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Funny game, very good game for a jam. Pro

Really good UI, feeling is good too. Good game, you rock x)

Really fun game, nice level design, we immediately see the effort on the level design. My little problem is the jump but I think that basically the game is correct

Un bon jeu

Very nice game, gg

Moi même j'arrive pas à predire les deplacements des fois


Haha thx! Now you can play on Linux

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Thank you for your feedback, yes I already plan to put transition effects. On the artistic side I use free assets except for the character xD. I will take your comments on the menu into account, I am currently developing more levels and I will add more effects for the next update.

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This is a platformer game and you have to pass all the levels to finish the game.

Dowload the game Here.

Have fun.

Very nice game! Good job

I like the concept but i can't finish the first level :(

I love the concept a lot, the music is adapted to the game! It was fun

Haha this game is very fun! Good job :)

This game is very fun! Good job :)

I really like the concept, the visual is fine ! Good game  :)

Very good game! It was fun :)

Thank you so much

I really like the concept! Good job guys :)

Woah this game is really fun! Nice

Thank youuu! :)

Very nice game! Good job

Thank you for your comment. For the game over screen you can use the buttons w and s to choose (I forgot to put it on the description) but I will try to fix this bug :).
The problem with the lighthouse is that you have to go to the side of the road to jump.
Thanks for rating, I'll see your game and rate it

Thank you!:)

Oh i really like the game!Good job 

I really like the art and gameplay, very nice game! Good job

Really good game! I like it , good job :)

When I saw the characters I thought I was in Minecraft xD. But in general the game is good, I love the dialogues of the NPCs.

In my opinion you should put some lights and particle effects to liven up the levels a bit.
I don't know if this is normal but in the last level I went into the xD field.
To conclude it was a good game and I hope to see your next games

Hi, thank you very much, I will fix the different bugs you just mentioned and I will update after the end of the game ratings. I will also see your game and rate it :)

Good game! :)

Very nice game! i really like it 

thank you very much, for the game over screen bug you can use the down and up buttons to choose

Very nice game! For only one person I can say you did a good job

I really like the concept! Very nice game. Good job

I like the concept, it s fun! Good job

Very nice game! Good job

I really like the concept, it s fun! Very good game 

You're welcome, you can rate my games too if you want, no pressure xD

Amazing, i really like the concept! Very nice game.

Very good game! Good job