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No worries, yeah I'm still interested in seeing how we go :).  Will make a concept for the UI including sidebar and send it when complete.

This game looks stellar (yay, puns) and is something I've often wondered about making, so kudos to you for pulling it off so well, :D.  Looks great!  Will be picking this up for my Android phone for some relaxation in a god-like manner, watching all the ant-like star systems being conquered.  Did you still need some UI assistance?  I might be able to help, I've been a website and graphic designer for 10 years so I'm used to designing efficient and attractive interfaces, and I have some game development knowledge from mobile games I've experimented with developing.  Still want to make my own game at some point.  Would be fun to collaborate, I would just need to know what sort of inspirations and/or ideas you have behind a possible new UI and what timeframe you're looking at (I'm reskilling at University to become a lecturer).

Anyway, keep up the awesome work, buying it on Android now :).

Pulling out of this jam, two weeks isn't enough time for me coding from scratch (no framework nor engine; coding a web-based city sim) with only two hours a night. I knew it was going to be ambitious and work ramped up to insane levels due to policy changes.

My game will shift to the 'Watch Yourself Progress' jam where there is a more gradual deadline I can work around. Hope to see some familiar faces there! :)

Haha, nice. I more meant in general how people felt about the topic of humour in sims, not just for this jam :).

Fully agree with you on all points, :). There are sims where a serious nature could be more appropriate but ultimately, I feel it adds a fun dimension and at the end of the day, games and sims should be fun.

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Hi all,

Curious as to how many people appreciate humour in game object descriptions, or prefer city sim and other simulation games to be more on a serious edge.

I ask mostly because I am using some tongue-in-cheek humour in my sci-fi city sim entry, such as:

Building: Water Filtration Plant
Description: "Water premiums went up 26% in 2685 due to universal warming. It prevents universal dehydration within a 5x5 grid."

Building: Holo-park
Description: 'I see holographic trees of green... red LED roses too...' A park raises happiness and harmless LED light pollution in a 5x5 grid.

But yes, what are your opinions? Do you prefer serious simulation object descriptions, descriptions with a humour-and-seriousness mix, or purely humourous?

Yeah, feature creep is hard once the bug bites, ;). I'd trying to avoid it as well... trying.

Nice! Better jump in, only 13 days or so left, ;).

Any plans for winners, runner-ups, etc such as a little banner or icon for their website? Could be a good boost for some indies out there to help spur their motivation, :).

Sounds neat. Any ideas on mechanics yet? You could go quite deep into them making a living and surviving and two weeks isn't much time depending on the scale. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

You mean you think it goes for too long? I think it is balanced well.

Hopefully others feel it turns out that way!

I was 'umming' and 'aahing' on joining due to time constraints... but your post made me change my mind and jump in head first. With a blindfold. And no helmet. Into an empty pool. So you have made a great accomplishment today, :D.

This is my first ever jam. I looked for code restrictions and found none, so as mentioned I'll jump in too to help try and spice it up a little. My usual reason for not making game ideas to fruition? Motivation and time spent doing other things or games already made. So this will try to pick up my dev vibe.

I plan on making a top-down, sci-fi city builder using HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery. Graphics will be basic. It'll involve countdowns for each building made, and each building will require power. Power will help the buildings slowly accumulate more civilians which generates taxes per second. Eventually you keep building and keep making power. Then you upgrade buildings to make them more efficient. All of this is aimed at earning enough via taxes to continue expanding your city via an expanding grid system that costs increasingly more to purchase.

What will spice it up is random events that will require you to make decisions, which influence whether your civilians will like you or not (this will slowly recover on its own), which impacts taxes. I suppose it needs a fail state, so it'll fail when your city's happiness reaches 0%, in which case they infiltrate your missile silos and blow up your house. Or something.

I tend to aim high... so let's see how far to completion it gets!