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Presented by me, Devi Ever and my new alternative game publishing company, Home For Black Sheep.

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Competition : May 1st - May 15th
Voting : May 16th - May 22nd


Here, online via :

Use the hashtag #CITYSIMJAM (NOT simcityjam!... sorry dyslexic friends!) on twitter, instagram, tumblr, and facebook!

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VERY simple! Make a city simulation game!


A city simulation game... you know, like the Sim City series.... or A-Train, Cities XL, Cities : Skylines, Tropico, Anno... anything involving you somehow building or managing a city (or aspects of a city).


Use any development platform or programming language! Make it available for any system you please! It can be 2D, 3D, retro, casual, technical, focused on transportation, commerce, population control, war, management, destruction, culture, global or local, heck it could even be a twine based adventure where you embody the living soul of the city as it grows and evolves... seriously, let your imagination go wild!... whatever aspect of city simulation you want to explore! :D


Nope! As with all my jams, my main goal is to give you some motivation and focus to move forward with your own personal video game development... development!


Is there a theme beyond "city simulation"? NO.

Can I work with a team? YES.

Are there restrictions on what platform I can program in? NO.

Are there any restrictions on sound or music? NO.

Do I have to create all my own assets? You can use pre-made assets as long as they are legal to use.

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A game about destroying a city!
tetroid-based city builder concept
Can you keep your hotel afloat?
A farming simulation game made for the City Sim Jam
Manage a small community's needs in an alien world.
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Text-Based City Simulation
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A really tiny city sim
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