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it’s an unimplemented mechanic for future sexy scenes

It’s not possible sorry, to export to Mac I need to buy a license, and Apple probably will never give games like these a license, the same applies to iPhones and iPads. Apple device users will need to play in their browser, unfortunately.

what will be in it?

Yes, however,I’m sorry but there will be a delay :( The dialogues are being reworked, and lots of new dialogues are being added hence I cannot update the translation page yet.

at the Park in early morning before 10am

1 more planned for now

does it happen alot?

increase her likability first

not sure what you mean

I’m working on a proper phone APK export, but I first need to get a game maker subscription. I’ll get to that this weekend.

hold on so you went on vacation and during the vacation you viewed Bambi’s Status screen on the phone?

sorry I decided against adding a police station because the map barely has any room left, and there aren’t any interesting activities there aside from meeting Remi. Currently you can just meet Remi by getting caught inflating in public, or call her over on the phone.

no gore since I cant draw gore, when gore is added you have to enable it in settings, so you wont see it by default

no popping was removed because its still too unstable

what happens when you use minipump or buttplug on Characters? Also make sure Portal Cheat is off, Portal cheat will crash if you try to give tools instead of food to other characters

HTML games only work if you play in browser, I’m not sure what exactly that you want to play it as even though you exported the game as HTML.

If you want to make it an android app, then you need to go through extra steps to wrap your HTML game in an installable APK file to install on Android phones. There are many free frameworks that do this such as Cordova

the plan is for Pump Till You Pop to get those first

Thank you very much!

RPG maker has a very nice face and tiny chibi character generator, but it can’t generate full-body characters needed to show their bloated bellies :(

yes although I can’t give a concrete date

sure! head over to my discord

yes, the only issue I noticed is you won’t visually gain weight after 55kg

libido as a mechanic has not been implemented yet

Sure! Thank you :D The first patch (v0.1) has already been fully translated to Russian, I will post the link to translate the latest 0.3 patch in a few days.

Sure! Thank you :D The first patch (v0.1) has already been fully translated to Russian, I will post the link to translate the latest 0.3 patch in a few days.

press F1 for console

a few days at least, I need to catch up with my work’s work

I removed the apk until I can make a legit one

you’re welcome! Unfortunately, there’s no way in hell will Apple Store or Google Play approve of this game xD

it’s fine to use the old save, the only problem I noticed is that you won’t get fatter visually. In a new save you’ll get fatter once you reach 55kg.

give her the minipump + buttplug

I’m sorry to hear that! I will re-upload the previous version tomorrow so that you can still play the game while I figure this out. I’m busy right now preparing for work Monday so I can’t set it up immediately

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I’m sorry but it looks like it might be too underspec for the game, the game is 200mb and requires a lot of ram to run.

I’m considering making a version with reduced computer requirements

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Amber is at the Park in early morning, you need to go there to meet her

what device are you using?

what stuff is blocking the backpack?

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Just drag the keys out for a bit

Drag the wallet to Remi, just like how you drag the key from your backpack to the door in the begining. There are no police stations yet

try a different browser, maybe your browser blocked the popup that ask for your name at the start