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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Why is this not on Steam?

A topic by bnmjkl7 created Jan 28, 2018 Views: 1,157 Replies: 14
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Why is this not on Steam?


Entry fee of 100 bucks, that's why. Probably won't be profitable, given that this is niche.


It's a good question! I think it would rather quickly be profitable, but I just didn't feel like the hassle of putting it up there yet. Maybe some day?


I really think you should put it on Steam. It'll take less than an hour to set up and the longer the project is on there, the more people will pay attention to it and watch your project progress. In the long term you'll enjoy a much larger player base.


It's certainly taking a lot more than an hour! But I'm working on it :)

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I'll gladly buy it on steam, please release it there


Your wish is my command!

Release date 16/3

What will the price be? Do you know? I would assume 9-20$? Just wondering so I can plan ahead to get it. (just purchased pc  version, but will buy againwhen it hits steam)

Off-topic but I don't wanna create a thread to ask, is the pc version updated the same as Android/IOS? In terms of content. 

Ps. Sorry for hijacking this question/comment thread.


The price will be $4.99, so no need to save too much :)

The Android build is usually a week or two ahead of the PC version, from what I can tell the Steam build will be the same. I'm not sure how beta will work on Steam, but here on itch the beta on PC is usually aligned with the Android version.


Will those of us that already own the  game get the Steam copy?


it would be nice to get a steam copy for buying in early and supporting, but its up to the dev


I'm afraid I don't know enough about Steam yet to answer this question. I'd be perfectly happy giving you guys keys for you to use, I mean you already have full access to the game, and I have no interest in extorting the last bit of money from you :) My only concern is that a mass give-away will result in some significant amount of keys going out to some second hand key reselling stuff like G2A, which would suck for me.

If there is a way to prevent that (e.g. locking keys to a certain email address maybe?) then I'll happily do that. But I didn't research that yet.

For the record, I'll keep the game available and updated here as well!

This game looks stellar (yay, puns) and is something I've often wondered about making, so kudos to you for pulling it off so well, :D.  Looks great!  Will be picking this up for my Android phone for some relaxation in a god-like manner, watching all the ant-like star systems being conquered.  Did you still need some UI assistance?  I might be able to help, I've been a website and graphic designer for 10 years so I'm used to designing efficient and attractive interfaces, and I have some game development knowledge from mobile games I've experimented with developing.  Still want to make my own game at some point.  Would be fun to collaborate, I would just need to know what sort of inspirations and/or ideas you have behind a possible new UI and what timeframe you're looking at (I'm reskilling at University to become a lecturer).

Anyway, keep up the awesome work, buying it on Android now :).


Hi! Man sorry I didn't see this earlier :)

Shoot me an email at and let's talk, if you're still interested :) The game is in a constant flow of development with new features being added. Having somebody to advise me on UI matters would be ... stellar ;) Maybe reviewing the sidebar menu thing would be a good start. That's been with me since basically day 1, and I'm sure it's objectively horrible.

No worries, yeah I'm still interested in seeing how we go :).  Will make a concept for the UI including sidebar and send it when complete.