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potion? lmao


you're just sayin

im just sayin

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wow that was really awesome

think :)

hmm yes

I know.. there was a problem with exporting it

Yes that was the problem 

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I am really sorry everyone for the inconvenience. I forgot to do something, and now the game doesn't load. Unfortunately I can't edit my submission  

My game doesn't even load, and I can't fix that because I can't make any changes to the game now

Using firefox might fix that

Try refreshing the page

Didn't understand how to play the game. The jump didn't work.

Great game! I really like the movement, I love the mechanics

I didn't understand how to make him happy, and how to win

I didn't really understand how to play the game. 

The narrator at the start is cool. Nice art. I didn't understand what to do. A tutorial would be good.

Didn't understand what I needed to do in the game. No sounds. Nice player controller though 

Great game. I love the mechanics.

Very cool game! I love the idea of switching the heroes.

i played in the browser

Very cool game! I love the idea. Well made. Unfortunately the game is very hard.. I might just suck at these kind of game though

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Very cool idea, well put together, I didn't understand where the house is though...

Very nice game. Very simple but cool graphics. After some time the game gets a little bit repetitive.

Very cool game! I love the idea! There are some some problems with the path finding thought...

Very cool game! I really like the idea!

Very nice game. I liked sound effects. Unfurtunnaly it was really laggy for me...

Unfraternally the game is very confusing to me...

Great game! I love the idea. I had motion sickness after playing the game though...

Very cool game! I love the music and the athmosphere!

Thanks for the feedback <3

Thanks for the feedback! There is no music in the game though, It's just SFX

Very cool game! Very cute art. The game is really hard tho...

Very cool game! After a while the game gets a little bit repetitive...

Love it!  It's very hard and I love it <3

Very nice game! I didn't really understand how to play the game... The art is awesome!

Very cool game!

I don't really understand how it fits the theme...

Good idea.