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Build just pushed! Changelog as follows, let me know if you find any bugs!

  • Much improved top list - change the number of entries, which data to include and how to sort it
  • (Minimal) game start menu, so it doesn't automatically load your gigantic autosave when you launch the game
  • Hexagonal and square star placement option on all galaxies, as well as special square and hex galaxy shapes
  • Paint religion influence across the galaxy (sometimes gods need a helping hand getting their point across)
  • New monster
  • Made ALL WILL BE ASHES a bit more devastating again
  • Plot armor person special added to keep your darlings alive as long as you like (don't blame me if they get into some weird stuff)
  • Lots of other small fixes
  • Hi! No unfortunately I don't give out Steam keys anymore, but I will keep updating the version so have no fear :)

    Hi! No unfortunately I don't give out Steam keys anymore, but I will keep updating the version so have no fear :)

    Try pressing 'f'

    (1 edit)

    Other religions do tend to crawl out of the woodwork eventually.

    Right now religion is mostly spread through imperial state religion, so the ruling family of empires typically dictate the faith of the galaxy.

    New empires get the following religion:

    • The one which the current star has (50% of the time)
    • The same as their parents (40%)
    • A random one (10%)

    The next update will have factions rising in the game, and they will include religious factions who spread depending on faith of surrounding stars, and can either succeed in convincing the empire to switch state religion, or simply split out to form their own. It sounds similar to what you are suggesting!

    Webbed starlanes will connect all stars that share a border with each other.

    Deathmatch mode prefills a galaxy with empires - with names matching all the lines in the file "deathmatch.txt" which you'll find in your game directory somewhere.


    For the record, whatever is not working well for some guys, it seems to be working well for most as many people are joining through that link :)

    Hi guys!

    A few minutes after posting this topic, I will upload a new beta version of Galimulator. It has quite a lot of stuff in it, here's a summary:

    • Religions in the game! See the rise and fall of faiths! Will the Rationis Lumine come to terms with the followers of Pingoism?
    • Emperor mode improvements, including:
      • Direct diplomatic window where you can propose peace / alliances etc
      • War room - where you can see ongoing wars and allocate generals to fronts
      • An option to "step" forward time in smaller increment
    • A help screen with all the shortcuts in the game (check it out!)
    • Fullscreen mode
    • Webbed starlanes
    • Shortcut for "Escape" button to close current window
    • Setting to disable ALL WILL BE ASHES (ok you guys finally get what you want!)
    • Setting to disable Conspiracies  (they are a bit underwhelming right now anyway)
    • Death match mode - create lists of empires to pre-put in the game
    • Fix to show auras when stars are disabled (e.g. show wealth on earth maps)
    • A button to make ships fleet commanders
    • A big Giant Wheel

    You guys are the first to take a look at this, it's gonna be really buggy, help me find the new bugs please :) Post comments here, or join us in the Discord server (

    Have fun guys!

    There will be a button for stepping so Android users can tap it.

    No it's still working fine

    Yes it'll be in the next update :)

    Also, if you press 's' it will advance the time 1/10 of a millennia and then pause automatically (think "Step")

    Hi! Man sorry I didn't see this earlier :)

    Shoot me an email at and let's talk, if you're still interested :) The game is in a constant flow of development with new features being added. Having somebody to advise me on UI matters would be ... stellar ;) Maybe reviewing the sidebar menu thing would be a good start. That's been with me since basically day 1, and I'm sure it's objectively horrible.

    Hi! Thanks for the kind words :)

    I am currently adding to Emperor mode. Right now I've added a diplomacy screen where you can directly propose peace / alliances etc, rather than relying on spies. I also added a shortcut  where you can advance a certain number of steps and then pause again, kind of a semi turn-based approach to the game. I also want to add a way to focus resources (think Generals) to specific fronts, to help you prioritize where to wage the ground war.

    Nice videos :) You need a more powerful machine though! :D

    In general you should not have to pay again, you can see some of my thoughts on that here:

    Nope, will probably not be public before the religion release, which is probably at least a month away

    OK looks like much of it was my fault :) After some tweaking, a 50k galaxy generates in ~5 minutes.

    The thing that takes the most time is the region generation. It's supposed to be O(n log n), so not quite exponential, but I'm wondering if the algorithm is somehow bugged and it's really exponential. But hey, it's under a clearly marked experimental flag, it explicitly says you have no right to complain :)

    There's no coded limit, but devices sometimes are still unable to deal with it :( The next update will improve this a bit at least.

    How is it not working?

    Update on this: Ghosts are capped at 6 per artifact, and they will be more active in adventuring out to attack other ships, as of the next major update.

    I'm afraid I don't know enough about Steam yet to answer this question. I'd be perfectly happy giving you guys keys for you to use, I mean you already have full access to the game, and I have no interest in extorting the last bit of money from you :) My only concern is that a mass give-away will result in some significant amount of keys going out to some second hand key reselling stuff like G2A, which would suck for me.

    If there is a way to prevent that (e.g. locking keys to a certain email address maybe?) then I'll happily do that. But I didn't research that yet.

    For the record, I'll keep the game available and updated here as well!

    That's weird, it just didn't print anything at all? :|

    Hmm, do you have a JRE installed? Does typing "java -version" in the shell print something interesting? If so I can send you the compiled java class and you can see how it goes.

    I'd be happy to send you the java source code to it, if you even happen to know how to compile and run java code :)

    The price will be $4.99, so no need to save too much :)

    The Android build is usually a week or two ahead of the PC version, from what I can tell the Steam build will be the same. I'm not sure how beta will work on Steam, but here on itch the beta on PC is usually aligned with the Android version.

    Your wish is my command!

    Release date 16/3

    Excellent question! If you happen to be on the discord, can you ping me there so I could help you get that started? If not, are you able to run MapBitter.exe from a shell (like powershell) to see if it prints anything before just exiting? :)

    It's certainly taking a lot more than an hour! But I'm working on it :)

    Yeah I need a way to reduce the ghost count

    Yes! Just read the post :)

    That was an interesting bug to make "BOOM" not work, but that will be fixed in the next update :)

    I don't really want to add an option specifically to disable them, but maybe there should be a mechanism that eventually takes them out ... Just need to think of something that makes sense :)

    1. Take a deep breath

    2. Send it to my username (you know the one that starts with snod)

    So it looks correct? Some windows you just have to scroll (drag with the mouse) to get to the top or bottom content.

    Which OS are you using?

    Can't you simply resize the window?

    Can you share a screenshot of the problem you are seeing?

    Nice and original idea! Will put it on my list, but it's a long list :)

    4.1 is now out in a final version, have fun!

    I think we fixed this on discord :)

    Galimulator community · Created a new topic Discord server

    Come hang out with us on Discord!

    There's no way to do that yet sadly, it just uses the locale of your OS. I'm hoping you at least set that to German? :)

    Oh actually you can manually delete the file from the data/i18n folder and you'll be back to the defaults.

    Hi! How did it lose it? :) Trade ships and other things will eventually rebuild wealth though.

    Hi, interesting ideas! There is actually already a mechanism for wealth distributing to neighbouring stars, so you gain some wealth from richer neighbours and lose some from poorer ones. But it isn't tweaked for galaxy size, which is probably fine until you get up to rather big galaxies. I may tweak around with this for a while if I have time.

    Right now, trade and distribution of wealth is largely apolitical, opportunistic traders will happily send their ship through dictatorships, cults or ALL WILL BE ASHES crews, moving between borders freely.