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Lotharus - Bacon, Ale & Repeat OUT NOW!

A topic by Sloppy Joe Studios created Jan 13, 2021 Views: 67
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A Story of a Night Hog and his fellow fly-friend who's trying to find their way into Lotharus from Krynto and just settle down in a remote place in the woods..

But nothing is ever that easy! 

Minotaurs rules the woods and pees all over the place.. They locked up the King of Lotharus and there's only one way to save the Ale.. I mean King...!

Bust your way through forests, dungeons, deserts, swamps, icy landscapes, secret passageways, waterfilled parts and more.

The biggest obstacle would be to find yourself a woman, a house and start decorating that house with furnitures.

Maybe.. Just maybe, you'll return to Krynto again when all this is over.. With or without a woman.

This an RPG/Adventure that will keep you very entertained all way through!

Currently on a new year sale along with my other two games!

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