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Ah ok thanks for the report, probably not much I can do about that, it's a libgdx support function, shouldn't really be crashing at all, and works on my machines at least ... Anyone else see this?

Yes you are right, it adds a whole new level of complexity to the game (especially on mobile), but it could potentially speed things up. It's something I'd need to experiment with.

Very interesting, so simply pressing it crashes the whole thing?

Does this not happen on the current stable version?

Oh ffs, there is some curse with me and the word incumbent. In the Android release there's a legitimate typo, and this type I just fingerslipped an extra character in there. Oh well :)

What disappears actually? Are you able to name of the empire? Or do you simply not get the input field where you can type that name?

You're a life saver! Nasty bug due to binary obfuscation, so not visible in development builds. New builds uploaded!

Created a new topic Galimulator 3.8 BETA uploaded

Hi guys! I've just uploaded BETA builds, and you can grab them just like usual.

If you are feeling adventurous, or want to help :) - try it out. Let me know if you find any issues, if you like it, etc etc. You can just comment right in here.

Yes looks like you did everything right, thanks! Yet we did not learn anything :)

Can you do me a favour and try the zip file named galimulator-jar.zip, unzip that and try to double click on the galimulator-desktop.jar file?

OK good effort :)

What you need to do is put the file galimulator-windows-64bit.zip in the c:\Memeulator director then, unzip all the contents in there, you can do this through the usual file manager in windows. Now you should find yourself with a new directory called galimulator-windows-64bit within the c:\Memeulator. Now open a prompt and type:

cd c:/
cd Memulator
cd galimulator-windows-64bit

Now execute the executable file, like so:

Thanks for your effort! Yeah the prompt is not a friendly thing for those who are new to it ...

If you unzip everything in the windows folder, that's fine, though I'd delete it afterwards if I were you, just to not make an aesthetic mess, but that's just me :)

What you want to type next is:


Or I think, just type "galimulator" and hit the TAB button, and it should auto-complete.

Shouldn't be the graphics card thing ... Can you try opening the game from a command prompt? I'm interested to see what it prints on there.

Sure, what's up, did you download and unzip the file somewhere? Which package are you using? What happens when you try to run it? Do you have a 64 bit operating system?

Can you try to run it from a shell and see what it prints on the terminal?

I may add a setting like "Allow insane galaxy sizes" - and then you could enter those through the "Enter Exact Figure" button. But there will be a disclaimer that this galaxy size is officially unsupported :)

Oh you found 'd' for debug mode - those yellow dots are the center locations that determine what the empires will be named - e.g. Sweden, Wisconsin etc. You may have to restart to get rid of them, and then stop pressing d :)

Maybe maybe ...

No the executable version is usually more reliable. What about the jar version, did you try that?

Some prefer the Earth background :) I'll leave it as is.

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That's strange, there's lots of windows users who are able to run it, the vast majority of users are on Windows in fact :/ Are you trying from the itch.io client or just running the downloadable executable?

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Hi! I'm sorry to hear that, though I don't test on 32 bit, it should (tm) still work. What platform are you on? Windows? Are you able to run it in a terminal to see the printouts you get there?

Posted in Eras

And what exactly would the effect be? :)

Posted in Eras

I'm not quite sure I get it, what effect do you suggest that those eras would have? Would they be global for the entire galaxy so that all empires are in the same era at any given time?

Email me!

Posted in Religions

I had this in the precursor game, I would like to add something like ethos to this one, it could take off quite a bit if you include families in the mix.

You will be able to in the next version!

What would you be interested in seeing?

Yeah maybe some day :)

Yep, it's in the PC beta, so far nobody complained about it so I'll probably release that soon :)

Posted in Plauges

I like the idea of plagues, I've wanted to do this for a while, but it didn't pop up high enough on my list yet :)

For Android here:


For PC, mail me!

Posted in Maps?

I'd recommend the mods section on the forum, to make it easier for others to find.

You already have pretty much the same topic, just reuse it if you want to ping me :)

Posted in Maps?

Anything for a fellow linux user! It's developed on linux so it should work, not really sure what's up with the jar file, only tried it on Windows, and probably wine wine :) ... But since it seems you're familiar with a shell, I've just uploaded the class file for you:


> java MapBitter lovelyearth.bmp
I will do my best to process: lovelyearth.bmp for you
Land pixels: 214385
Sea pixels: 707215
Map successfully save to: lovelyearth.bits

Hi! More advanced diplomacy like relationship bars etc will not be in the next release, as this is already in beta on Android (though I am trying to chase down the notorious crash bug so it may take a while). I do want do have more advanced diplomacy in the future, but it's very hard to get it right :)

Truce I'm not so sure about, you think it should trigger automatically after some time? Would it be the same as peace? What would be the point of it? :)

Hi! There are some crashes that are fixed for the next Android update (coming at least to Beta soon). Meanwhile, there is a known crash that happens after the ads go away. Do the crashes coincide with that? If so - buying the IAP to remove the ads may solve the problem :)

Posted in Scenarios?

Hi! Sounds awesome, maybe some day :) This type of moddability takes a lot of work to implement, and really requires a sizable active community to make it worthwhile. I do not have this many users, so adding this feature now would face a significant risk of basically 0 users :/

What OS do you have? Mac? If so you should be able to unpack the files in galimulator-jar.zip and then just double click on galimulator-jar.zip. You will need to have a java runtime environment, so something like: https://java.com/en/download/help/mac_install.xml

I may make this an option in the future, but meanwhile you can edit Earth.map and remove the line:


Then restart the game - good luck :)

Each purchase is tied to an email adress, and I believe if you used the same one for making that purchase - as you made for registering your account, then perhaps it should work? In any case, you should be able to update, try recovering your purchase here:


They all have some effect, many of them marginal, some of the more effective :) There's a fan based initiative to document them here:


What's annoying exactly?