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Found the issue that was causing this to happen sometimes and it should work now in v1.1, thanks again for letting me know about this!

Nice use of a limited color pallet along with a unique idea of dodging with the mouse while propelling with spacebar 

great audio and visuals, I really like the design of the character.

the lighting and rain effects are both really well done!

the art and music worked very well together!

I unfortunately do not have arrow keys on my keyboard so I ended up stuck at the paper crane, but I absolutely love the art in this game. Playing as a red button reminded me of Cool Spot on the SNES and the world that was crafted to be the perspective of the button was a treat, great work!

The way the enemies scurry up from the ground is cool, unsure how scoring works though as even after surviving for a while it shows -2.  


Thank you!


unique concept and well-executed, really nice use of the theme to have different interactions tied to the mouse.

Nice use of the theme, tight simple gameplay that works really well.  Great work!

Challenging game but fun to keep trying to get farther. 

Reminds me a bit of the really old Incredible Machine game, love the art style.


You may need to look up how to enable WebGL for your browser, but I can also try and get a Mac build online later today.

Thanks for playing! 


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I love your tracks, purchased this pack as well as used some tracks from your free pack in my game Sticky Stars I put a link to your pages in the credits section, thanks for making these!

use your mouse to scale up the walls while destroying asteroids and collecting stars.

love the colors, ended up being a great way to start the day on a positive note.  <3

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Thanks!  hmm I will brain storm some ideas for a cross attack and see if anything sticks :)

Thanks for playing! A  few more monsters are coming soon along with some balancing and other changes/additions!

  Really nice work with the procedural generation and crumbling location along with the visuals! 

Thanks for playing!

Really great work,  making a mystery game with this scope must have taken a decent amount of planning and was executed very well.  I love the music, it really adds to the suspense and tension!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the input!  I have a minor update ready that adds a bit of a visual queue for taking damage along with a few fixes and changes from other suggestions!

The dialogue in the tutorial was great,  having the mechanic of passing the curses to the enemies was a unique idea that I enjoyed and I really liked the music!

Thanks for playing!  The curse of not brushing for an eternity was cast upon them xd

Always love clever word games,  I had fun putting together word combos to vanquish the demons. Great work!

Thanks for playing! Agreed the randomness was a bit much, I had tried to change it up before uploading but it was introducing new problems so it was changed back at upload.  Already have a small workaround planned with a little update that is coming after the jam period is over!

I really like the art and the animations were very nice.  Everything felt really good and I love the music. Great work!

Thanks for playing! Great input about adding some feedback, currently working on a small update post jam and will make sure to have a bit of feedback for the player getting hit as well as adding a short cooldown between damage like someone else had mentioned.

Thank you!

I love the sound used for talking XD  really great use of the theme and the art was very nice. The hell boss reminds me of the boss from the movie Office Space 

Thank you!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it,  the animation for the fire coming out is actually a single flame that just spawns multiple times depending on the player's current maximum to be able to scale up :)

more enemies are 100% being added in an update after the jam is over!