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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Religion Becomes too homogenous!

A topic by bailey6601 created Jun 09, 2018 Views: 234 Replies: 2
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I feel like one religion takes over very quickly and its very rare for that to be thrown off anytime soon. for instance, im doing a massive 4000 star sim and only like 80 years in, Ultimar is the main religion in almost every empire, with 4 to 5 star systems having another religion maybe, but they always get swallowed up. perhaps there could be a system where if there is enough of a minority religion, they will revolt for independence in order to maintain their faith or if the empire is one religion but makes up more than half another religion, they auto switch? just a thought love this mod alot.

Developer (1 edit)

Other religions do tend to crawl out of the woodwork eventually.

Right now religion is mostly spread through imperial state religion, so the ruling family of empires typically dictate the faith of the galaxy.

New empires get the following religion:

  • The one which the current star has (50% of the time)
  • The same as their parents (40%)
  • A random one (10%)

The next update will have factions rising in the game, and they will include religious factions who spread depending on faith of surrounding stars, and can either succeed in convincing the empire to switch state religion, or simply split out to form their own. It sounds similar to what you are suggesting!

thanks a million dollars. I love this little doohikey and i just wanna see it become even greater