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Oh neat!  And I’m also still working in mine!  I’m really close to release but need to do a bunch of bug squashing.  Some of the bugs are silly, like stairs chasing you. Run FROM the stairs 😀

Oh Awesome!  I'll give it a go :)

Thank you so much for reviewing!  Great feedback and i do want to put some more time into it. I descoped sound, tiles, and mouse support but id like to add all three. 

Thanks again for your feedback.  I may do some post competition stuff and release another version .  I at least will do some code cleanup and look into a typescript upgrade.

I like the way they dance on your corpse when you lose.

Nice update to the card matching formula, and makes that gameplay a lot more interesting than vanilla.

I think it's neat too!  I also was thinking about the AI Director and named one of my classes director.js.  Though I must admit that I didn't actually read about how it works.

I have another idea for a game that your project would be useful for.  You play a merchant who is always being hit up by the "heroes of light" or some other BS that wants a discount so they can "save the world".    Then after they die you have to go collect the gear they rented.  This would be neat for generating stories about how they got to you and how they died, and could serve as your clues for tracking them down.

Thanks for sharing your project!

Thanks for trying it out!  My brother gave me some feedback about the infect mechanic and I added some info to the tooltip, but I agree that it still needs more.  He also thought I could do it through some plot dump when you start.  Do you think that would work well?

Plays well, looks nice, and makes you think about positioning.  Sometimes the stairs spawn really close to you and you can skip a level.  

Only if you take it forward afterwards :)  

14905 - really fun game and nice idea.  I will play this one again!

It's gorgeous, nice work on the visuals.  

A lot of fun and definitely more punchier movement than the early version I tried.  I feel I should get points for hitting more than one ball in a single move.  Could you display the score while we are playing?

Snake? Snake!? Snaaaake

I have to say the genome soldiers have much better vision than they ever did in MGS.  Nice work!

I really like the look of your game.

I wondered if chess could be good for a roguelike and this is a great way to do it.  I didn't understand why I would take damage after clearing all the enemies so that's something that could be indicated better.  Great job!

Yeah, I worried about that.  Thankfully not a lot of inside jokes.   If you have 3 minutes this video contains some notorious voice acting from the source material

Nice looking ASCII!  I'm really curious how Nohanz is hitting the enemies.  Is it a kick?  A bite?

Nice and chill, and it's a lot of fun knocking enemies off the level.

Fun game but hard.  I expected humans to give nutrition!

It took me a little while to figure out that I needed to go ask people what they wanted :).  This is well done but I wonder if it's really a roguelike and not an overcooked-like.

I like the idea but it's a little sparse.  Either more enemies or autoexplore would be good here, though I don't really expect autoexplore in a 7DRL :).  Maybe shrink the levels a bit and have more enemies to avoid and it would be nice and tense.  I found the first two levels to be more populous than the later ones, and i stopped around level 5.

Thanks, this game is fun!  I enjoy trying to figure out how to pass the other racers.  Some limited wall destruction could be neat if you ever enhance it.

Beautiful and a lot of fun.  Seems like you could extend the idea a lot.  One suggestion is to let me click the card instead of dragging.   Great Game!

 Nice idea and I <3 elm!  I got to the destination region (0, 5) but couldn't figure out what to do there. 

Nice clean UI, and i loved having all the keys handy.  This game is really hard - can you beat it?

Well done, and the mechanics are really interesting.  Thanks for making it and I hope you can get feedback from some differently abled folks to see if you did well on the accessibility front!

Perfect!  Thank you :)

Great game!  My high score is 1 after 6 runs but i'm starting to get the hang of it.  

I quite like the art style and it was fun trying to find all the bits of text.  Thanks for sharing your project.

Can you add vi-key support?  I don't actually own a computer with a numpad :(

This is really cool and quickly gets hectic.   Nice work!

This is neat and easy to get into.  I'm getting older and I wished the characters were a little larger.  I didn't understand the part about the subnets, as the AI seems to go wherever it wants to.  Nice looking game.

I love the look and the animations!  It was hard to tell how to pick up new wands but I figured it out.  I can't figure out what the starting wands do other than damage, but maybe thats part of the experience like in Cinco Paus.