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are you using windows 11?

Which resolution is your screen at? Also did you try the full-screen button on the bottom right? I’ll try to make a version with smaller window size.

I use Game Maker Studio 2

working on it >.<

you can though?

the game is not working?

wait another version? what should the other version have?

maybe when I update Koikatsu, right now bigger belly sizes will clip through clothing/arms/legs and look bad. I don’t have an immediate fix yet.

unfortunately, that would require re-rendering all assets at the higher resolution and probably doubling the game size. I will try to do more optimizations and larger renders in future games

sorry I’ve been busy with final exams. I’ll disable the debug key and change the chat key in the next patch shortly

I’m glad you like the game! you’re the first mention of that bug hmm, do you buy the pill bottle or just individual pills?

To make money quick the way right now is to do streaming, or you can activate the cheat console (check the discord for cheats)

working on it T.T

can’t be fixed as this is a limitation of html When I revamp the game I’ll add the ability to upload save files, like in Bellyful Life

I’m sorry can you clarify? Not sure what you mean

the beach inflation one?

press F1 or \ to open the cheat console, for cheats commands, check out the discord

The game is in active development. If you join the discord, you can see the gradual progress and previews of new content and features.

just open the game in your phone browser, if you don’t see the D-pad knob for moving (its an orange circle), enable the “Forcefully enable mobile controls” in settings

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stomach and anus cavities are in the works, different poses are not, until I finish adding the stomach and anus cavities to existing poses

clothing changes are unfortunately not possible currently :( Would require re-rendering every pose!

press F1 to open the cheat console

if you play on phone then the console isn’t available yet, and will be added in the next update

what do you mean?

I’ll try Q.Q

you can’t spawn food with the console, you’ll need to use the console to give yourself lots of money and buy the food instead

what device are you using? Can you take a screenshot?

Thanks, I’m working on the updates during the winter break.

You’re a very hard-working dev and I wish you the best of luck on your project :)


I’m trying to get the next major update done as much as I can, but as I mentioned before, I’m quite busy with graduate school right now so no promises

I’m focusing on Bellyful Life’s next major update, then I’ll work on this

make sure you’re not at the 100 servers limit

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you must be 18+ years old to play the game (and join the discord) .-.

it is an unused stat carried over from Bellyful Life’s predecessor, Portal Stuffing

make sure you don’t have popups disabled, there’s a popup that ask you to enter player name when you press new game

check out my recording here

I use Game Maker Studio 2

I’m sorry I’d need a Mac to do that and I’m poor lol