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Top Sellers - Average number of downloads

A topic by Gaiden created Dec 27, 2016 Views: 878 Replies: 5
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I was wondering if anyone knew the average number of paid downloads per year, per game.

Basically; how many copies on average does a successful game on sell?


When do you consider a game successful?

30,000+ Downloads of my upcoming game would make me happy and content. :)

I read an article about an indie studio that acquired just over 400,000 purchases of their game. Was wondering if that type of thing happens here on

Thanks for replying!

Happy Holidays to you and your family. :)


I can't imagine 400,000 purchases being possible currentlyat It would have to be a killer game to do so.

Good luck!

Your games look cool by the way. I'll check em out as soon as I can. :)

Happy New Year!

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Are you guys talking about 400,000 purchases on

EDIT: No. I read that incorrectly.