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Hello! Glad to hear you had fun with our little game, we had lots of fun making it! We'd have loved to work on the concept and extend the game some more, but we ran out of time. Overall, it was a great experience! Thanks for playing.

Hi, I'm the writer on the game. I completely agree with your criticisms, and the questions you raise (about the choices, and about the purgatory silliness.) I had plans for proper multiple endings but we ended up not having the time to add them in, since there were some glitches with the web version of ren'py and the finishing touches on the game, along with some textbox margins and other stuff.

About the stuff in purgatory... I guess I was trying to keep the mood lightened, so that we would have bursts of drama peppered by a little comedy, but it apparently ended up detracting from the theme instead of adding to it and making a richer product. I also wanted to illustrate the differences in character between James and Violet, because I wanted Violet to be the lighter half of the relationship, the more happy-go-lucky side whereas James was the moody brooder. Guess it didn't turn out that way.

Anyway, thank you so much for playing and giving your feedback! This was my first visual novel and my second game overall, and I've learned a lot of valuable stuff! <3

Thank you! I thought about having decimal math, but I felt that would close it off to a lot of people and move the game into being hardcore math territory for some players. Besides, I couldn't figure out a way to process all the impossible gamestates, so I decided not to, and simply added a math.floor() call, (which by the way should be a math.round() call but the jam ended before I could fix that) which seemed to work fine.

it's actually possible, if the RNG gods hate you. Or love you, depending on how you look at it. Thank you so much, this is brilliant!

Please work on this further! Would have loved more levels! Brilliant work, I really enjoyed it.

WRT replicating the scream: where there's a will, there's a way :P

Thanks for answering. Out of curiosity, how large was the scream sound file?

Hihihi. Thank you for playing. I wasn't sure which to randomise, all three buttons, or just the one that was clicked. I guess it was the second option, because tbh you totally can win through random button mashing and reducing the RNG-reliance would've been better.

I believe i'll implement both your suggestions. I was unsure of my music selection, but not so much anymore, so thanks :P I was really uncertain whether to let this be a one-off or continue work, but reading all of your kind comments and suggestions has cemented me in my decision to continue, and for that I thank you also.

Also, I believe i'll stop the rng from messing up like that, with the strings of *s and /s.

Once again, thanks for playing and for your suggestions, you would not believe how much they mean to me <3 <3 <3

Yay for newton! One of the more original takes I've seen on the one-button concept this jam. Great level design, too. 10/10 would recommend. :D

If you would like source, say no more. It's a bit... Spaghetti, no offense to you and yours, but I was on a time crunch, OKAY?! DM'ed it to you on Discord.

The UI will undergo a complete overhaul, I am simply waiting for the jam to end, kinda like a self-enforced sabbatical. And yes, there really really needs to be a start screen and a tutorial, those are the two things i would add if i only had two additions. I learned a ton of things this time - the most important of which is that things I make are only intuitive to me because I made them, and I really need to work on treating stuff as if there was a crazed psycho with a knife ready to stab me if he didn't understand what I'd done.

Thank you for playing, and more importantly for feeding back :D.

Also, I (completely without sarcasm) think you should do video game reviews. And I had a ton of fun picturing your mental state. :DDD

Holy crap, this was fun! I can imagine being that bullet and being shit-my-pants nervous, and the sound effects were on point! It's a nice little game! I would have liked for the bullet to be a bit faster, though, or the room to be a bit shorter. There's tons of only one bullet games this jam, but this is one of the nicest takes on it, and tbh I found it very relaxing / therapeutic, for some reason. I have to ask, does the sound rise in pitch when you're going fast or am I just crazy? And if it does, is the effect generated in code or do you switch the sound fx out?

Holy crap, that was hard and fun. I'm not usually one for the fast-paced games but I did have a lot of fun with yours! It's quite polished for a jam game, as well, and considering the crock of poop i turned out as my submission, i'm amazed! Congratulations, and I hope you'll be continuing work on this!

Btw, this works great on Linux, so thank you!

Thank you for playing! I would have liked to work on the UI more, but I was in a crunch since I only had about 24 hours to work on the game due to unavoidable commitments. When I update after the jam is over, I'll be sure to add a tutorial or similar :)

The division by zero... Internally, it causes the question variable to become NaN (Not a Number), and so the NaN checking for whether the user has selected a number or not takes over. I would have loved to add a little Easter egg, like making the number equal to infinity, but again, didn't have time.

I never thought about the problem of the player not knowing to translate tally marks... Where i live, tally marks are taught at school and I never realised it might not be the same elsewhere.

Once more, thank you for your valuable feedback, and I hope you have more fun with the game when it's in a more polished state in the future!

Thank you for playing! I would have liked to have a decimal calculation system, but I worried that it wouldn't be fun to play as the player would have to do decimal calculations mentally. The score system kind of backfired because I was supposed to replace it with the moves system but didn't remove it at the last minute and then the jam closed.

If I end up rereleasing the game as a standalone title, I'll probably fix it and make the number generation AI better.

Once more, thank you for playing, and for your feedback!

thank you so much! Means a lot! :)