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SandS Arts

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Hey ! Thanks for your feedback buddy.

Thanks a lot for your feeback !

I am glad you liked my game.

Thanks a lot for your opinion about my game !

Can it be based on a tune or it should be based on a music ?

I read that we are not allowed to steal anything from others, but cant we download free music available on the internet ?

Or can we download tunes and not the music ?

Well..Thanks a lot for writing a comment about my game.

I have explained about how to spawn the objects and rest of the things in the help menu.

Even I felt that the ui could be better,but as i am a programmer i dont know to design stunning ui's.. I have designed the ui's with my 2d  ui designing knowledge!!

Check out my 1st 3d game -

Again thanks a lot for writing a comment.

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A simple, unique and awesome game developed by SANDS ARTS in  6 hours!!! 

This is an INFINITE RUNNER game with 18 different environments.

The player should make a way by passing through the correct colored obstacle, player color changes every time after colliding with the rotating spheres and player speed and points increases when he/she collides with the correct colored obstacle.

This game can be played by all people who are New to games, Intermediate in games, Advanced in games.

Click here to visit the website

Cool game! Would u like to share your game project files (unity game pack)?

Price of all sands arts game packs are reduced !!!

Offer only valid till APRIL 30TH..

Click here to visit...

Unity asset which enables player to save , edit, delete his name... Click here to visit.

Unity asset which enables player to get in and get out of the vehicles ..Click here to visit.