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Which languages did it go through? Some signs of  Italian and Polish seep through :)

That's a great resource, especially for me, since I'm probably going to create assets on my own. Much thanks!

I'm not an admin, but usually it doesn't really matter, one of you can publish the game and specify multiple authors.

I absolutely love Daniel Linssen's works, and most of my all-time favourite games are patformers (Cave Story, Braid, FEZ, VVVVVV). Of course it's totally OK to create a platformer, but when there are so many awesome games of the same genre, it's not enough to make a decent game, you have to make a really good one, an interesting one, like Daniel does with his platformers.
The problem is not with the genre, for me personally, there is no problem at all. But if one wants to create a platformer, one must try really hard not to create "yet another platformer", since the underlying mechanics are so frequently used that it got pretty boring for a gamer to just jump around killing enemies while trying to follow a somewhat cohesive story.

I've been researching open-source alternatives to PICO-8, since I really like the idea of limiting  oneself in order to boost one's creativity. Besides, it perfectly fits into the theme of the jam. So here's a list of what I've found so far:

They are all very similar, except for the VectorBoy which is (as the name suggests) for vector graphics, and Zenith80 which is for hardcore programming :)
As far as the functionality, stability and documentation go, it looks like TIC-80 and PX8 are the most mature, and they also have the biggest communities, but I am eager to try less known ones.

I there's such a list, I would be really grateful if someone could share it. If not, let's create one here.

I see what you're getting at, it's just that a retro platformer is one of the easiest things to do as a newcomer. But I also would love to see  some diversity in terms of game mechanics during the jam :)

Only a lot of experience, perhaps, new social connections, tons of fun and a chance to show off your game and skills to your friends.

If anyone is up for creating their own mini-engine for the jam - I'd really recommend checking out p5.js for JavaScript of Processing for Java - these frameworks really get most of the boilerplate stuff and complicated screen management away and lets you focus on the logic of your engine.

I think it's a great opportunity to try this new trendy thing called fantasy consoles. I'll go with TIC-80, since it's open-source.

Best of luck to everyone!

You can use any tools for the jam, only your source code should be open. Besides, RenJs is still open-source, so don't worry about it ^_^

@jupiter_hadley thank you, I appreciate it :)

Phew! Completed on the third try. Now this is very fun to play! Well done.

Finally had a spare minute to check out the game. Those dogs are so adorable, especially the big one! And parks are well made as well. I wish there were sound effects. By the way what method did you use to generate parks (if it's not as secret)?

P.S. Please mention the platform of the game on its page so that people who use itch client could download the game.

I really liked the ary style as well, but what is the goal of this game? I tried to shoot the big monster but nothing happend, he just stood there and stared at me. I would love to hear some sounds in the game. Good work!

I give up. Maybe it's because of lack of sleep, but I haven't got any idea on what I should do =( I guess I should try some other time.

These doors are incredible!

Respect for the music and for your persistence. I've got to add though that the first game you ever make should be much simpler: It's usually better to make something simple but stable. But still, nice work!

Nice, sweet and simple. I like the soundtrack. It took me some time to figure out that burgers should have bread =)

First few minutes of the game I spent listening to the glorious soundtrack! The game has a relaxing atmosphere, all pieces are combined in a very harmonic way. And I love the ability to moonwalk while peeing on a fireplug =D

Nice and stable mechanics, intuitive controls and an awesome system of powerups. The game has a good sense of style/atmosphere and an appropriate soundtrack (both of which my game lacks ^_^). Great!

"Submitted by Ecureuil enrage with 18 seconds before the deadline" =D.

The controls are a bit wonky, but such an amazing character design! I love the animations. Thank you for the submission.


I liked the puzzle. Sprites, animations and colour palette are not bad, though I've seen better. I would love to hear some sounds, at least basic ones (it's quite easy since PICO-8 has a great tool for this). BUT OVERALL CAT GET/10


  • The game runs without problems, controls are intuitive.


  • In my opinion, it is too easy and there is no increase in difficulty.
  • Asteroids spawn unexpectedly, I think it would be nicer to spawn them on the edge of the screen (or alternatively, in the place farthest from the ship, so they won't instantly kill the player) and with increasing frequency (this may solve the problem with the difficulty) and not all at once.

The screen size is a little bit frustrating, but I liked the gameplay.

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I work in C, which is a typed language. In fact, every programming language is also typed =)

More info here:

Yea, thanks, it worked! Great ending!

Wait a minute... If there are 5 different endings of a day, and I've seen all 5, and they are not very pleasing, then... Is there a way to save Tim at all?

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While trying to balance between vacation, exams and working on the game, I decided to completely change the concept behind my project. I have less than 2 days, but I think I'll manage to deploy at least one level. Even though I won't achieve the goals set by me at the beginning of the jam, I've already learned a lot about how stupid was the idea of implementing the whole thing in pure js, how cruel can weak-typed js be and having no concrete concept can drastically slow down the work. I have also learned some time management hacks that I hadn't used before. So, some of my progress:

1. a Tilemap editor:

It's not perfect and is still under construction but it works and that's what matters.

2. Finally fixed all major bugs and added some basic features

Ugh, I haven't done a lot of things, but at least the player now can kill himself ^_^.

P.S. sorry for such a low fps, I'm not very good at making gifs.

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little Ian's majestic metamorphose

Since everyone's doing a devlog, I decided to create one for my entry as well. Although I fear it won't be frequently updated, but I'll do my best.

A few words about the project: I based my game on the draft I made about two weeks ago (I had an idea of creating a rougelike), I know I should make the game from scratch, but since I've only created a basic physics engine I consider it to be within the rules (please tell me if I'm mistaken or not). I work in plain javascript (I think it's the best way to achieve multiplatform support) with the help of a great library called p5.js (although I will eventually re-base the whole thing to regular js for optimization purposes).

Concept: a cat named Ian is trying to find friends in a scary world of locked rooms with quite boring design.

Genre: 2D Platformer (how original).

You can check out the project on github. Comments and critique are highly encouraged.

No screenshots thus far (Nothing to show for now, really).

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1. Hi, my name is Serge, I am a computer science student.

2. I've never participated in such an event before. I joined this jam because I really enjoy hackathons and I think that I will enjoy making games in a limited amount of time just as well. I also want to focus on and improve my gamedev skills.

3. Some of my favourites: Cave Story, Sleeping Dogs, Age of Empires II, VVVVVV, Zineth, FF VII, and a lot more.

4. I have some experience in cloning old arcade games (I pride myself on creating a Pong game which runs in cmd in plain C ^_^).

5. I love acquiring new knowledge and experience. My biggest passion is music. I'm also keen on gamedev (obviously) and computer science in general. My favourite activities are cycling and hiking.

6. I have little to say but the best advice I can give is to move in small steps but continuously.

Where is this magical place where one can study both music and computer science at the same time?