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Poll - Humour in games

A topic by jadelightstudio created May 05, 2016 Views: 329 Replies: 5
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Hi all,

Curious as to how many people appreciate humour in game object descriptions, or prefer city sim and other simulation games to be more on a serious edge.

I ask mostly because I am using some tongue-in-cheek humour in my sci-fi city sim entry, such as:

Building: Water Filtration Plant
Description: "Water premiums went up 26% in 2685 due to universal warming. It prevents universal dehydration within a 5x5 grid."

Building: Holo-park
Description: 'I see holographic trees of green... red LED roses too...' A park raises happiness and harmless LED light pollution in a 5x5 grid.

But yes, what are your opinions? Do you prefer serious simulation object descriptions, descriptions with a humour-and-seriousness mix, or purely humourous?


Strange/humorous flavor text is really great in my book. Really adds character. You just have to make sure you convey what the thing actually does.

Fully agree with you on all points, :). There are sims where a serious nature could be more appropriate but ultimately, I feel it adds a fun dimension and at the end of the day, games and sims should be fun.


I like both genres and I'm sure both are welcome is this jam!

Btw I'm making a game about blind delivery guys so it can't be serious ;)

Haha, nice. I more meant in general how people felt about the topic of humour in sims, not just for this jam :).


I think it's a tricky thing - humor is hard to do. It's always great when done right, unfortunately there is a very thin line between funny and just dumb.