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I am looking to advertise your game by running a ad campaign!

A topic by supersven1234 created Feb 26, 2021 Views: 181 Replies: 5
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I run a company with a professional site that reviews games on Reviews by Supersven , but I also run an ad company along with it and I am looking for your game to be promoted in an ad campaign!
What can you expect from an ad campaign and I bet that you are thinking that it sounds costly!?
Fret not as the price is only 10 dollars for a big boost to the awareness of your game and possibly higher sales numbers, I might hear you but was it not 5 dollars first? That is correct, but new features have been implemented to even boost your game more, and the words for the ad campaign have been doubled!
Quickly to what you can expect from me when you order an ad campaign!

- I will write an ad that fits your game, the ad will be 350 to 450 words, more words can always be ordered!
- Your ad will be posted on 15 FB groups that fit the theme of your game
- I will speak to people that I know and mention your game
- Your game will be suggested to play in the weekly newsletter with over 300 subscribers.
- A giveaway will be created on Reviews by Supersven and another special giveaway site with your ad
- Your ad will be run on our own channels
- Discord with 101 members
-Twitter with 100 members
- Facebook with 3,8k followers
- Our steam group with 1,1k members
- I will mention your game in the video reviews that I make, our youtube channel has 167 subs.
- We will provide you with proof of work with screenshots
- We will finish the ad campaign within 2 days
- We have only gotten five-star star ratings for our friendly, fast, professional, and successful ad campaigns!
- Any questions you might have will be answered with the utmost friendliness!

Wondering how an ad on the site might look like? Check out a few of our latest ads!
A visual novel that puts you in the lead! Are you ready for a break?
An RPG maker game with a beautifully hand-drawn world and characters, follow in the footsteps of the Legend of Zelda series and visit dungeons to gain new tools to unlock new paths!
A Strategy RPG game that still has a lot of development to grow but shows much promise, do you want to invest in an early access game and help them with finding bugs and help the developers realize new content?

I cannot force people to look at or buy your game but I will do my utmost best to get you the best results and thus far I have only gotten perfect ratings!

Let me know if you are interested in an ad campaign in the comments!
You can reach me also by Facebook or Discord, here is my Facebook Profile link:

If you are rather interested in talking through Discord don't hesitate to ask me for an invite link!

I hope to work with you soon!


I Asked for his expertise and Super Sven delivered a wonderful video review along with some awesome other stuff!

I Recommend this guy if you need help with marketing of your game!

Very informative video of my last game! ❤️🥳


Thank you very much!


I wouldn't mind some help with marketing.  

Let's talk on discord!


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I have sent you a friend request :)
I am looking forward to working with you!

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