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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

How to participate in beta testing Sticky

A topic by snoddasmannen created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 1,266 Replies: 13
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Hi! Nowadays beta testing is completely open and public.

For PC, Mac and Linux, simply look out for threads in this community, announcing new beta builds. You can download them through

For Android, follow this link, and you will enable the beta builds:

The reason I have beta testing is to get feedback on builds before I release them. I have no professional quality assurance program for this game, and I rely mostly on you guys to help me. So please send me feedback when you are testing beta builds. Even a quick note like:

"I'm on Mac and this thing seems to work"

Is really useful!

Can i get еру beto? Please


epy beto?

He typed with the wrong keyboard layout.

I'm already a part of this, right?


You're everywhere! :)

The beta for Galimulator on Android is awesome! Though, I found a bug that when you create a new empire, a red circle appears. But when you leave selection, it's still there until you select a star or ship. If you do something else from that, the circle stays there until you reboot the game. I would also like to ask if I can receive the beta of Galimulator for PC. I just brought Galimulator from my old laptop to my new laptop which is the one i'm using right now. -Hubristic


Hi, thanks for the bug report! As for participation in the PC beta please read this topic :)

what an epy?

еру is what happens if you type "the" with the wrong keyboard layout.

Bug: questing ships still can shoot, despite ostensibly being far away from the galaxy.

Any way I can get in on this beta?


Yes! Just read the post :)

i did not bought from, but from steam. how can i participate in the beta?

btw this game is really unique. you wont find any games like it.