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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Galimulator 4.2 BETA uploaded Sticky

A topic by snoddasmannen created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 1,041 Replies: 5
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Hi guys!

A few minutes after posting this topic, I will upload a new beta version of Galimulator. It has quite a lot of stuff in it, here's a summary:

  • Religions in the game! See the rise and fall of faiths! Will the Rationis Lumine come to terms with the followers of Pingoism?
  • Emperor mode improvements, including:
    • Direct diplomatic window where you can propose peace / alliances etc
    • War room - where you can see ongoing wars and allocate generals to fronts
    • An option to "step" forward time in smaller increment
  • A help screen with all the shortcuts in the game (check it out!)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Webbed starlanes
  • Shortcut for "Escape" button to close current window
  • Setting to disable ALL WILL BE ASHES (ok you guys finally get what you want!)
  • Setting to disable Conspiracies  (they are a bit underwhelming right now anyway)
  • Death match mode - create lists of empires to pre-put in the game
  • Fix to show auras when stars are disabled (e.g. show wealth on earth maps)
  • A button to make ships fleet commanders
  • A big Giant Wheel

You guys are the first to take a look at this, it's gonna be really buggy, help me find the new bugs please :) Post comments here, or join us in the Discord server (

Have fun guys!



when will you update the IOS version of this game 


Update for IOS! Please haha! Excellent to know you are constantly expanding!