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Thank you for your feedback! I understand what you're saying. This is something that, after further reflection post-jam, is caused by the platform & character interaction encouraging very chaotic controls, while the level design encourages very preicse controls. The two didn't flow well together due in large part to a lack of time and experience with level design on my part. But overall, I agree with what you had to say. Thank you again for your feedback!

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback! We've heard a lot about the physics and interaction between the character and platform and we're going to keep it in mind, should we continue development of the game. Thank you again, we appreciate it! 

Warning: Essay review incoming. 

So, I really like shooters and I have a lot of opinions about shooters. You're gonna hear a lot about that in the gameplay section. I think your game as a whole was fun, but could have a slight bit more of gameplay polish. But overall, I enjoyed it. 

Regarding art. I think the style is there, it fits, it does the job. Art isn't my forte so I'm not in a position to critique it hard. 

Regarding gameplay, I have some suggestions. I'll be making this a bulleted list to organize my thoughts. 

* So, first things first. In a shooter, making the weapon feel fun to use is the top priority. Charging up the spear then tossing it is enjoyable, but it feels like it's missing just a little bit of something. Spears aren't necessarily light weapons, but this relatively light-looking character chucks it around at high speeds with relative ease. Visually, it looks slightly off to me. It's not a horrible problem mind you. But it's missing something. Maybe some slight screen shake could help make this feel better? Maybe if you had time for sound, that could help as well? Also, maybe making it so the spear starts out just a little slower when you throw it than the rest of the travel time, even if it's just for a few frames might help? Don't quote me on that, it's just a theory. But my thinking is, it wouldn't look like it's already at top speed the second you throw it. Something to do with the animation I think would help, I just don't know if my suggestion is the perfect fix for it, I'm a bit unsure. 

* Next, I have a minor complaint about retrieving the spear. I actually really enjoy bullet hell-esque games where you have to dodge small projectiles like yours. It can make you feel like a real badass when it's done well. However. A problem I encountered *a lot* was, I'd throw the spear, miss slightly (not because of the game, but because of my own skill) or not get all the enemies in one hit. Then, it'd land right next to an enemy or a few. The problem with that is, the AI will just stay *RIGHT THERE*, right on top of the spear, and camp it. That means you physically cannot get the spear without taking damage unless you walk far enough away from the AI camping it for them to also walk away from it. It felt like I had to walk a bit too far away for the AI to get away from my spear when this happened. Also, if a 4 heart enemy, the one that throws a lot of close range knives, was camping a spear, I usually took a lot of damage or just died. There was little I could do beyond try to get them away from the spear, or just die. I struggled a lot dealing with them if I didn't insta kill them, especially if there was more than one chasing after me at once. This became really challenging with me needing to be so far away from the AI when they were camping the spear to make them move. It actually usually took 5+ seconds for me to get the spear if an enemy was camping it. That, for me personally, is too long. With the core gameplay loop being: "1) Charge up and throw the spear. 2) Dodge enemy attacks. 3) Retrieve the spear". Step 1 of that loop happens very quickly. But you spend a LOT of time in step 2, relative to the other two steps. This wouldn't be horrible if the step was just a little bit shorter or easier. But for me personally, I think step 2 of retrieving the spear was often too long or too hard due to the AI camping the spear and me having to walk so far away from it to get them to move away from it. 

* Overall, the core loop was fun. I enjoyed throwing the spear. I enjoyed the bullet hell-esque dodging of the small enemy projectiles a lot. More than I thought I would. But, I think making it feel a bit more impactful when you kill enemies with the spear would make it feel more satisfying and fun overall. 

But at the end of the day, you made a game in 48 hours and it's a fun game that I really enjoyed. Overall, you did a great job and I hope you learned a lot from this project and that you continue making even more fun games down the line! 

I think that makes sense! Since you offered, I might fire off a discord message to discuss ideas sometime in the next few days. I think my struggle is I haven't played a lot of physics games and I'm struggling to imagine something similar to take inspiration from, or how to the game function in a fun way with it not being an autoscroller. I also have minimal practical experience as a level designer, so that's something I need to work on as well. Overall, I appreciate your feedback and I will hopefully be in touch with you soon! 

Thank youfor your feedback! Overall, I think we're 100% happy with the aesthetics, all of that came together super well. We decided to make sound design an optional thing that we'd do "if we have time" in the jam. We ended up not having time. Oops. 

Regardless, I'm glad you figured everything out, especially in the last level! The physics and interactivity between Platty and the character is something we've heard a lot about in feedback. Some love it, some find it frustrating. The conclusion we've come to is, we can view the interactivity between Platty and the character as the problem, or the level design as the problem. On one hand, the levels require tight, intricate movement and control. Which is fine on it's own. But when paired with the wacky controls, it becomes a problem, and vice versa. The two things are fine in isolation, just not together. At least, that's our thoughts on it at this point. 

Personally, I don't think the level design is the most fun part of the game. I, and I feel a lot of others, found just tossing the character around like a ragdoll to be the most fun. While figuring out how to get all the collectables wasn't horrible, I feel it isn't as fun as just tossing the character around. A big part of it is just that the last minute level design didn't facilitate that very well. 

Thank you again for your feedback, we really appreciate it and we're glad you enjoyed yourself!

Oh boy, we got a lot of feedback here, thank you so much! I'm gonna unpack this one piece at a time and give my thoughts. 


I like the example you gave with I Am Bread. I think I didn't see the controls as a problem during development, as I got used to them. I think, as you said, it's just a problem with it being an auto-scroller with precise movement required, which is why it's often seen as a problem. When it could also be instead seen as just a level design problem. That's a fault in the last-minute level design (all levels were done in the last few hours of the jam, unfortunately). But I absolutely agree with what you said with that. 

I've noticed everyone always tried to throw the character around like a ragdoll like you mentioned because that is genuinely fun. During development and even now, I'm just not sure how I'd turn that mechanic into full on coherent and controlled gameplay. I think my biggest problem in this regard is, I'm not sure how I'd take this, a 2D game, and make it not a side-scroller. That's the part that has me the most confused, I feel. 

Regarding the obstacles, I had a similar idea with having more varied obstacles. Actually, I had the exact idea you had for the exact reason you mentioned, to allow for the character to be thrown around more. This was unfortunately not a thing entirely because of time constraints for both team members on this project, although I wish we had focused on that more than the elements that we did, looking back. 

Should you or anyone else see this, do you have any recommendations for, should we continue development, how to make it not a side scroller and instead capitalize on the chaotic nature of tossing the player around in such a way that the level design enables that? I'm just not entirely sure how we'd be able to make that happen, it's something I've thought about throughout development and don't have an answer to, even now. 

Adherence to the Theme

What you said makes total sense, I can see the argument being made that it's actually a physics game. I think approaching it that way could help a lot, should development for it be treated as such. 


Thank you, I appreciate your feedback on this. I may look into physics games more, as it's not a genre I've played too much beyond a few games here and there to look for inspiration if we continue development on this. But I absolutely agree with what you said. 


Thank you for your feedback. You took what was probably a different stance from most other people and I think that opens up a completely different way of thinking about the game. You've given us a lot to think about and while I'm not sure where I would take it from where it is now at the time of writing this post, it would be fun to continue, if we found a good direction to take it. That direction is honestly, probably treating it as more of a physics game rather than a precise "move the thing through things to get other things" type of game. I've said it a lot already, but thank you again for your well thought out post, we really appreciate it. I hope the rest of the jam treats you well! 

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it! I thought something similar, I think the most fun part of the game is just throwing the character around a whole bunch. Just didn't have much time to do super amazing level design, unfortunately. Overall, I'd love for the controls to be cleaned up some, time will tell if this happens or not. I have your game on my list of stuff to try before the jam is done, I'll leave a review for you when I'm done with it!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Sound was on my list of optional things if we had time. Unfortunately, the deadline crept up on us and we didn't have time. We didn't have a sound designer on our team so we would've had to get stuff from the public domain as well, so it would've taken a good while to find and implement. I would have loved to do it, but that 48 hour time slot isn't very forgiving xD Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

Thank you, we appreciate it! We're super happy with how the art turned out!

Thank you for the feedback! That absolutely makes sense, I've gotten a lot of comments similar to that. I might make the physics better in the future, should we choose to continue development on this. But that's an indefinite thing that only time will be able to answer for now. 

I thought about something like that when the jam ended. I have an iphone but not a mac so idk I'd get xcode to be a thing to make it an app, but I've considered figuring out a way to do something like that, as I'm very interested in making mobile games and stuff like that.

Thank you for the feedback we really appreciate it! I understand what you're saying, in hindsight, it can be a bit tricky to mess with.

Hey, I sent this on discord. Just posting it here for others to see too.

I thought the intro screen was very nice. Everything about the game looked really good. The art was great, I loved the art. 

The chiptune soundtrack was very nice too. I really enjoyed that, it fit the game's art very well. 

However, on the programming side of things, collision detection seemed pretty not-so-good. I was able to climb up walls, float over gaps by standing on top of the light, etc. I was also killed by enemies that were pretty far away from me too for reasons I didn't understand. I actually ended up glitching through a couple areas because I found it easier than dealing with enemies. In regards to level design, I wasn't really sure what the point of the game was or where to even go. I felt a bit lost, overall. 

Overall, I think what you all did was decent. Your art and soundtrack is awesome, I loved every bit of those two parts of the game. but the collision detection and level design could use a little more work I feel. however, you all worked together, and coordinated, and communicated as a team, and put something together in just 48 hours. which is a HUGE accomplishment. you should be proud of your work and use this as a learning experience. I hope you all keep making games together and get to work on a lot of other fun projects together in the future!

Hey, I sent this to you on discord. Just posting it here for others to see! 

Your game was very short and sweet, but what you did give was very enjoyable. 

The puzzle elements weren't too challenging, but they were enough to make you think just enough for it to not feel too easy. Overall, the level design was fairly great. 

The art was pretty neat too. You had a clear and defined art style with this. It isn't necessarily a style that I personally prefer, but it's a style and having a defined art style is very good, so I appreciate the coherency of it throughout the entire game, because it looks good. 

Everything on the programming side of things felt like it worked as intended, I didn't come across any kind of bugs in the two times that I played it. 

Overall, I think this is the type of game you could easily expand upon to make it even bigger and better. Having a little more content would have been fun. But the content you have was polished and very good. Your team did an amazing job, you guys most likely planned and communicated very well, and you made a game in just 48 hours. Congratulations, it's a damn good game and I plan on recommending it to other people if they ask for any games I recommend to try.

Hey, I sent you this review on discord. Posting it again here for others to see.

I played your game for a very long time. It's very fun. You made one of my favorite games this entire jam so you're getting a massive essay about it. Just know I'm doing it out of love for your game, because I sincerely enjoyed it.

First, this is ABSOLUTELY one of my favorite games that I've played this entire jam. It's the type of game I'd love to play on my own time, actually. I love shooters and I thought this game was very very fun. However, it's shortcomings make it hard to want to play it for extended sessions. 

First, the art. The art isn't bad. But, the colors are very...strong for lack of a better word. and the art makes it very trippy and hard to focus on what's happening on screen at times. That includes the main menu and actual game itself. I'm also not a fan of the blue font color on the red background for the main menu. It isn't horrible, it's just a little generic looking in my opinion. Overall, my opinion on the art is, it's okay, but I'd like it to look a lot less trippy than it is. 

Regarding sound design, I have nothing but good things to say all across the board. The music is good, sound fx are good, great job. Only critique I have is, the music restarts between scenes. Which is a native unity thing, so I don't blame you. it's not a horrible thing, just a quality of life thing. But, I think there's assets or tutorials out there that might help with that. if you want to see what I mean, swap rapidly between the instructions screen and main menu. I just happened to notice this by accident

Now, onto the gameplay. To put what I'm going to say into context, this is how I see your game: "A bullet hell-esque shoot em' up where your goal is to stay alive as long as you can, while making the player feel empowered with the gun play". Keep that quote in mind, as it's the context for everything I'm about to say.

  • It took me awhile to remember and understand the controls (I'm the type to just jump into the game without reading any instructions or shit like that). So, I had to die and go back to the instructions a few times before I got it. Integrating a tutorial into the game itself is always a huge bonus. I know its a jam and hard to do in such a short time, but it's always better then static text explaining what to do. This is just a minor criticism.
  • The gun play is fun. But, with every gun being the same color, it was hard to sometimes tell what guns fired multiple shots, what guns had a spread, what guns fired only once, etc. The sword is clear as day though, you can't miss that giant ass sword xD I recognize you probably made the guns the same color as a stylistic choice, but with the player only getting to fire them once before they go away forever, it was hard to know just what type of firing the gun was going to do sometimes.
  • Something that sort of goes with the last one, the camera angle. The camera angle isn't bad. But. It sorta hard to tell what guns were what. Also, a couple enemies RKO'd me from the bottom of the screen sometimes. they could just kinda do that, especially if they had a sword. I cant say for certain, but the type of game where enemies can come from any side of the screen, my opinion is you need to give the player the same amount of viewing area on all sides unless the lack thereof is an explicit design choice, which I don't feel was the case here. Overall, this wasn't a HUGE problem, it only bothered me a few times. but I feel it's one that could be easily overlooked that can cause other issues in future projects of yours as well.
  • It's REALLY hard to stay alive. I mostly got a score of 0-20. I REALLY want to play this game a whole lot because it feels extremely fun. But, the controls make it hard. Here's my reason. You have to aim where to shoot with your mouse, then left click to shoot. However, you also move your character with your right click where you're aiming. I personally found it WAY too hard to shoot while moving because my and the enemies' movement speed was "pretty fast" miles per hour. So, I stopped every time I wanted to shoot. If I did that then an enemy shot at me, I was dead 90% of the time. That enemy is in front of me, where I'm aiming, so I cannot dodge to the side without doing a QUICK AND HARD flick of the mouse to the side to dodge, which my desk doesn't have room for. Using the context of it feeling like a bullet-hell, this is a big no-no for me, since it made it nearly impossible to comfortably shoot and dodge at the same time. or dodge at all, really. I would've much perferred moving with WASD instead, that feels like the easy fix to this problem, to me at least. this is my biggest issue with the game, is the controls.
  • Now, I have a good thing for you. The way time slows down when you get a kill like in Super Hot? That's REALLY satisfying. It also helps with the bullet hell aspect of making it easier to dodge bullets. The first time I had that happen, an enemy shot at me and I felt like such a badass, similar to NEO from The Matrix barrel-rolling my way out of the way of bullets while time was slow so I could get a new weapon to kill more stuff and do that again. Honestly, if the controls were a little better, this feature alone would make this entire game have an extremely satisfying core gameplay loop that would make long runs really really fun in my opinion. 
  • This isn't a critism more of a suggestion. I think giving BRIEF invincibility frames while dodging would be nice. When dealing with sword enemies, you can't really dodge away from them once they're at a certain range because of how you move your character, which made it really hard to not just die from them unless you kept them at a range. I just think the invincibility frames would help that feeling I mentioned of feeling like a badass dodging shit. If you did, you might need to put the dodge on a cooldown since you can currently do it infinitely? idk, just a suggestion I had.

Overall, like I said, this was one of my favorite games of this jam. It's very fun and it'd be even more fun if the controls were straightened out, as that's my biggest complaint. But overall, this is currently near the top of my recommendations list. I hope you enjoyed this essay and I hope it helps with this as well as future projects of yours. thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Hey, I sent you this on discord, just wanted to post it here too for others to see! 

First, nice job getting Unity to work with a web game. Its always been a massive headache for me. You have my respect, admiration, and jealousy that you got it working. 

Overall, I think your game was fun. The art is very simplistic, but it's very good for what it is. I really enjoy simplistic art so I like it a lot.
Sound design was good. I don't have much to say about it, but I consider that a good thing because it was there, consistent, and good. Great job with the sound. 

For gameplay, I think overall, everything felt pretty solid. It took some slight getting used to. it wasn't so much the controls being bad, as it was, me trying to learn to play your game. which is a good thing. the only negative thing I have to say is, the few times I had to bounce off of vertical walls, I felt like I didn't have as much control over the character as I would've liked. however, since that's my only complaint, the gameplay is good. 

my overall impression, is everything feels very basic, but in the best way possible. it all just kind of works together in the best way possible. it's hard to point to specifics when everything works in tandem so well, but just know you made a great game for the time that you had and I really loved it. Great job to you and anyone else you worked with on this!

Hey, I sent you this review on discord, but just wanted to post this here for others to see. 

The first thing that caught my attention was the art. It looks just like a classic gameboy game. Also, the way the blob transforms into a heart at the end of each level? fucking adorable. I love the art a whole bunch. 

Sound design is great too. it meshed well with the art. I love the little sound it makes whenever he's hit by the bullets. 

gameplay is solid. only one input button worked for this game. the puzzle elements were fun. none were too hard that I couldn't figure them out after just a couple of attempts, so great job on the difficulty curve for that. the entire game was a tutorial for the game so whoever managed to do your level & puzzle design for that deserves a pat on the back and a cookie. all of it is extremely well done and balanced. 

I don't have a whole lot to say but that's only because everything just meshed so well together and your game is so good that I'm just not sure what all to really say about it beyond, this is a goddamn good game. I was actually surprised by how much content it had, considering you had only 48 hours. it feels like it's own full, short, standalone game. you did amazing and you should be very proud, you did amazing.

Hey, I sent this review to you on discord, but just wanted to post it for others to see too. 

Your game was very short, but it did it's job. It works great as a small little minigame. 

Art and sound design are minimal, but do their jobs. For gameplay, it took a few runs to figure everything out, but overall, it's fairly decent.
I don't have any criticisms about anything that was bad or wrong or anything, but I also can't point to anything that I found super amazing either. Overall, it felt decent, but not super amazing either. I wish I could point to specific areas, but I can't really find a ton of flaws with it. if anything, I'd do research into how to polish your games in general for the future, as I feel that's the only real advice I can give. screen shake, bass boosted sound effects for guns, etc. I'm just not sure what advice to give beyond that. overall though, you made a game quickly and you should be proud. great job!

Hey, I posted this review on discord for you already, but thought I'd post it here too for others to see. 

The concept itself is pretty cute. Speaking personally, I'm in a long distance relationship (dating the artist I worked on my game with) so the title and concept honestly speak to me on a personal level.

However, my first impression of your game when I saw it was "I can't read that title in the promotional image because of the font and colors". I imagine it was a choice made because of the multi-colored slimes that combine together. But, the colors and font on the main menu and promotional image are very hard to read in my opinion. If i didn't see the title of the game on itch, I'd have no clue what the game was called. The credits page in-game is a little better, I can read everything. But the coloration make it feel a little...generic? for lack of a better word. considering this is in your promotional image for the game, I wanted to bring it up to you. for me, the first impression being "I can't read that text" isn't a good first impression to have, in my opinion. 

regarding sound design, everything is relaxing. the sound does what it's supposed to do, it's fairly good across the board. 

regarding gameplay, it felt like there wasn't much to do, I suppose? the whole game is collecting items to combine the slimes together. however, it's just moving around the map. nothing to make it stand out, at all. take mario for example. he has fun movement, has to avoid enemies, his jump is always fun to control, he's a joy to play as. but here it was simple wasd controls moving around. it wasn't horrible, mind you. the gameplay just felt a little bland to me. it felt like a "that's it?" type of thing when I did the first level. I understand the minor puzzle elements behind it, but sometimes I was unclear as to what certain items did or even what they were, beyond the boat.

my overall impression of the game is, it has a really cute concept and I want to love it. but it felt like it was missing something gameplay wise, like it was a little too simple, I guess? it's hard to put exactly what I want to say into words, but I think that's my overall thoughts on it. I want to like it, and it's okay, but it feels like it's missing something. but, you did make and submit a game. that's a major accomplishment and you should be proud, it isn't easy. 

Hey, I sent this review to you on discord, but I'm posting it here too. 

Let's talk art. Your game looks nice. I can tell what just about everything is, the style is good, I like it. The final scene had a different style which struck me a little bit as strange, but it wasn't jarring enough to ruin anything. Art was fairly good. 

Sound design. Everything sounded fairly good. This is my area of the least expertise so I'm not gonna be the best to give advice on sound ever, but I think it did it's job well. I felt nervous and unsure in the cave and I felt lost. Whether that's intended or not, only you know. But that's the feeling I had. 

Gameplay. First, I have two glitches I came across. Number one, when you enter a name at first, if it's too long, it doesn't fit right on the image you use as a background. I found that out by total accident. But it didn't fit right in the background image. Second, if you run into a wall, you get a glitchy effect where the screen shakes like crazy. 

Beyond those two glitches, the gameplay was decent. I didn't like getting hard reset all the way back to the beginning. After I died twice and got super deep into the game, I was on one life and terrified of being set back. I had a section where I had used an arrow to burn something blocking a path, then two enemies started coming towards me. I was unable to pick up my arrow, so I had to flee, in the dark, and circle blindly back around to pick it up. This was literally right at the end of the game so thankfully my blind tactical retreat worked. But I didn't like the anxious feeling and fear I had of being set back so much. Once you've explored an area once, as long as you have a good mental spacial map, it's just retracing your steps to reactivate stuff again, which isn't super fun. Experiencing it for the first time however, without retracing your steps, was.

Here's something I haven't talked about in other reviews I've done yet. Your game had a story! it was a small one and it was only implied through the art, but it was a story. I won't spoil it in case anyone wants to play it, but it made my heart warm. I like how the thing at the end looked and the art that came with it after. 

Overall, I'd say it was somewhat fun to play, but I was really anxious about having to repeat 5ish minutes of gameplay near the end. It was fun, but be careful with repeating unnecessary steps again. You did a great job and made a good game!

So, you took two of my favorite genres, shooters & RPGs and sorta combined them. For that, good job. I'll be critiquing your game to my own personal preferences more than I probably normally would, because it will be difficult to be objective since I have a lot of opinions about shooters and RPGs. Whether that's good or bad, idk. But you've been warned, just know I'm saying everything here out of love for your game.

So art. The art is good. Everything is obvious as to what it is, it does it's job. I don't have much to say beyond it suits the game and it does a good job for what it's supposed to do. 

For sound design, it's in a similar boat to the art. It's good, it fits well with the art, it loops, it does what it's supposed to. Good job. 

For gameplay, I have a bit more to say. Putting this in bullet point format so it has some semblance of organization. 

  • So, I really like this concept, I think it's really fun. However, I *really* don't like hard resets. It felt fairly punishing to lose all my progress since it takes a few minutes to get somewhat far in the game. I gave it 5-6 attempts before I eventually gave up. I don't like giving up on games like this because it feels unfair to the creator(s) to not make it completely through a game. I had that happen to me a couple times with my game and it doesn't feel good. But in this case, it takes a few minutes to regain progress to where I was before, if I even make it that far again, and I really didn't care too much for that. 
  • The combat itself is pretty fun. I'm gonna break down each element. 
    • Sword. This was the thing I used the least. It was probably the most effective for actually killing shit, but it was effectively just pointing your mouse in one direction and poking things to kill them. It wasn't boring, but it didn't strike me as super fun either. 
    • Bow & Arrow. This was my favorite weapon. However, minor criticism. It shot off center of my crosshair, to the point where it didn't even touch the crosshair at all. It did this consistently. And as someone that plays shooter games, a gun of any kind that doesn't shoot where I'm aiming is not as fun for me. I'm not sure if you gave it a spread, but I pretty consistently aimed a good bit to the right of enemies and that seemed to hit them, since it always went left (I think that's the direction it went). However, it would've been much better to just aim *at* them for me than to the side to accurately hit them. I also would've liked the cooldown between firing each shot to be a little more clear and more frequent. I thought I only had one arrow at first because it was so long and you don't show the cooldown anywhere. But despite that, this was still the most fun weapon to use for me. 
    • Shield. This was...okay. I think I would've liked the shield more with a little less knockback. The knockback is good for realism but it felt like a little too much knockback. I had a few, what felt like, unfair deaths because the knockback pushed me into an enemy behind me. I would've just used only the bow and arrow if the shield wasn't required to hit stuff. I also don't understand, was there a particular reason in-game to hit stuff with the bow and arrow or shield once before the enemy died? Is there a reason that a character, in this world, could explain as to why that's the case? While it's fine as a "you do this to make it happen" mechanic. But logically, it didn't make sense without an explanation in the world itself. I don't consider this an issue considering this a game jam with a 48 hour time limit but it's something I wanted to mention for any future projects you do that you have longer development times for. Little things like that go a long way.
  • I also don't understand, was there a particular reason in-game to hit stuff with the bow and arrow or shield once before the enemy died? Is there a reason that a character, in this world, could explain as to why that's the case? While it's fine as a "you do this to make it happen" mechanic. But logically, it didn't make sense without an explanation in the world itself. I don't consider this an issue considering this a game jam with a 48 hour time limit but it's something I wanted to mention for any future projects you do that you have longer development times for. Little things like that go a long way.
  • Now, onto some other gameplay stuff. Some of my deaths had a "there's little to nothing I could have done to prevent that" vibe to them. For example, I had my bow out at one point. Then I got a bunch of enemies that spawned in that couldn't die unless they were hit by a shield. In the time that I picked up my shield, I hit one enemy with it, was knocked back into another, and died. To me, that felt like death because of randomness and that is *never* a good thing in my book. If someone dies, I believe it should be from their own skill, not because the game said "you were holding the wrong weapon when enemies spawned in". 
  • Lastly, I just want to reiterate that, despite my criticisms, I enjoyed your game a lot. I love shooters and RPGs and this was no different. I just found it too difficult. It was really fun and I would've liked it a lot more if the bow was a little more accurate (since that was my favorite weapon). Checkpoints or something to not have a hard reset would make it feel a little more fair. Some of my deaths were a lack of skill on my end, I can admit that. But I didn't like the ones that were from randomness or the games system just deciding to not like me in that particular moment. Another thing, I often died from my own weapons on the ground getting in the way and slowing me down.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. It was fun, but too difficult for me personally. I didn't care for the hard resetting and wish the combat felt a little more polished. But overall, this was a game made in 48 hours. It was fun and you should be proud of what you made in such a short time. I genuinely enjoyed a lot and I plan on recommending it to a few people. great job! 

One of my favorite in this entire jam. Great job!

Hi Pet Pumpkin, thanks for playing and leaving feedback, we really appreciate it! At the time of the jam, I, as the programmer, made the physics you found frustrating a design choice. However, in hindsight, I think it would have been smart to get a small test build out to a few people to get feedback on it (there was no testing done outside of myself). Just about everyone has said something similar to you about the physics. Some found it fun, some found it frustrating, but it's always been the biggest talking point of the game outside of the cute artwork. 

If I were to do it all over again, I'd love to have had a little more time to test the physics and get feedback, because the code that causes the "stickiness" (for lack of a better word) between the character and platform is just a single line of code that I originally implemented as a bug fix. But that bug fix, after changing other stuff, probably isn't a problem anymore. So if I were to do it all over again, I'd have tested this sooner and fixed it so the controls feel a lot better. 

I think everybody has loved throwing the character around too so some better level design and physics would definitely encourage that and make it a lot more fun. Overall though, the game was made in just 48 hours and this is the first jam this team has done at all and our first time working together, so we're very happy with it despite it's flaws. 

Again, thank you for your feedback and we really appreciate you playing and telling us what you think!

Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate all the critiques you gave, it's very helpful. After getting a lot of feedback here on itch and discord, I've found most people critique the physics with the platform and the character interacting. There's a few other things I've heard as well, but I feel had that been better in time for the jam, most of the other critiques I've heard would be insignificant to non-existant. 

However, it makes me very happy to hear that just about everybody loves the art style! It's very cute and we're super happy with it. I think just about everyone has also, in the first level, attempted to just THROW or SMACK the character around a whole bunch because it's fun to just toss them around. Some of the later levels involve careful maneuverability but I wonder how fun it'd be to have things be a bit more freeform with throwing the character around with better controls (like I mentioned before) since everyone seems to enjoy that. It's something to think about.

Thanks again for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Thanks for playing!!! 

Great story. Way to make the best of a bad situation.  I'm glad you got something out there for the world to see. It's better than nothing. 

Great soundtrack, great story. I like it! 

Here's the fastest routes that I've done the best with in regards to time and consistency (this is the result of me intentionally trying to find less normal but more optimal routes to take). At the very least, Matt will get to see how I played the game. 

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

(3 edits)

On an individual basis, here's my fastest times for each level (separate runs) after playing for an hour or so. I wish I could provide video but my laptop lags like crazy when I try to record so just screenshots sadly. 

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

My fastest overall times (in order) are:

1:34 - 0 deaths

1:36 - 0 deaths

1:42 - 1 death

1:50 - 2 deaths

1:58 - 2 deaths

2:12 - 4 deaths

If anyone wants to share their fastest times, feel free to do so in any format below!

(2 edits)

Hey Matt, I'm posting this after the full release of your game. 

I'm glad you implemented so many changes in just a day. The new version of the game is really fun and it feels great to play! I felt a lot of the accidents were my own fault instead of the game this time and that's awesome to me. 

First the negative stuff, I wish there wasn't so many enemies in the new level. I attempted to speed run the game for a good hour or so (I'll make another post about that) and one of the only things that annoyed me was having to deal with 4 enemies at the end of the new laser level. I was never able to kill them without spamming my primary fire when I was speed running because the laser is in a place that makes it impossible to jump (at all) unless I stand at the very beginning of that block. Stopping at any point made speed running significantly more difficult and this is probably the only place I really had to stop otherwise I'd be punished for it. So if you ever update the game again, I'd like either the laser to be moved to allow jumping over the enemies or just less enemies or more maneuver room, something like that to make that section a little easier so you don't have to stop and kill them all but can just keep going should you so choose. (Edit: I found a way around this but it's kinda sneaky and it involves not killing most/all of the enemies. See the gif here:

A quality of life improvement I'd also like is some sort of button to go back to the main menu. This would help and encourage speed running. 

I did encounter a bug a couple times. I've had trouble replicating it. But, I have a faulty mouse so sometimes when I hold left click down, it will double click really fast. At times I believe that happened and it generated the previous level as well as the next level after the fade to black. I can't guarantee it was a double click that did it because I wasn't able to replicate the bug while manually double clicking and I didn't think to screenshot it when it happened, but I did have a few occasions where the game loaded two levels at once after trying to go to the next level which could only be fixed by closing the game and reopening it. I wish I could tell you how to replicate it but I'm just not sure right now and my only lead is potentially my faulty mouse double clicking at god speeds, but I'm not sure if that's even it. 

Well, that's all the negative stuff. Now for the good stuff. I'm glad you fixed the sword and added a reticle, that feels so much better and my FPS senses are appeased. Less environmental particles made it easier to see the enemy projectiles as well. Being able to one shot enemies feels fantastic too. It felt so nice lining up the crosshair and shooting just before a jump, landing, and seeing the enemy no longer there. I'm not sure if the player hitbox was changed at all but everything feels a bit more fair now, I never felt there were any deaths that weren't my fault. I still find myself letting go of W or jumping sooner so I don't overjump but that was mostly a problem I had on just my first playthrough so I'm not as worried about that anymore having played it for an hour or so now. Also, not having to kill all the enemies is a welcome change, I like it a lot. 

Lastly, the flow of the game is awesome. I can go fast paced or slow and methodical and that's great to have different playstyles for the game (although my favorite way to play is just holding W and shooting all of the things). 

Overall, it's a great game man. It's so impressive that you did this in just five days of this month. I can't wait for the next game a month, this one was awesome! 

(5 edits)

Hey, I just got around to playing the game a month! I've seen a lot of people say the environmental particles look too similar to the enemy's projectiles and I'd have to agree. 

My biggest complaint is, I come from playing a LOT of FPS games and the swords shooting slightly to the right of the middle of the screen makes it REALLY hard for me to aim. It feels unnatural and not having a reticle either makes it even harder to aim. 

I think enemies also have just slightly too much health. I'm the type of player that just wants to hold W and keep going while shooting stuff along the way. But I found myself often pausing before jumps to kill enemies and manuevering on small platforms to try not to get shot or stabbed and that interrupted the fast-paced pacing I was hoping for. Maybe that's just a matter of preference or my personal expectations, but I feel the health was just a bit too high. 

In the same vein, I often never used the Q and E dashes because the platforms were SO small and if I was between two walls, there was often a small enough gap between the platform and walls that I could fall through it even if I wanted to dash. I found careful movement was super tricky. Especially when dealing with projectile enemies. I was sniped mid-air for a large number of my deaths and since I already committed to the jump, it was too late. 

I think the player hitbox needs reduced just ever so slightly horizontally. I often tried to squeeze past lasers only to get hit when I thought I could make it. Also, in one of the levels (I believe the third) I would go straight through some lasers for a bit and halfway through the level, going at the fastest pace I could, holding W the whole time without stopping, there's no safe way to immediately jump to the next platform due to the lasers. I think it's just a timing thing but I often found myself getting impatient because I had to sacrifice a few seconds and stop due to the lasers blocking any potential path despite me getting there as fast as I could. 

There were also a good number of jumps where I found myself overjumping on my first playthrough. Again, I had to let go of W and hold S so I didn't overjump. I was doing the jumps at the platforms when they were the furthest away most of the time too, so this confused me a bit. While there is a lot of platforming elements, I feel that should be (slightly) second to the enemies considering they demand the most attention. To me, I feel the platforming should just be an added measure of skill for the player that comes naturally while shooting enemies. Platforming while dodging enemies and their projectiles at top speed would be the most fun for me personally. I want to be able to think about my plan of attack, but I don't enjoy having to focus too much on not overjumping on top of trying to deal with enemies and everything I listed before. 

Despite everything I just said, most of those are minor tweaks and "balance" related things or my own preference. I'm not sure what the overall vision for the game was, but I picture a fast paced action platformer where the goal is to focus on enemies while the platforming is an added element of skill to help the player feel more skillful (I especially enjoyed threading the needle between lasers mid-air). Overall, I think the aesthetic and artstyle is great. I'm curious as to how it would look at night with all the environmental particles, I imagine it could potentially look beautiful with all the glowing particles and enemies' eyes. I know you probably won't be working on this much more, but that's what I envision for the game and overall, it's awesome considering you're developing another game on top of this and you did this in just a month. Keep up the great work, Matt!