel a little different to play. And if you beat the boss, let us know which combo you used!

Let me know if you played it through the comments and we'll play yours too.

Very strong overall - pretty much an all-rounder. Thanks for that restart button though. Ouch! It all felt slick and simple but with some nice complex puzzle solving moments.

I was a bit baffled by this, but I see what you were going for! The two weapons were cool, though I wasn't really sure what the effect was of each one other than 'confetti' and 'a little bit higher'. Tempted to go back and have another go but good effort on the 3d wrangling.

Woah, what a trip! I feel like you should put an epilepsy warning on that opening screen because it gave me stars in my eyes. I found the best way to progress each level was to spam space bar as fast as I could, but I genuinely did want to keep playing to find out what body part was next. Some variety in the skills required would have probably brought this to the next level for me. But I'll probably see the little toe crawling in my dreams...

I love the art, and the story is magical. Annoyingly, I got stuck in the middle of some log piles pretty early on in the first level. The animations of the three attacks are awesome, btw.

This was a really fun challenge, though it wasn't that clear at first how to defend against the bad lads. The graphics were stunning - massive strength there.

I really like how many different ideas you managed to squeak out of the magnet mechanic - super jump, dragging along, catching. That was a real strength. I feel like the level could have had a bit more visual interest, or delivered more of a reason for being there, but the advantage of that was that you were drawn to the characters. Great game!

I really enjoyed this! The setting was fun and the narrative felt great. Once I realised that I could essentially always win two and lose one, it was a question of allowing losses and maximising gains, which was a fun decision process. Nice use of the theme too.

If you step onto the black tiles, the ones where you can see all the colours, then all the music will play! If we get to updating this a little more we'll work on making this more obvious, I think.

Fun platformer! I enjoyed searching for the final jump in order to get up the final level. I found the hitbox for the enemies a little awkward and unintuitive, but overall it felt really clean. Great job!

Very fun game, with a nice intuitive color-based playstyle, levels that never felt stale and enemies that made me jump the first time! We did something similar but it came out completely differently, mainly due to the fact that the color changes didn't change the level, but made different parts visible.