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Thanks for your review. 

I didn't expect my game to be ranked more that 15 in any one of the criteria.

It's 30+.

I had just seen the theme.

UI was done at the last moment,  I had only 5min to submit, so didn't care much about it. 

Thanks for your feedback.

Nice game.
Some things that i think can be improved -

It was difficult to see where the player is, so add a indicator at top.
He just sticks to wall when collided with it without any animation.

I liked the enemies art ,game over panel was good indicating that we should press R to restart.

I have never played something like this before, it was cool.
The boat can pass through the obstacles which is not good.

Nice dash animation.
You could have added life system because i didn't fight with the enemies i was just escaping from those by holding Shift even when player was on the spikes on ground, it didn't do anything but made the player jump.

The main menu , transitions between scenes were good.
I didn't find a quit/ menu button when i deliberately pressed the w key and even when playing.
Wall jumps were not that good.

Awesome idea , i didn't know what to do at first .. i just started filling all the empty areas .
Later i got to know that i have to mimic the shapes at left.

It is good that game is only 3mb.
Environment was fantastic , sometimes player can pass through walls (may be one at the beginning) even that is reflected when he is inside the wall without the wall.
Player will slide without animating when arrow keys are pressed for only 2 seconds.

Simple game , you could have added few people who poison the dragon , who increase the time , who decrease it by a great amount.
Sound were good i think you made those by recording.

Good idea.
I did'nt like few mechanics in the game
-The robots does'nt attack even when we are next to it
-Drones fire even when the robot is standing in the dark.
-When robot goes down with the lift we will not be able to shoot drones , but they can ,their bullets pass through the wall which seemed a bit bad.You could make holes in the wall.

Good game though it was a simple  platformer with simple mechanics.

A simple platformer.
I did'nt figure out how it met the theme.
Good art and some mechanics like the screen shake , particles after the enemy is dead were good.

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I liked the game , especially the art.
-Sometimes dragons only appear on the bottom , which is against reflection.
-The cannons disappear even if the dragon isnt there at the point where clicked which seemed unrealistic.
-Tower life decreases when the dragon has passed the screen and not the tower ,it looked a bit bad.
My score was 5000.
To sum up , it was a good game.

Good idea.
I liked the background, when i suddenly release the buttons the balloon after hitting the ground sides a bit which is not realistic.

Good and simple game.
(HTML5 version)It does'nt have a menu and after the dragon is dead i was not able to guess which button that i must press to restart the game.
Art looks fantastic , mechanics are simple.

Overall a good game.

Yes, I had not read the restrictions , so as there are other rating areas like Fun,  graphics etc except 1 bit this game is eligible to rate. 


Yeah,  first idea when I saw "reflection" as a theme Pong popped up in my mind ,so altered some mechanics and developed this.

I had not seen that I have to use only 2 colors and as rating part has other things like Creativity etc, this can be rated. 


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Thanks for your review and rating. 

I didn't really get time to make a tutorial scene. So I just added few images that explain the game. 

I added lasers at the back to add some difficulty to the game. 

Hey ! Thanks for your feedback buddy.

Thanks a lot for your feeback !

I am glad you liked my game.

Thanks a lot for your opinion about my game !

Can it be based on a tune or it should be based on a music ?

I read that we are not allowed to steal anything from others, but cant we download free music available on the internet ?

Or can we download tunes and not the music ?

Well..Thanks a lot for writing a comment about my game.

I have explained about how to spawn the objects and rest of the things in the help menu.

Even I felt that the ui could be better,but as i am a programmer i dont know to design stunning ui's.. I have designed the ui's with my 2d  ui designing knowledge!!

Check out my 1st 3d game -

Again thanks a lot for writing a comment.

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A simple, unique and awesome game developed by SANDS ARTS in  6 hours!!! 

This is an INFINITE RUNNER game with 18 different environments.

The player should make a way by passing through the correct colored obstacle, player color changes every time after colliding with the rotating spheres and player speed and points increases when he/she collides with the correct colored obstacle.

This game can be played by all people who are New to games, Intermediate in games, Advanced in games.

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