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Thank you very much! I hope to make it happen soon. 

Thank you! I will re-upload it when the jam is over and will be glad if you come back and give it a try. It's not much, but being made solo with an engine I knew very little about, I'd say it's a proud achievement :)

Thank you for clarification. Funny how this jam's theme can make anything sound philosophical :) 

I have not unfortunately. I'm a bad human apparently :)

Thank you for your reply. I sure did :) And will definitely continue my ventures into solo gamedev further on. 

Thank you for your condolences :) I will. Love your walk dogging game by the way. I full version I'd suggest gender select though ;)

I liked the idea and the style of graphics but the tricks instruction could've been more clear. Overall a fun game! 

This is the best one so far. The level of polish, the fun, the gameplay mechanics — it's all a commercial game quality. I'd love to see this developed into a full project so I could play it on my switch next year! Fantastic achievement!

A total RocknRoll game ) Very laughable character, tough mechanics but all around fun. Great entry! Not sure how it fits the theme though. 

The game flow is strong with this one. Clear goal and nice presentation helps with the fun as well. The sessions could have been a little longer, but maybe I'm just not playing it good enough :)

I loved the style and all, but unfortunately I didn't get the gameplay :) May be a bit more straightforward instructions could help. 

The presentation is top notch and the premise is very funny and fun. Although a bit too much randomness for me :) 

Nice one. Tight controls and atmosphere. Unfortunately lack of clear goal from the start and a little confusing concept made it for me less enjoyable than it could have been. But I liked the intrigue.    

This is ridiculous )) I've been uploading a last minute update and it accidentally deleted the one I had. So, yeah, better luck next time :) 

Could you please bring it on Mac? It would be an instant buy for me, but until then I can't play it (

Thank you for playing! We are glad that our art style appeal to you so much. And it's good to hear that you journey was a pleasant and successful :) 

Thank you for playing! We're glad you found our game relaxing. Our initial idea was more stressful and challenging but due to strict deadline we transformed it into a more easy going one. Thank you for your input. Although some people find economics unnerving we may look into that possibility as well :)

Thank you for playing! Yes, that was pretty much the idea, and then some. But despite our best efforts we weren't able to achieve everything we came up with. It's good to know that given the state of our prototype it's apparent what our team aimed for. 

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Thank you for playing! Unfortunately we weren't able to implement all the mechanics in time so there's not fail state so to speak and growth of reputation is limited at the moment. We'll you definitely managed to improve our team's self-esteem by your kind comment :) 

Thank you for playing our game and your feedback. We're glad that you liked overall appeal of the game. Your input on gameplay is also noted. Moving stations are a bit psychedelic but I think you're onto something here :)   

Thank you kindly! Our art team appreciate the compliment :)

Great news! Thank you! Good luck with full version.

This looks absolutely amazing! Is there a plan to make it playable on Catalina? Current demo doesn't seem to be working at the moment :(

Thank you for playing. We really appreciate your interest for more improved version. It really is inspiring.

Glad you liked it. We were aiming for unique :) And it's good to know that it also manageable )  

Thanks for playing. Yeah, the lack of chickens is a bummer, I agree. Thank you for other suggestions too.

Thank you. I'll pass along your praise to his designer ) 

Taking away ability to control acceleration may not be novel but who cares when the game is so much fun! The art style, music and overall atmosphere stole my heart. Great project from any standpoint. 

I didn't get how it works at the start but when I did It was a blast! It may need some working to do in UI department and instructions, but overall I really liked everything about your game. 

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I enjoyed playing it quite a bit. I like the idea, and the execution is pretty neat. At some point it felt if I could just stand and spam fire button to get on by so some balancing is needed. I thought there was no way to hit myself with the bullet and wanted to suggest this idea, but read comments and apparently it's already there :) 

I really like the idea but those hit boxes not messing around. It was too hard for my taste. I was playing with stylus, but I think it's equally so with mouse. Same goes for the time given. For me It was Sekiro level of frustration :) Especially when I managed to hit the triangle. The game ended almost instantly.  That would be my only issues with the game. Otherwise it's pretty great concept, I'd like to see more of it in the future.

I really liked the art style and overall presentation. And even though I've seen couple of games with similar concept, here I really enjoyed the calmness of the whole process. Even though the jetpack is indeed out of control there was enough space for strategical thinking. Controls were responsive, restarts were swift :) I had a real pleasure playing this little gem. What I'd like to see more of is the motivation to go forward. Right now there's very little none beside the fact that game kind of expect you to :) 

It's one of the best games I've played this jam! Pretty much everything is fantastic here. The writing, the art style, the gameplay mechanics. During play-through I came up with couple of suggestions but realised why the game works the way it works later. It's very well balanced and thought through. Or at least appear that way ) Thank you for that experience.

Even though I liked the mechanic of gun "overheating" and the atmosphere was interesting the one unfortunately wasn't much fun for me. There's very little strategy in the whole process, I had to just wait when me and monkey was close enough and then try to hit it with a ball. That said for a small jam vignette it's pretty good quality. 

Great stuff ) I really like all the mechanics. I like how you move the ship by shooting, it's not apparent in the beginning but when I realised it it made it much more strategic. I would've made so that you can collect health by hitting it with the rocket too. Right now, rocket just gets stuck in it neither exploding nor collecting it. I also think that clicking to destroy the rocket is a bit redundant since at that time you can't control it anyway so why not explode it automatically. Beside this two things it was a very fun game for me. 

Glad to hear it, Julia. Thanks. Any suggestion on what we may improve?

Even though it's literally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking "out of control" I joyed this quite a lot. Reach with unintentionally humorous moments it really kept me on my toes. Presentation could use some work, but overall I liked it. 

Great idea and pretty decent execution with few minor things. First of all there's not indication with what  you can interact. I've spent some time figuring out how to get the keys. Also there's no way of checking of what the goal is. Subtitles would be of much help too: I still don't know what I was suppose to get in the end :) I would've added some feedback when hitting something, like a wall or items, considering that blind person would definitely felt those. May be even remove space button altogether and activate sonar only when you hit something. That would be more accurate to moving around by touch. I understand that in jam conditions there was very little time for that but the outside soundscape could be tweaked a little more to make orientation easier. If you'll continue with the concept further I'd suggest an ability to focus on specific sounds. That said I enjoyed playing your game very much even though I felt that it quite vaguely touched the theme :)    

Nice concept. I enjoyed the atmosphere overall. But it felt like there's very little strategy in my actions. The movement of the ball are hard to predict (may be on purpose), so it's felt hard to stay inside the ring but not because of the skill. I think it might work better with gamepad maybe. Also I managed to pass up to level 3 and may be making glitches more frequent make it more interesting, because right now I was forced to just press left-right to stay in the circle and move in the same time for a while. I think that feedback like ball glowing red or something when bar is close to running out would make it more motivating to push further. And finally I'd add something to replenish bar a bit in later stages. I'll stop now ) It's a pretty good game for jam project :)

The controls are a bit clanky and it's hard to predict exactly the movements of the character but overall it's a quite enjoyable experience.