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OH! I’ll try it again.

Satisfying; there’s a whole lot less trash in the sea because of me! :D

Very well polished arcade shooter! Super fun to power through enemies but it’s relentless. I died ALOT :D

Impressive combat mechanic! I use a keyboard daily so I was whipping through the enemies.

Loved it! Super fun. Nice work!

Very cool puzzler! Totally got stuck level 6; felt like I tried every combination..

Thanks for playing! It’s true, I think more depth is needed.

:D Thanks so much for playing!

I was playing with my niece for ~30 min and had a good run going. I’m a bit surprised that it’s as balanced as it is :p

Hey! I used your gorgeous background images for my game jam game: Slot Raider

Thank you!

Hey! Used your icons in a game jam game: Slot Raider.

I think they look GREAT!

My roses are doing well :D Very fun and addicting!

I have so many update ideas :p For example, I’d like to add a Slay the Spire -like map mechanic and actually have an end goal.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! Thanks for playing

Thank you! I have so many ideas in my head for a sequel :p

All those poor people I had to smash to slow down :p Fun arcade game!

Gaah!! No pause :p I am in soo much DEBT!! hahahaha

Nice game! (however I would limit the endless message screens). Lots of juice!

Impressed with the art, however the controls were a bit difficult to master moving and attacking at the same time. It would have helped to have additional keyboard bindings.

Good idea posting some notable titles:

Graphics are definitely satisfying. Grim concept.. haggling your life for fish.. gulp!

Caught 10 fish until I ran into a spike :D

I don’t think pressing Z should be necessary (would have made it more simple).. and having tons more fish to catch would have made it for me.

Great effort!

I’m working my way through the submissions and trying to rate as many as I can. Some great, juicy, memorable games.

To complete something (anything) is a respectable achievement. Kudos to all!

I beat it! HA!

:D yeah, balancing sadly always comes last for me as well. haha..

Fantastic! I made it to the boss and am on my 10th try.. :p

Very juicy, nice art and satisfying gore. Definitely one of the top games I’ve found in this jam so far.

Very addicting! I got to the point where all I had to do was sit back and watch the marbles roll in.

Nice global highscore feature. Nice for a 1 day creation.

Enjoyed it all the way through!

The dancing - A+ Also, I figured out the last level.. woo hoo!

Very fun and juicy! Excellent. Controls felt good and lining all the enemies up and slashing them to death was very satisfying.

I could not find the batteries, but maybe didn’t need them cause I was advanced to the second level. The camera was very disorienting so I had to take a break.

Enjoyed this; found it rather soothing to just dodge bullets and go as far as I could, as I found it rather impossible to kill the enemies.

Victory! RIP to the 198 Lives Spent :(

This is great! Well done, I’m impressed with how complete this game feels. Very juicy too!

I thought I handled money pretty well! :D

Very original, and pleasant to look at graphics.

I landed on a floating pillar and couldn’t figure out what the controls were to attack; however I felt accomplished having the soldier at least follow me up on a floating pillar to kill me :p

So much juice :D my eyes almost exploded! :P

So I ran around in circles smacking people with my head like a tetherball, without repercussion.. I couldn’t understand how or if I was getting hurt although I eventually dead.

Interesting mechanic. Movement felt good; spread gun is satisfying.

Addictive, but HARD! I found the store, but couldn’t get enough credits to upgrade :(

Once I got the hang of shooting accurately it got pretty fun!!, but eventually I got overrun :(