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Ah, darn. I knew this was going to happen. I spent some time looking around at different translations to see if it was at least passable, but I don't know Latin. Unfortunately, I think it's a little too late to change the name now. (Too bad since I like De Elementorum Deis.)

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If you find any errors in the text, or even just something that doesn't quite make sense, please leave a comment here.

Hopefully it comes out well. They way I'm using it means I need three times as many prompts. :)

In mine, you deal out the cards in three layers (one at a time) representing different time periods. Some of the cards refer to things that happened in the past (previous layers).

Awesome. Thank you. :)

Unfortunately, that's not how licenses work. Unless the author says otherwise, each work is separately "all rights reserved".

Xana community · Posted in keys

You should still be able to use the arrow keys and space bar to navigate the menus. (Controls can be remapped in the options menu.) You can also delete the config for the game and it will ask you to set new keys. (I'm not actually sure where the config file for an HTML game is kept though.)

What keys did you set?

Thanks for the quick reply. :)

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I agree that forcing them to pick a free culture license is the wrong approach, but forcing them to in some way acknowledge that their choice is no licence rather than merely leaving one out by inaction (and providing some guidance on what the choices mean) would help a lot. That said, my original suggestion was for a warning for just such reasons.

BTW, it's especially bad for for-sale assets. You really have no idea what you're actually buying. That opaque zip file could theoretically include some non-commercial license making your purchase worthless.

What license are these under? Once I've bought them will I be able to use them in a commercial project? Is edits within that project allowed?

Many free assets on Itch have no license attached. In most cases, from reading the comments, it seems like these authors generally follow a CC-BY approach (when asked, they only require credit), but without an explicit license each person wanting to use the pack will have to get the author's explicit permission. I suspect that in most cases, this is simply because most authors don't realize what not including a license means. 

Itch chooses to not force authors to pick a license (fine since some use their own), but can there be a warning displayed when uploading assets with no license?

Please add a license for these. I'd love to use this in a game, but unless you say otherwise, you've reserved all rights.

Thanks. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

Oh my. Fortunately, that isn't something you'd see from a casual search. The top Google result is