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Aah I don't have a YT link for that, I recorded it myself 😅

Glad you like it!

Ah! Glad you like it :D I had fun doing it back in the days! 

The main character even made it into the next game I made called 'Depths of Insanity' haha!


Borrowing these, will put you in the credits of my upcoming game: Insanity Overloaded :)

Thank you!

Latest Update Info on Steam

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Here are links to some of the latest updates:

Version 1.4: 

Version 1.3.9: 

Version 1.3.8: 

Version 1.3.5: 

Version 1.3: 

Kind regards
Kenny at Sloppy Joe Studios

Gonna check this out soon!

Great trailer! :D

How many hours should I prepare myself for?

Keep up the good work!

The Slaug approves! ❤️

Send a private mail and I'll see what I can do.

Edited Minotaur

Made some edits to it and it is one of the main enemies in my released game: Lotharus - Bacon, Ale & Repeat


Nice! 😅👍 Happy hunting!

I made this game back in 2010 and don't remember too much of the item locations but if I get time over from my game development, I'll see what I can do to help. Hope you like the game 😊

Where do I store my textures to make them visible when using this tag?

Ok, I found out that the skybox thing was the culprit so I can't use images for north, south and so on.

Another thing that I just can't get to work is when I export my 3d models from blender with its mtl file and showing correctly with my image texture in blender. I don't see the texture on my model in RPG Maker.
So my question would be, how do I get my image texture to show on my 3D models in RPG Maker as well?

Just bought the premium version (7.3) and when I play in first person only of my project. When I turn with the mouse it starts to lag extremely. Also when turning with keyboard.

Wondering if I overlooked something? but it worked better with the demo version. Is it the lighting? (set it to low on shadows), no difference on high or low.

Hope to get help with this, possibly the only thing that stops the game to go into its Alpha phase.

PLEEEEEASE send me the solution.

Hello! Long time no see. The pack has been updated and now includes a tileset.

Have fun!

So you're about to set step into Krynto..?

Beware of the Troggs, Wendigos & Creatures of Darkness.

This game will take you on a journey you can easily get involved in.

Open world RPG with 1-4 Player(s) local co-op.

The scary enemy [Trogg] from 'Moonstone: A Hard Day's Knight' for Amiga500 will play a role in this epic grand game of retro feels!

An execution is about to take place at the Town Square in the center of Kryntsmire.

The Shadow Realm has cut open a connection to the Land of Krynto and now it pours out monsters, shadows and other weird creatures all over Krynto.

The ancient tribe of Troggs have also started to try and get Krynto under their command.

The Royal Knights have been
possessed by dark shadows.
The Queen was known as merciful and kind but now seem controlled as a puppet!

Help the people of Krynto to find a way to stop

– Open world 2D RPG/Adventure
– Wide landscape filled with secrets, quests, dungeons, caves and loot
– Stylized graphics mixed with pixel art
– Lots of content to the story
– A Reputation system
– A Crafting System
– A huge variety of craftable weapons & armors
– Lovely music from Kevin MacLeod
– 3 different endings
– 1-4 Players Drop in/out at any time
– Cool unique Battle Scenes
– Original Artwork

And MUCH more…!


I'm new to 3D but and this might be a dumb question but I am looking for .obj with .mtl files. Are those included and what do they both do? Is the Obj the model and the mtl texture?

Have a good week!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards
Sloppy Joe Studios

Thanks for playing my game!

It would've been easier to win that battle if you'd explore more and found all hidden treasures 🙃

Really enjoyed watching you play it! 😊

I will release a complete tileset that will fit perfectly with the characters later this year. 😊 Stay tuned 🙃

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You are correct. This pack does not contain tilesets as the content list says. But maybe I will release a tileset pack some day. 😊 Can't decide which one to upload 😅

Yes you may! 🎈😊

I'd also be interested in how it turns out 🧩

Asset pack looks really interesting. I will maybe use these after all is done in my project and I want to swap for something smoother than my gritty pixel art style :)
Hope to see more packs from you.

Like Terminator said: I'll be back!

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The remake of this games is starting to take off!

Game will have:

~50 Dungeons with puzzles and boss battles.

- Local 4 player co-op.

- New Battle scene and a many more side-quests.

Stay tuned for the new version!

[Other games constantly updated as well]

I Asked for his expertise and Super Sven delivered a wonderful video review along with some awesome other stuff!

I Recommend this guy if you need help with marketing of your game!

Very informative video of my last game! ❤️🥳

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AND Check out the 3rd part that is newly released here on (Or get the Steam-version)!

Games made by.....:

Hi gamers!

Don't miss out on the sale I have on my three games.
Go on in and check them out.
Three BIG Adventures with humor, fantasy, and unique stories!

The first game in the trilogy:

The Second game in the trilogy:

The Third game in the trilogy:

If you buy the bundle of all three games, you'll get an even greater discount!
A new game is also under development containing minigames for 1-4 Players.
All in retro pixel style of course!




Hope for some support so I can continue my game making path more fluently.
I have so many ideas of what would be fun to make and I'd love to put out more games with solid and unique entertainment!

Stay Safe!

//Sloppy Joe Studios

A Story of a Night Hog and his fellow fly-friend who's trying to find their way into Lotharus from Krynto and just settle down in a remote place in the woods..

But nothing is ever that easy! 

Minotaurs rules the woods and pees all over the place.. They locked up the King of Lotharus and there's only one way to save the Ale.. I mean King...!

Bust your way through forests, dungeons, deserts, swamps, icy landscapes, secret passageways, waterfilled parts and more.

The biggest obstacle would be to find yourself a woman, a house and start decorating that house with furnitures.

Maybe.. Just maybe, you'll return to Krynto again when all this is over.. With or without a woman.

This an RPG/Adventure that will keep you very entertained all way through!

Currently on a new year sale along with my other two games!

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Time to dig into some juicy RPG ASSETS! These assets can easily be used with RPG Maker MV but also other engines, YOU DECIDE!


- Characters/Objects: Over 150! (Animated & 4 directions on most)

- Sideview enemies: 48

- Face graphics: 99

- Background Music: 20

- Sound Effects: 9

- Battlebacks Floor: 8

- Battlebacks Walls: 6

- Loading Screen: 1

- Weapon anmations: 21

- Icons: 303 (32x32px)

Get it, enjoy it, review it, share it and hopefully LOVE IT!

December 25th!
Only a few days left until release!

This looks promising! I'll buy it when it's done. If I forget, remind me 😊👌

Do you have a date to release already? 😊

just bought three of your monsters for now. Looking forward to implement them in my game :)

Great work!

nice art! 

Maybe I'll use this minotaur 😊

If I do I'll credit you properly.

Go get these 2 RPGs now!