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After much delaying, the release is finally final - thank you very much for your help everyone! :)

Nope, though that would be fun. Can you recommend a way to do it? :)

Hi! Thanks for the suggestiosn, some questions:

1. How is it outdated?
4. What do you mean? Can you give an example?
5. How is it broken?
8. Other nations do not have spies

see the sticky thread in this forum

interesting! What device and Android version do you have?

Hi! Nowadays beta testing is completely open and public.

For PC, Mac and Linux, simply look out for threads in this community, announcing new beta builds. You can download them through itch.io

For Android, follow this link, and you will enable the beta builds:

The reason I have beta testing is to get feedback on builds before I release them. I have no professional quality assurance program for this game, and I rely mostly on you guys to help me. So please send me feedback when you are testing beta builds. Even a quick note like:

"I'm on Mac and this thing seems to work"

Is really useful!

Nowadays it's all public, I'll create a topic on this!

That is pretty cool :) 45 minutes is quite a long time to generate though, but looking at the code now it doesn't look too bad, I may have some fun and try to see if I can get that down, some day!

Well it will start moving again once the star is restored.

Good suggestion! I've added this to the mobile version for 3.9, let's see if I do another PC build as well.

Posted in 20k Stars.

First time I've seen that on Earth, but I did it in space earlier, 20,001 and it would have been a record :)

I may try to optimize for larger galaxies ...

How long did your take to generate? And what is your hw?

Posted in Modding

Oh, and if you make some nice additions to the governments.json file, send it over :) The governments.txt file is obsolete, I should remove that.

Posted in Modding

Hi! There's quite a lot of modding features that are nearly completely undocumented, due to lack of interest :) You can start by checking this out:


If you want to set up a scenario, you can also use the undocumented feature to set up maps with pre-designed empires, like this:

empire.1=Snod Empire;10%,1,0.5,1;1,0.5;

Will create the Snod Empire for you, owning 10% of the galaxy, with color = RGB(1,0.5,1) (I guess ... light purple?) and positioned at (1,0.5), which I think is around upper right corner.

If you want to play around with this stuff, let me know, I'd be happy to include well designed scenarios in the game.

Oh and you *can* set the government type when making a new nation, starting in the new beta.

Hi! I like the idea of a heavy meteor, or even making the meteors generally vary in AOE.

I definitely want to do something similar to the star cell, which multiplies across the galaxy, not sure exactly what or when :)

Cool, not really intended, but let's keep that :)

That sucks, it's using a built in function in the game framework I'm using (libgdx) to get text input from the platform. It works for me, and apparently (hopefully) most other users on Windows, so I'm not sure what is going on with this for you. Which version of windows are you using?

One thing to be on the lookout for is the magic key input window, it may be small and hiding behind the Galimulator window. Try Alt-Tabbing to find it.

You are referring to the Android version or the PC version? If you disable map rotation as of the very latest beta, it will reset.

Well you are testing it right? I need to know where it is that it's working :)

Nice, thank you :)

It's the most confusing and uintuitive feature in the game, the "Separate rebellions" feature, that does this. I may just remove it ...

It may do this sometimes. Can you give me the seed of the map?

Thank you! :) You are on Windows, am I right?

Nice! What platform are you on? Windows? Mac? Linux?


On PC, just grab the builds labelled beta here on itch.io.

On Android, go here:


Created a new topic Galimulator 3.9 BETA uploaded

Hi everyone, I've just uploaded 3.9 beta builds! These are beta builds, expect them to be buggy, do not use them if you feel uncomfortable at the sight of bugs! Here's the changelog:

  • Procedurally generated land maps available
  • A new ship, a new artifact and a new monster
  • Move stars, and modify connections between stars, in sandbox
  • Create and modify Alliances in sandbox
  • The option of using Earth based (and optionally single identifier) empire names in all galaxies
  • Experimental support for "pinch" rotation of the galaxy :O
  • Did I fix that typo? I don't even remember

I'd love to get shoutouts from everyone who tries this - to let me know if works, and what you think of it. I'll start checking off platforms below :)


Thanks a bunch! :) Sounds like you play this much like I do, poke it a bit and see what happens :)

Posted in Just a Fan

Hey guys, great reading this :) Wc9903, just keep playing the game, pitching ideas if you have them, it means a lot to me. I'm not doing this to make money, this is not my job, hearing from happy fans and continuing to play with this thing is the reason I do it. So far I'm not bored, one day I probably will be, but hearing things like what you say keeps that day still some way in the future :)

Chromewing: I think in terms of making a game like Galimulator commercially viable, what I would do is focus much more on the gameplay aspects, and then adding some large scale simulation including sandboxing as an afterthought. I think you'd end up with a game that is mostly like 1000 other 5x games, with some extra fancy sandbox buttons that 10% of the players ever use. Would adding those extra simulation features be commercially justifiable? I doubt it.

Galimulator is the reverse, I just want to see what happens if you let empires loose, throw in some monsters, have people in there and see how they advance in their careers, etc etc. Being able to play the game itself is an afterthought (at first I didn't even want a pause button!), but it does admittedly create some interesting things. But if I want to make nice scenarios, missions, space combat UI, whatever, to lure in large scale players, then I'm afraid I will need to sacrifice something in the simulation itself.

If there is some golden middle ground in there, where you get the best of both worlds, and there may be, then a one man team like me is not enough to find it, design it, implement it, market, monetize it etc etc.

So I'm not going for that, I'm just doing what I think is fun, and we'll see how that goes :)

Thanks for the very interesting write-up! Oh, and good luck with your games!

Posted in Mac Problem

Ouch that sucks, I try it on my mac mini and it works smoothly there, and there is at least one beta tester as well. Unfortunately I'm not much of a mac guy so I'm not quite sure how to debug it. Are you able to run it from a console / terminal to see if you get any printouts?

There will be a beta when it's ready! But I don't know when that will be.

Can't help you with that I'm afraid, payment processing is all on the itch.io side. Looks like several others have been able to buy the game today, so I guess, try again later? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wow, nice detective work :) This is why I never want to make a really popular game, this is the type of stuff I'd expected to be able to provide fast support for ;)

Ah ok thanks for the report, probably not much I can do about that, it's a libgdx support function, shouldn't really be crashing at all, and works on my machines at least ... Anyone else see this?

Yes you are right, it adds a whole new level of complexity to the game (especially on mobile), but it could potentially speed things up. It's something I'd need to experiment with.

Very interesting, so simply pressing it crashes the whole thing?

Does this not happen on the current stable version?

Oh ffs, there is some curse with me and the word incumbent. In the Android release there's a legitimate typo, and this type I just fingerslipped an extra character in there. Oh well :)

What disappears actually? Are you able to name of the empire? Or do you simply not get the input field where you can type that name?

You're a life saver! Nasty bug due to binary obfuscation, so not visible in development builds. New builds uploaded!

Created a new topic Galimulator 3.8 BETA uploaded

Hi guys! I've just uploaded BETA builds, and you can grab them just like usual.

If you are feeling adventurous, or want to help :) - try it out. Let me know if you find any issues, if you like it, etc etc. You can just comment right in here.

Yes looks like you did everything right, thanks! Yet we did not learn anything :)

Can you do me a favour and try the zip file named galimulator-jar.zip, unzip that and try to double click on the galimulator-desktop.jar file?

OK good effort :)

What you need to do is put the file galimulator-windows-64bit.zip in the c:\Memeulator director then, unzip all the contents in there, you can do this through the usual file manager in windows. Now you should find yourself with a new directory called galimulator-windows-64bit within the c:\Memeulator. Now open a prompt and type:

cd c:/
cd Memulator
cd galimulator-windows-64bit

Now execute the executable file, like so:

Thanks for your effort! Yeah the prompt is not a friendly thing for those who are new to it ...

If you unzip everything in the windows folder, that's fine, though I'd delete it afterwards if I were you, just to not make an aesthetic mess, but that's just me :)

What you want to type next is:


Or I think, just type "galimulator" and hit the TAB button, and it should auto-complete.