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Yeah it doesn't give them total plot armor, but it gives them a decent chance of not dying from a paper cut early on in their career as a local bureaucrat! They will certainly be over-represented at the very top.

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Funnily enough I made a death star for that board game as well :)

Yeah I actually meant to do something like this initially, like have a current status of what it's up to and then offer that as a log. I never really found the time to implement it though, moved on to other fun things instead :)

Hi! No unfortunately star connections and artifacts are not saved ... yet! In fact star placement is not saved either.

If you join the mobile beta version you can try it out now :)

Hi! The next version will be adding "Scenario" support where you can upload a map with custom nations, ships, alliances etc etc. Check out my YT channel it's explained there somewhere :)

Or do you mean actual custom maps as in custom background, land distribution etc?

Sure, try emailing me at my username (that's the thing that starts with snoddas) @gmail.com.

But be warned I provide very slow support, I'm just a one man hobby project.

Yes, lots of stuff going on in life, not so much time for Galimulator :)

But it's out in Alpha, seems to be working to a significant extent, so it will be out eventually.

Oh that's really odd, did you try both the jar and windows native versions?

It's supposed to resemble a destroyed planet from some forgotten empire lost in some forgotten war :)

(though tbh it is also left over from a board game I was making a long time ago)

Can you start by unpacking the zip file in some folder?

Hey, try this:


Hmmm that is a bit weird. Can you try to download the zip file, unpack it somewhere else and try to launch the game simply by double clicking on it?

Well, unpack the zip file in some directory, then open a command shell, (go to Run and then find the Command Prompt).

Now cd to whatever directory you unpacked it to, e.g type:

cd c:\Program\Galimulator

And then launch the binary:


epy beto?

I'll try :)

Which OS do you have?

How are you running the game?

Did you try the JAR version?

If it's Windows, then try running the executable from a powershell or similar, and see what the printout is.

No they cannot plot paths between stars that are not already connected

Ah good question, you will be the first I tell :) Wardens spawn only for empires which have controlled the galaxy, and even for the it's only a 10% chance once they die.

1. Ships (most) should always pick the shortest path
2. They have the effect of making the emperor feel better :) (in theory) They also attract traders, so there is actually a positive side already
3. Yes, when a high level imperial employee dies, they get a "Ghost Ship"

Hi, thanks for the suggestions!

1. I guess a faction could change the government type perhaps?

2. What do you mean fixed empire scale, you mean you would prefer to block new empires? You can just create the world as you like it and set the limit to 1 in that case, nice trick :)

3. I've definitely thought about making an entirely new game for that (codename Planimulator) - but nothing concrete on that. It's very big change!

Replied to angeredkey in Bug on Mac

Oh nice. Glad to hear it works on Mac btw, I don't suppose you could stick around for a while and help me test the next beta when it rolls out? There seem to be very few mac users.

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Oh! Hmmm, I don't suppose you could give me a screenshot or video recording of this?

Why would you want that? :)

Interesting idea about loading it paused, though I think if this was enabled by default it would confuse users :) I'll think about making a setting for it.

As for the bug: I think i is fixed for the next version :) A workaround meanwhile is to create a new galaxy with the same amount of stars as your saved file, then load the save file.

Check out this video for some info about future support for scenarios:

Not really, I want to finish up some better support for "Scenarios" and want to actually make a server component where you can upload and share those with other players. But this is more 2 releases down the line. Then I'm thinking of religions or ethoses, more fun with families etc.

The future will not contain, despite the many many requests:

  • Multiplayer
  • 3D graphics
  • Full game translations
  • Direct control of people in dynasty mode
  • FPS-like ship control

It's whenever a level 4 or 5 (e.g. minister or Emperor) of the empire that built that artifact dies :)

Hehe nice :) That's a lot of ghosts ...

It's the same!

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I have no idea either :) Can you run it through the windows shell and see if it prints anything on the terminal?

You mean you would like basically maps with more and smaller isolated land areas in them?

OK done! Some minor issues - but I've now released the beta! Thank you all for your help! :D

Nice - thank you for the support! :) You should have been able to post the suggestion when you paid, but if not, just post it here or email me and my username at gmail.com.

https://snoddasmannen.itch.io/galimulator should have the beta builds.

You cannot make new fleets I'm afraid, they are automatically created when you have enough ships. Nor can you assign ships to fleets.

I've thought about this! Well not the connections part (that is somewhat magical), but the placement of stars at least.

Posted in IOS update?

OK had to flip some switches apparently, how about now?

What I want to do is to make the age of people matter, to the extent that they are born very young, get married at some age, have kids, then get too old for that, maybe get a bit senile, then die of old age. Right now this is largely left up to the imaginations of the users, which is both good and bad I suppose.

Once I have this in place I need to relate a bit more to how old these people get and the general time-scale of the galaxy (and this may be a good opportunity to add races to the game).

But it's a conflict between having epic lasting empires, and some semblance of immersion to the people living in it. I don't mind Emperors who are 80,000 years old in the future, but I can see why people are bothered by it.

In modding, you can actually change the "time noun" so that it says anything, note that Earth map is supposed to have years, if you check the top right text :) So it's supported in-game. But there's no consistent canonical thought behind this yet.

Posted in IOS update?

Invite sent, I think :) Check your email.

Hi, great to hear you like it, it's awesome developing :)

1. Yes it should work, though on some computers the renaming window may pop up behind the Galimulator screen X( 

2. Yes a $3 purchase will get you both the game and the right to name an empire. Note that you can give more than $1 tip, every time that happens I swoon like a schoolgirl :P

3. Yes, both are renamable!

And yes there are more features coming up :)

Let me know! Generation time should be significantly faster at least.

Haha :)

Posted in IOS update?

Would you like to help me test the new update? If so, send me your email adress (the one registered to your iTunes account) and I can invite you. Seems most of my testers have lost faith and vanished :)

Haha :) Marauders are a bit special, since they are one of the few who have a cheap but rather poor path finding algorithm. Most units do it properly, but Marauders will have to double back, try again etc etc. I definitely won't remove it, nice catch :)