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Hi! I'm sorry to hear that, though I don't test on 32 bit, it should (tm) still work. What platform are you on? Windows? Are you able to run it in a terminal to see the printouts you get there?

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And what exactly would the effect be? :)

Posted in Eras

I'm not quite sure I get it, what effect do you suggest that those eras would have? Would they be global for the entire galaxy so that all empires are in the same era at any given time?

Email me!

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I had this in the precursor game, I would like to add something like ethos to this one, it could take off quite a bit if you include families in the mix.

You will be able to in the next version!

What would you be interested in seeing?

Yeah maybe some day :)

Yep, it's in the PC beta, so far nobody complained about it so I'll probably release that soon :)

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I like the idea of plagues, I've wanted to do this for a while, but it didn't pop up high enough on my list yet :)

For Android here:


For PC, mail me!

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I'd recommend the mods section on the forum, to make it easier for others to find.

You already have pretty much the same topic, just reuse it if you want to ping me :)

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Anything for a fellow linux user! It's developed on linux so it should work, not really sure what's up with the jar file, only tried it on Windows, and probably wine wine :) ... But since it seems you're familiar with a shell, I've just uploaded the class file for you:


> java MapBitter lovelyearth.bmp
I will do my best to process: lovelyearth.bmp for you
Land pixels: 214385
Sea pixels: 707215
Map successfully save to: lovelyearth.bits

Hi! More advanced diplomacy like relationship bars etc will not be in the next release, as this is already in beta on Android (though I am trying to chase down the notorious crash bug so it may take a while). I do want do have more advanced diplomacy in the future, but it's very hard to get it right :)

Truce I'm not so sure about, you think it should trigger automatically after some time? Would it be the same as peace? What would be the point of it? :)

Hi! There are some crashes that are fixed for the next Android update (coming at least to Beta soon). Meanwhile, there is a known crash that happens after the ads go away. Do the crashes coincide with that? If so - buying the IAP to remove the ads may solve the problem :)

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Hi! Sounds awesome, maybe some day :) This type of moddability takes a lot of work to implement, and really requires a sizable active community to make it worthwhile. I do not have this many users, so adding this feature now would face a significant risk of basically 0 users :/

What OS do you have? Mac? If so you should be able to unpack the files in galimulator-jar.zip and then just double click on galimulator-jar.zip. You will need to have a java runtime environment, so something like: https://java.com/en/download/help/mac_install.xml

I may make this an option in the future, but meanwhile you can edit Earth.map and remove the line:


Then restart the game - good luck :)

Each purchase is tied to an email adress, and I believe if you used the same one for making that purchase - as you made for registering your account, then perhaps it should work? In any case, you should be able to update, try recovering your purchase here:


They all have some effect, many of them marginal, some of the more effective :) There's a fan based initiative to document them here:


What's annoying exactly?

I am just implementing support to create your own empire. It's done except for color picking, which I need to do :) Once that is done, I think changing colors of empires is straightforward (except maybe repainting the ships :)).

As for bigger galaxies on PC, yeah maybe, the simulation is much faster now, maybe it's doable.

Not sure! I have a few features I need to implement first :)

Top priority right now is to finalize the iOS release.

Good idea, implemented the "No Peace" option :) How can I not when your username references my game?

I'm hoping somebody else will contribute those other maps for me, but if not I'll probably get around to it eventually :)

Hi! Itch does allow you to donate as much as you like, though they take a cut of that. If you would like to donate directly to me, then shoot me an email (snoddasmannen@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to send you a paypal link :)

Replied to jeselmant in Demo ?

Cool :) Just email me, and I'll get you in those groups. My username @ gmail.com

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Hi, yes you can make your own maps! I created this blog page a while back:


There was some interest, check out some stuff posted here:


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Hi! The next update has just gone out to beta testing on Android, and maybe it will be out on beta testing this weekend for PC. This usually means there's around a week or so until it's final, unless of course there are bad bugs, in which case it can take a long time :) Read more about the changelog here:


Hey thanks for the enthusiasm, I love it too, that's why I keep hacking away at it :)

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Yeah these are good points :) I don't think ads are a good way to monetize on the PC (are there any examples of this?) - but I could make something like a good old-fashioned time / feature limited demo that people could use to try it out

Yes I think you've got it right, $3 naming would have given you the game too, but let's hope you feel $5 is not utterly unreasonable price for this game :)

Work added!

Posted in Demo ?

I wasn't planning on adding one tbh, you can play the Android version to get a feel for what it's like, then just imagine that but much much faster :)

Hi! You only had to pay 3 total to name an empire, so I'll say with your 5 total you're good to name a dynasty as well :) Just post name here or by email or you prefer and I'll be in the next release

Posted in Huge Nation Bug

It's the "Rebellious" trait guys that show up and start their empire. Happens a bit weirdly when the map is just created, but it's been fixed for the next version!

Replied to Apolo33 in Game Speed

Sorry for the amazingly slow response :) The game is already capped at 60 fps, so it's not going to go completely crazy on a fast platform, it's just that it's slow on a slower platform :) Also there's no real way to use a dt var, as every simulation tick needs to be fully evaluated - or the simulation kind of breaks.

Now what I could do is to stop drawing the frames to screen if framerate drops, that might be more of a professional approach :)

Posted in Game Speed

Hi! Yeah I see what you mean. Yes framerate is coupled to game speed, it's not like in most other games where the framerate is just an indication of how pretty the graphics are, it also means how many ticks of the simulation are done every second (excluding things like timelapse).

What I could do is to add a slower slow motion mode to let you play the game more peacefully :) Other than this, try pausing the game a lot, it helps :)

Haha, loved reading this, thanks :) My favourite is seeing an ALL WILL BE ASHES empire taking on a BLOOD PURGE empire with the same tech level :) They can stay at it for quite a while ...

Hi! First off, thanks for your support! :) I think you managed to submit one of them, but not the other? Anyway, just email my username @ gmail.com and I'll hook you up, or just post them here if you're cool with that.

Hey, thanks for the money! I will have lots of fun with it :D

Sorry for the late reply, looks like you managed to submit Ratzki through the system right? If not you, then somebody else did :)

Hi! The payment is entirely run and managed by itch.io, entirely beyond my reach and understanding :/ And neither of those two payments have reached me, unfortunately. Could you reach out to https://itch.io/support and see if they can help?