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An empire starts one-species, but then new ones may join it through conquest, merging, or immigration. A person may be of one species. The descriptions are procedurally generated, following a few patterns, "human", which is a fixed description of, well, a human, "almost human", which is human with some variations, like weird skin colors or additional or missing bodyparts, "humanoid", which is, well, broadly humanoid, "quadruped", which is exactly what it says on the tin, and "weird", which can get weird, like octopuses with 60 tentacles that smell color. Each species has a few traits, which can be positive or negative, like increased fire rate for ships that species is the captain of, more wealth generated from a stellar governor, or on the negative side, making stupid decisions or screwing up diplomacy or making ships randomly explode. These traits are liked to the description. What do you think?

It disappears. That's pretty much it.

Ghosts are spawned from the Imperial Tomb artifact. They randomly seek out ships and destroy them.

Bug: questing ships still can shoot, despite ostensibly being far away from the galaxy.

еру is what happens if you type "the" with the wrong keyboard layout.

He typed with the wrong keyboard layout.

Entry fee of 100 bucks, that's why. Probably won't be profitable, given that this is niche.

I found a ship with three fleet commanders. Is this a bug?

Related: A family named "Clone". My headcanon is that they're clones of each other.

In non-hereditary empires, if this person gets high enough in the chain of command, he/she will appoint family members above non-family members, firing those in the way if needed.

It's rare, but it happens. I got an empire named Damaging Political Section of Nebozhivoe. Nebozhivoe means "the sky is alive" in Russian. Did Snod sprinkle in some actual words?

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[deleted] is the Anneverworm also on Android?

It kinda looks like the Death Star, actually.

Title. It says the person is destined to have a great life, but sometimes they just get slaughtered in a fight with a dragon 5 minutes into their life.

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What about adding a "Quest Log" after a ship returns from a quest? It would contain some inside jokes and humor, along with seriousness. A bit like The Battle Cats, actually. Also, I would like for ships to sometimes enter galaxies and steal technologies, destroy other ships, then fly away, etc, with the explanation that they're questing ships from another galaxy.

Main? Uh.

Maybe because this fandom is TINY.

Duh. It would probably take a week.

Stellaris-style ethos would be cool.

As in, what features will you add a long time from now?

Lagging and clunkiness are to be expected when dealing with something aiming to be auto-playing Dwarf Fortress IN SPACE!!!

That's an oft-seen empire name. "Repeated", heh.

I mean death from old age.

Why not assume that medical advancements have lead to immortality?

Title. This is a large square galaxy where every star connects to 8 others in an uniform grid.

I wonder if someone tried to gen a galaxy with 100 billion stars like a real galaxy. I doubt they succeeded

Same, I was talking about the hunters.

There's an empire named "Hen Circle".

I love the name generation for this game.

This is why I suggested adding an option to turn them off. I don't like them appearing out of thin air to remove dragon infestations. They'll keep themselves in control anyways due to infighting.

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There's the occurence I call the "Marauder Train". The Marauders all spawn in the same position and follow the same movement pattern, so if many are spawned in a quick succession, there will be a large train of destruction that spews missiles everywhere while traversing long connections. I urge you not to remove this, it's hilarious.

They often ignore enemy ships flying right past them, but also often fly to the other side of the galaxy at breakneck speeds to kill some random maintenence ships. They also tend to lock on to ships that are on a quest and camp near the galaxy border.

I'm not sure about being defeated, but when a captain is rebellious, they decide to turn on their empire. Yes, even when part of a massive fleet, with predictable results.

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Uh oh. Neutral has the "Fanatic" special. This will be fun.

EDIT: Seems like nothing happened. Bug averted.

EDIT2: Democracies still seem to have "Emperors", and not "Presidents".

I accidentally deleted it and lost my monsters and ships. Oh well, I guess I have to wait around and collect them all over again.

Interesting. Was it inspired by my "Star Cell" suggestion?

Hmm? A new space oddity?

You can't. It's invincible.

For example, a democracy should have a PRESIDENT, not an emperor.

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And some even had non-rebellious captains... Can get screencaps if you want.

EDIT: Those might be the ones from that gift that spawns neutral ships I welcomed 20 years ago.

I *did* see some with crew. It's just pretty rare.