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Shayaan Khan

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Sorry to bother, but how can I contact you personally?

And yeah, I asked you if you'd be releasing this on Steam. I just read the description correctly :-P

This game runs on HTML5?

What about the difficulty level? And did you complete this game?

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I just published my first game on! The game is called DIGIBOTS. Its kind of a top-down-shooter (if you play the game, you would know why "kind of") based in the era of Digital Warfare. Its actually story-driven, the story of an ex-soldier who tries to compensate for the wrongs he had done, with his digital bot or Digibot.

Its a short game, but it took a lot of time, efforts and failures, but thanks to God its done now. 

This game is for you guys. So please let me know if you guys want any change or tweaks in this game. And tell me if you find this game difficult. (By the way I've priced it $1. After all its my first game)

Play it here!

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I'm Shayaan from India. I'm 19 years old and I like to make games.

I've almost completed my top down shooter game Digibots on which I've been working for like a year.

You can see it here ->

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I would've made a demo version but my game itself is probably 10-15 minutes long.

I think I should contact

EDIT: Would it really be a good move to make my game paid? Considering the number of downloads a game gets here.

I know that depends on the quality of the game and marketing, but you guys would probably know better.

I have a question. Is it possible to give 100% discount on your newly published game on

Actually I wanted to release my game for $1 or $1.5 and I wanted to give it for free for a week or so to get reviews from gamers if my game will be worth their money or not.

Or should I just release it for free? And make it paid later on, is that possible?

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Are you guys talking about 400,000 purchases on

EDIT: No. I read that incorrectly.