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Me gusto  la historia! solo que no habia tiempo para leer la descripcion de los planetas mientras jugaba ='D

i like how smooth move with the mouse effect!

could have something to collect beside to avoid...
Very nice!

Was hard at end.. i like it (i beat the game <3 )

Cool game! i saw vimlark playing!.

Very nice game, great graphics i like the draws

great game!... 

Make me feel anxious when the "sun" grow and i can't take the ball out x'D

Wow pretty cool idea! .. i feel like Tower Defense new approach.


i cut the head X___X brutal!... 

nice game! =D

very nice game! i have zero skills to music and i enjoy it!...
i like the audio book to recipes , nice touch!

Nice game! i like the idea of "save the earth"...

the only thing maybe to improve.. make white border on the small junk soo it's easy to see it...

I like the game very nice aesthetic, i can't beat the level "my monster can do things i can't". the only thing can improve it's sound effects when you use the switch or change characters or connect.... GOOD GAME!

yes, i play like 4 minutes every game i rated, there is a lot of games to try, i like to give feedback soo we all can improve next jam's..
good luck!

Yes! Code Lyoko is an inspiration to me

WOW .. very very nice ART! .. looks like  you could give it as child book  easy....

me encanto!

nice game, a little hard to start :P but when you can control better the space bar, you can make some points!

cool idea! i like it!

Funny game! =D

Wow.. Nice graphics!

very hard the dark character.. i love the animation...

was nice how when you lose you go back to the level before and not from the beginning.

nice concept and game... could be great if you get some station where you "deploy" something like a "level" ... the random from the things maybe not give u what u need.. or low enemys make the game forever and monothone.


The voice give it nice vibe .. NICE!

damn.. are you sure you make this on 48 hs Hours?  =O

very nice game.. i download windows version because chrome get some lag.

very nice puzzle game, i wish the player could move a little more faster.

nice graphics, nice design... very cool for 48 hs game...

some chees when you dash you could do at 45 degree and enter the land with trees to make it more safe.

nice idea, a little fast the movement.. but good idea.

i love the art from this game 

i almost get stuck on lvl 2 because i didn't realize the benn diagram xD... 

could be good if when i be in the effect to break the wall, add some hat to the player..NICE GAME!

i love this style of graphics... i even crash the game when it's suppost to stop the game until i choice an upgrade.. but i don't have more upgrades xD

Scale too quickly the difficulty X_X but nice game

Very nice art!... IA a little sloppy but very cool game!

i can't beat lvl 10 T_T

great idea, nice game.. i only think drag the light could make it a little more faster X__X too slow for me.

Very nice style, i would like some "scoring" system, and maybe if i could move the piece with the keys when i am not near "enemies"... i like it!

i get lost in space :(

cool idea.

good game!, i only feel start too hard.. maybe if game start easy then go hard could be great.

a little hard, but fun game.