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No, I totally agree. Wanted to do exactly that: increasing speed of letter appearances, more letters than one, etc. But only had a day so ran out of time as well haha. At the moment it's definitely a bit of an anti-climax haha.

If I had the time, would have gone past "training program" and maybe implemented a quest where you get your first DATAHUNTER job!

Thanks for playing and feedback, Hyperpotato! Good luck with your digital endeavors!

Nice game! Think the music complimented the gameplay very well. Also, liked the art.  Think it could probably do with a greater sense of progression(bits where game didn't feel like it was progressing), but overall I really liked it.  

Liked this, fun and challenging! Really reminded me of old school DOS racers.

Combo of low graphics and complex shapes make it a little hard to discern obstacles from a distance, feels like there is a very sudden difficulty spike... or maybe I'm just really bad at this game :)

Nice little game, art is pretty nice and interesting concept. A bit short though :)

Very well designed and polished game, art and use of colours are great! Also think the personalities of each character were portrayed well. Nice game!

Nice game, like the art style and found concept quite interesting. With more added features this could become quite a fun game!

Really enjoyed this! Great art style and interesting concepts!

Loved the soundtrack. Gameplay was fun and unique, think this could evolve into interesting game with more substance.

Really liked it, cool concept!

Very interesting concept. Unfortunately haven't had chance to play this with someone else but think this could be hilariously fun two player game!

Addition of sound FX would have been nice :)

This game is hilarious! Quite hard too, barely got past the first trampoline haha. The camera just has tendency to violently shake.

Nice concept!

Very cool concept. Nice simplistic and clean art style. Game play is fun, like the idea of loads of mini-games. Think a narrative could be cool addition.

All-in-all a very well rounded game... now only wish there were more activities to take part in!

Simple but fun and challenging gameplay. Level design was great. Some music would be nice :)

Cool game!

Nice game! With some sprucing up, I think it could become a great game! Found the controls a bit confusing., Think there are a bit too many and breaks the immersion a bit. But overall, I really liked it!

Such a sick game, loved the way the galloping synced with the song!  One of the best games I've played in the jam so far.

Loved the atmosphere evoked by art and music. Narrative was well written and intriguing, enjoyed it. Great game!

Really liked this!